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Pinterest Analytics Made Easy: Turn Numbers into Business Growth

Hey there! I’m Jen, and just like you, I adore Pinterest for both fun and business.

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Let’s be real—while creating awesome pins and engaging with your audience feels great, we all need to know if our efforts are truly paying off. That’s where Pinterest Analytics comes in, and I’m here to make it easy peasy for you. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Finding Your Pinterest Analytics

First things first, let’s locate those magical analytics. Open up Pinterest on your desktop—trust me, it’s easier to see all the data when you’re on a bigger screen. Make sure you’re logged into your business account. Click on your profile picture at the top right, then head over to the ‘Business Hub’ on the far left. Voila! You’ve officially entered the analytics zone.

At first glance, it might seem overwhelming. Don’t freak out. You don’t need a math degree to get this—promise!

Understanding Key Metrics

Alright, let’s break down the essential metrics you should keep an eye on:


Think of impressions as your pin’s first impression—pun intended! It’s the number of times your pins appear on users’ screens. They could be on page five of search results, but hey, it counts.

Pin Clicks

Pin clicks are when someone taps on your pin for a closer look. Whether it’s in their feed or search results, if someone clicks through to see your pin’s full details, that’s a win in my book!


When someone loves your pin enough to save it to one of their boards, that’s a big thumbs-up. While it’s great for Pinterest’s algorithms, it’s not the full story. Saves show engagement, but you won’t always know the exact user intention behind it.

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Profile Visits

If your pin intrigues someone enough to check out your profile, you’re doing something right. Profile visits mean more eyes on all your pins at once, which definitely helps build your follower base.


Speaking of followers: keep track of those new fans! Growing your follower count is a clear sign that your content resonates with people.

Reactions and Comments

Likes, hearts, and comments are gold. They not only show that people appreciate your content, but they also add social proof—making other users more likely to engage too.

Outbound Clicks

These are the “money clicks.” Outbound clicks indicate that people are heading to your website, blog, or service page from your pin. This is where you turn browsers into customers.

Video Metrics

If you’re sharing video pins, you’ll want to monitor these additional stats:


  • Video Views: Total number of times your video is viewed, even for a few seconds.
  • 10-Second Plays: If someone watches your video for at least ten seconds, they’re interested—celebrate that!
  • Average Play Time: How long on average people watch your video. Use longer watch times to gauge what content is truly captivating.

The Big Picture

Pinterest Analytics isn’t just about minute-to-minute updates. It’s about seeing long-term trends too. For example, compare your current data with last year’s numbers to understand seasonal trends. Trending down this month? It might just be a slow season—don’t stress.

When it comes to business growth on Pinterest, two metrics are your BFFs: pin clicks and outbound clicks. Focus on these to really understand if your Pinterest strategy is working. But hey, don’t neglect the other metrics. Pinterest cares about them, so should you, to keep those eyes on your pins.

Embrace Change

Remember, social media is always evolving—Pinterest included. Algorithm updates, new features, and disappearing tools can feel like a whirlwind. Stay focused on your goals, and adjust your strategies based on the metrics that matter most to you.

Want to keep all these numbers in check without the headache? Check out my Pinterest Analyzer. It’s a Google spreadsheet to help you track what really matters, helping you spot trends and adapt accordingly.

Need a Little More Help?

I totally get it. Analytics can feel overwhelming. If you need more personalized advice, consider joining my Pinterest Strategy Club. We have live calls where I help you navigate your analytics and strategies in real-time. Plus, my email list is full of updates and tips to keep your Pinterest game strong.

📌 Happy pinning, my friends!

And remember, you’re not alone in this. Hit me up for more awesome resources and let’s make your Pinterest a key player in your business growth. You’ve got this! 🤗

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