The BEST Pinterest Marketing Strategy for 2022 (IN 6 SIMPLE STEPS)

Every expert for Pinterest may say things a little bit differently and may have different advice.  For me, this strategy does really well because it’s timeless and will work even if Pinterest changes the algorithm as so many social media platforms do.

Step One | Your Business Goals

Figure out what your business goals are. Make sure they are smart goals.  Specific: Set real numbers with real deadlines. Not more traffic – be specific.  Measurable:  Make sure your goal is trackable (and keep track of it). Achievable: Work towards a goal that is challenging, but possible.  Realistic:  Be honest with yourself, you know what you will and won’t do.  Time-bound: Give yourself a deadline and create steps to get there.

Step Two | Pinterest’s Best Practices

Always keep up-to-date with what Pinterest’s best practices are and make sure that they are apart of your strategy.  If you try to work around them, you will take the chance of getting kicked off of Pinterest for spammy content.  These can be found at 

Step Three | Create Actionable + Problem Solving Content

This type of content will get you the best results.  Actionable content is content people can take action on, it’s advice, tips, help, or how-to type of content.    Also any questions you get from your clients more than once, this would make a great blog and content for Pinterest.

Type Four | Scroll Stopping FOMO Graphics


Try different colors and readable fonts, add CTR, and use fresh images.  Make it impossible for the pin to not be clicked.  You can always search for your core content on Pinterest and see what colors are used the least so that your pin stands out. 

Step Five | Consistency + Workflow

Whether you pin 2 or 15 times a day, do it EVERY day.  Creating a workflow that is easy to follow and replicate week after week enables you to spend less time using Pinterest.  Add a system like when you create graphics for your blog post (or youtube or podcast), that is when you should create pins.  When you do the same type of work at the same time, you work quicker and more effectively.

Step Six | Research + Keywords for your Ideal Client

Ensure that you are using the correct keywords by researching what your ideal clients are typing into their keyboard to find your content.  Look at google and ask your best clients what they would type to find your type of content.

I hope that these steps will help you create an amazing strategy for Pinterest.

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The most effective Pinterest Marketing Strategy for 2022
The most effective Pinterest Marketing Strategy for 2022
The most effective Pinterest Marketing Strategy for 2022
The most effective Pinterest Marketing Strategy for 2022
The BEST Pinterest Marketing Strategy for 2022

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