Tailwind Mastermind

This Tailwind Mastermind is a one month Pop Up Facebook Group that will help you to start using Tailwind for social media to get time back for your business.

It’s always daunting to start a new software and try to figure out how to use it to it’s fullest and get the biggest results from it. Now I’ll show you how to do it during a month long training!

During the month we’ll learn:

  • How to create a workflow in Tailwind
  • How to use tailwind to share your blogs
  • How to pin to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest at the same time
  • How to find experts and use their content for Pinterest
  • How to use Tribes
  • How to use SmartLoops
  • How to read and understand Tailwind Analytics

I love tailwind and use it every single day. I starting using it for Instagram in January 2019 (for both my wedding photography and Women Who Execute sites) to try it out and my followers and engagement have increased.

I literally spend 30-45 minutes once a week to post to instagram, pinterest and my facebook fan page for the whole week. YES! I don’t spend all my hours posting to social media anymore and I’m growing!

Let me help you set Tailwind up to help you save time in your business!

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