Wedding Trends: What’s In, What’s Out!

2024 Wedding Trends: What's In And What's Out! by Jen Vazquez media

Wedding Trends: What’s In And What’s Out!

Hey there, it’s your wedding cheerleader, Jen Vazquez, the wedding photographer and marketing expert. I’m thrilled to dish out the details on the sizzling 2024 wedding trends. Our incredible 2024 couples can’t contain their excitement about these trends, and I’ve scoured Pinterest to bring you the freshest updates from the wedding world.

Keep in mind that your wedding should be an authentic reflection of your dreams, and these trends are here to inspire, not to dictate your choices.


1. Photo Moments

Those picture-perfect moments are still in the spotlight. Think candid snapshots like pouring champagne towers or posing with vintage cars. We’re talking about fun and memorable photo opportunities, including sparkler exits. Get ready for even more of these in 2024!

2. Intimate Gatherings

Small, intimate weddings and elopements are still all the rage. Couples are opting for smaller guest lists to create celebrations filled with meaningful interactions and stylish decor. It’s all about quality over quantity, and we absolutely adore it!

3. Outdoor Celebrations

The allure of outdoor weddings remains as strong as ever. Whether it’s a serene beach setting or a rustic barn nestled in nature, couples are captivated by the romance of outdoor venues.

4. Unplugged Ceremonies 

More couples are choosing unplugged ceremonies, asking their guests to put away their devices. It ensures everyone is fully present, creating a deeper connection and a more intimate atmosphere.

5. Small or No Wedding Party

Say farewell to giant wedding parties. Couples are keeping it simple with a maid of honor and best man, or even no wedding party at all. The focus is on the couple and their love story.

6. Local + Sustainable Choices

Sustainability is in! Consider locally sourced florals and rented decor. Don’t buy things that’ll end up in the trash; think about renting or reusing. Eco-friendly weddings are a rising trend.

7. Disposable and Polaroid Cameras

Disposable cameras are making a comeback, offering a fun way to capture candid moments. Polaroid cameras are also popular, providing instant, in-the-moment photos. It’s all about creating memorable snapshots.

8. Cakes and Desserts

Desserts are taking center stage! Mini cupcakes, pies, candies, baked cookies, rolled ice cream, churros, and more are becoming wedding staples. Couples are getting creative with their dessert offerings.


1. Seated Bridal Parties

Couples are shaking up tradition by having seated bridal parties. Bridesmaids and groomsmen get to sit comfortably after walking down the aisle, ensuring all eyes are on the couple.

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2. Wow Moments

It’s all about creating unforgettable experiences. Couples are wowing their guests with dramatic displays, surprise dances, artistic installations, and epic food presentations. Think statement decor, entertainment, and food that leaves a lasting impression.

3. Highly Curated Menu

Food takes the spotlight! Couples are focusing on unique, meaningful menus, including vegan options or dishes inspired by their travels. Custom bar menus and late-night snacks are also in the mix.

6. Themed Dress Codes

Themed dress codes are on the rise. While they might create some guest attire challenges, they make for gorgeous photos and enhance the overall aesthetic.

4. Mini Bouquets

Taking a cue from Sofia Richie’s wedding, dainty bridal bouquets are regaining their popularity, bringing a touch of delicate elegance to the wedding ensemble. Smaller bouquets are not just chic but also kind to your budget, making them a charming addition to your wedding party’s attire.

5. Smaller and Shorter Ceremonies

Modern couples are keeping their ceremonies short and sweet, with a focus on keeping guests engaged and happy. Some even opt for a smaller private ceremony before the main event.

7. Audio Guest Book

The audio guest book is a fun alternative for guests to leave special messages. Add some adorable decor to your welcome table for an extra touch.

8. Wedding Day Content Creators

Hired content creators are becoming a trend, offering real-time social media content so you can enjoy your special day without worrying about capturing it all yourself.


1. Uniform Bridesmaid Dresses

Matching bridesmaid dresses are giving way to individual styles that flatter personalities and body types. Let your bridesmaids shine in their own unique way.

2. Overly Staged Photos

Couples are moving away from overly staged photos, opting for candid moments that capture the genuine emotions of the day.

3. Wedding Hashtags

The era of wedding hashtags is fading out as couples explore creative ways to document their special day.


Remember, your wedding should reflect your unique style and love story. So, embrace the trends that resonate with you and make your day truly special!

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2024 Wedding Trends: What's In And What's Out! by Jen Vazquez media
2024 Wedding Trends: What's In And What's Out! by Jen Vazquez media
2024 Wedding Trends: What's In And What's Out! by Jen Vazquez media
2024 Wedding Trends: What's In And What's Out! by Jen Vazquez media
2024 Wedding Trends: What's In And What's Out! by Jen Vazquez media

Wedding Pros: 8 Marketing Hacks To Do Today To Thrive In Engagement Season

8 Ways to Thrive in Engagement Season as a Wedding Pro by Jen Vazquez media

Wedding Pros: 8 Marketing Hacks To Do Today To Thrive In Engagement Season

Hey there, fellow wedding pros! Even though I’m a Pinterest expert, I’m also a wedding photographer.  Engagement season is upon us, and it’s time to shine and make the most of this joyous time when couples are saying “I do” to forever love. I’m sharing 8 marketing tips to help you not only survive but thrive during this bustling season. Doing all this work now will lay the groundwork for leads in the future.

1. Update Your Pinterest Profile

Optimize your Pinterest profile to showcase your expertise. Create boards that highlight your work, such as “Stunning Engagement Photo Ideas”, “Dreamy Wedding Venues in XYZ city or area” or “Wedding Planning Tips/Advice”.  Pin your best content and share tips and advice that resonate with engaged couples.  Also, put text over the gorgeous images so that it explains why they should click through to your content.

2. Refresh Old Educational Blogs

Take a look at your old educational blogs. Are there any outdated information or images that need a refresh? Keep your blog content current and relevant. Update your past posts with new insights, recent success stories, and trending wedding ideas.

3. Write New Educational Blogs

This is the ideal moment to create fresh educational content centered on the initial stages of wedding planning. Cover topics like ‘Selecting the Ideal Wedding Date,’ ‘Choosing the Perfect Venue,’ and ‘Picking Your Wedding Photographer and Planner,’ are tailored with area-specific keywords to resonate with your ideal local couples.


Ready to take your marketing to the next level?

Jen Vazquez Media would love to help! Whether it’s DIY, Done With You, or Don’t For You, we have multiple services to help with marketing, Pinterest, workflow, and Content Creation + repurposing.  Let’s chat!

4. Share Reviews + Photos

Share reviews and photos from couples you’ve worked with across all platforms! These stories help potential clients connect with your work personally. Showcase how you brought their visions to life. Be sure to tag the couples, venues, and fellow wedding pros in your blogs, social media, and Pinterest posts. When they engage with it, your work spreads even further.

5. Offer Engaging Content on Social Media

Utilize your social media channels to create engaging content. Share tips, fun facts, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your work. The more engaging and interactive you are, the more couples will be drawn to your brand.  Also don’t forget to tag couples and wedding vendors and include location tags.

6. Collaborate with Wedding Vendors

Reach out to wedding vendors who align with your brand values and how you work.  Collaborations can help you tap into their audience and gain more visibility during engagement season.  Focus on building real relationships and not just marketing to them.  Truly focus on how you can help them and what goes around will come around.

7. Connect with Past Clients

Reach out to past clients through email, informing them that you’re open for bookings and offering discounted portrait sessions (maternity, family, etc.). Encourage them to share this with their engaged friends. An effective strategy I’ve used is to annually post a photo from their wedding, extend anniversary wishes, and tag the couple and vendors, rekindling connections for potential referrals.

8. Be a Responsive and Supportive Expert

As always, be responsive and supportive when dealing with inquiries. Show that you are not just an expert but a caring professional, ready to support couples as they embark on their wedding planning journey.


Embrace engagement season with these eight actionable strategies to thrive as a wedding pro. From optimizing your Pinterest profile to connecting with past clients and everything in between, these tips are your secret recipe for success. 

Now is the perfect time to shine, making the most of the joyous moments when couples say ‘I do’ to forever love. By following these insights, you’ll not only survive but thrive during this bustling season, building meaningful connections and creating magical moments for your clients.

With these tips, you can make this engagement season truly magical and productive!

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8 Ways to Thrive in Engagement Season as a Wedding Pro by Jen Vazquez media
8 Ways to Thrive in Engagement Season as a Wedding Pro by Jen Vazquez media
Get Ready for engagement Season with these 8 Tips as a Wedding Pro by Jen Vazquez media
Get Ready for engagement Season with these 8 Tips as a Wedding Pro by Jen Vazquez media
Get Ready for engagement Season with these 8 Tips as a Wedding Pro by Jen Vazquez media

Key tips for wedding vendors to use Pinterest

Today I’ll be covering some tips on how to use Pinterest as a wedding vendor. If you’re in the wedding industry, Pinterest needs to be where you focus your energy and marketing efforts.  

Some Stats to encourage you:

  • 40 MILLION people use Pinterest to plan their wedding every year (stats from Sproutsocial).

  • Just type in Weddings at the top of Pinterest and you’ll see there are 32.1m followers!!.

  • Of all social platforms, Pinterest lasts the longest, therefore you get the biggest bang for your buck!

Now that you know that Pinterest is worth your time, here are some tips to ensure that the algorithm loves you and serves you up to as many ideal clients as possible.

Use a Business Profile

This seems obvious, but so many wedding professionals don’t even think about this.  You are in business, therefore, you should be a business on Pinterest.  You will have the added benefit of being able to get fantastic analytics for free.

It also enables you to confirm your domain, which will lead potential brides back to your website.

Make sure that one of your boards is named your business.  People will sometimes search for a business and having a board will make you more findable. Plus it is one board that should have ONLY your pins on it, not other people’s pins.

Use keywords in naming your images

Every single image should have three key naming areas:

  • Alt Text
  • Title
  • Description

This gives you the ability to use multiple keywords in the three areas.  It will be a rich pin and also confirm to Pinterest’s algorithm that your blog is about what you say it’s about.:


Create Content for your Ideal Bride

A lot of wedding vendors find it hard to write blogs.  Here are three ideas.  1.  Blog about every single wedding/engagement.  2.  Blog about questions you get asked most often from brides.  A side benefit is that you can refer brides to that post.  3.  Blog about yourself.  Let brides get to know you, be authentic.  

Include a Pin on every blog (I typically put mine at the end of the blog post).

Make Sure They Can Contact You

Whichever blog post you have linked up to the pin, make it easy for them to contact you.  Have multiple ways.  Don’t just have a form, also include an email address and all of the social media sites you are on.  Often times, brides to be want to see you on multiple platforms.

Have Multiple Blogs on the Page You Send Them To

It takes a lot for someone to click and leave Pinterest.  So ensure that you have not only GREAT content but also three other blog posts you have so they feel are encouraged to stay on your site.  The longer they are on your site, the better chance they will contact you.

Keep it Simple, Be Consistent

Being consistent is the key to having the algorithm serve up your content.  If you don’t blog, start — even if it’s a few times a month.  (FYI that’s how most of my brides find me).  Then create “fresh pins” for that one post.  Ideally, you want to post a minimum of 5 times a day.

If you use Tailwind, being consistent is really easy.  I use Tailwind and it is the single best business tool I use! Set up your free Tailwind account today–> (this is my affiliate link so I’ll make a small commission if you choose to continue with Tailwind after the three months.) 

I spend about 45 minutes once a week for all my pinning.  

Sign up for the FREE 3-Day Challenge

I’m so excited to teach you all about Pinterest now that there have been some changes. 

You may have heard about “Fresh Pins” and a different percentage of other people’s content vs. your content.  I’ll share all of that and much more!