Meet Jen!

Hey, I’m Jen! So nice to have you stop by.  I am obsessed with Pinterest marketing and many believe it’s my superpower!

You see before this business and before my wedding photography business, I worked for a fortune 500 company as a Division Director managing a team of up to 15 sales/marketing people.  I created all kinds of systems to help them market to targeted businesses and sell services.

In 2009, I was tired of working 60 hour weeks and not tucking my 4 kids in bed.  I had been photographing on the side and jumped in my wedding photography business with all my experience on the marketing side.  

In March 2010, my world changed because Pinterest launched.  It was by invitation only and I got an invite.  I LITERALLY grew my business with Pinterest!

Over the years, my wedding pro friends would ask how I used Pinterest to grow my business and I’d help them do the same.  After years or pressure from those friends, I launched my Pinterest Marketing business.

Who knows more about growing a wedding business using Pinterest than a Wedding Photographer?

Why Pinterest?

  • Pinterest is the 3 largest search engine just behind Google and Youtube
  • Pinterest’s active user base grew 26% to 335 million last year
  • Pinterest is now the third-largest social network in the U.S.
  • Pinterest in 10th position as the most relevant brand in the US, behind companies like Apple, Spotify, Android, and Disney.

I also have a phenomenal system to enable you to spend about 45 minutes a week to do all things Pinterest – so there’s no overwhelm!

I’d love to help you!  Email me at or check out my free Pinterest Challenge!


Jen Vazquez of Wed Photography Coach

Written Testimonials

"I started out with 0 for everything. Now I am at 11.26K impressions in one month!"

“As a small business owner, I knew that I should be on Pinterest, but I just didn’t have the mental space to think about one. more. app. to keep up with. I’ve tried Pinterest courses in the past but never finished them because I still felt like I was on my own. But with Jen’s Pinterest Academy, first of all, I’m actually PINNING. Secondly, she has made it SO. EASY. I thought that keeping up with Pinterest was going to be difficult, but she showed me how to take the content I’m already producing and easily create pins from it in just a couple of extra minutes. And with Tailwind, it all runs itself and I don’t have to think about it! I love that we have weekly pinning sessions to keep each other accountable and ask questions, and the training Jen gives is superb! She is so kind and generous and she always makes sure to give everyone space to ask questions. I am so sooo happy to be a part of the membership. It is amazing and a total GAME CHANGER.”

I started out with 0 for everything.  Now I am at 11.26K impressions, 7.21K total audience, 336 engagement, 162 engaged audience in only 1 month!” ~ Christi Johnson of Christi Johnson Creative & Freedom to Flourish

"The brilliant part is, I spend LESS time on Pinterest!"

“Before working with Jen, I had a solid base for using Pinterest.  I was receiving 20K views and quite happy with the results; however, I knew something was missing!

After working with Jen and implementing the steps she taught me, my stats have drastically increased and the views are now around 500K.  The brilliant part is, I spend LESS time on Pinterest and more time doing what I love which is coaching other women-entrepreneurs!  Thank you JEN!!!!” ~ Amber Langley Gill, Biohacker Babe Academy, Idaho

"Having Jen with me is like having a virtual human checklist in my back pocket! "

As a graphic designer, I’m a creative person who wants to do a million things all at once. Jen has been helping me get sorted and focused on things I should be focusing on in my business. She helps me break down the to-do’s for my tasks and projects, and makes sure I schedule time in between my busyness to do the things that “I” care about and makes “ME” happy. I have post-it notes to keep me on track but having Jen with me is like having a virtual human checklist in my back pocket! Well, a hybrid of a checklist and an accountability partner who gives me great ideas and more productivity. Jen will make you feel supported in your entrepreneur journey — she’s the happiest, funniest, and most bubbly coach I’ve ever had the privilege to work with! If there’s ever someone who’s more excited about your business than you are, it’s Jen! Thanks so much, Jen!” ~ Danielle Mah, Unbranded Lifestyle. Canada