Women Who Execute Retreat

women who execute retreat

Women Who Execute Retreat — I am super excited to announce our upcoming retreat that will happen in Northern California!

This retreat will help female entrepreneurs to plan, prioritize and execute to take their businesses to the next level.

Women often approach me asking how they get more clients. They know how to market but they can’t figure out how to get everything done and create a workflow.

In this retreat, I’ll be showing you step by step a marketing workflow I use to bring in new clients through guerilla marketing, which is a technique of an investment of time and creativity, but not money.

But this retreat will be different!

I often go to retreats and come back after 3 days away from my business overwhelmed with all the ideas and lightbulb moments with no time or ability to implement them all.

This retreat will a WORKING retreat!

We will learn, then implement, creating a workflow that will be in place when you get home.

YES! You will come home with things already done and moving your business forward!

If you want to know when the registration opens, join the waitlist below!