65 | Using SEO to ensure your website is targeting keywords that attract your ideal client with Stephanie Long

Do you struggle to know what exactly SEO is or how to ensure that your website is targeting the right keywords to attract your ideal client and repel those that aren’t ideal? If that makes you excited to learn, stick around because my guest today will be sharing all about SEO!

“You should definitely review your SEO even if you’ve been in business forever.” ~Stephanie Long

Welcome back, everyone!! Today I’m excited to be chatting with Stephanie Long of Stephanie Marie Marketing. With over a decade of experience in her industry, Stephanie Long founded Stephanie Marie Marketing, as she saw a huge need for SEO services, and they specialize solely in SEO.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. What SEO is
  2. Why it’s so important
  3. What few things you should focus on if you are updating or creating your website.
  4. How often you should update SEO?
  5. The difference between niche keywords and longtail keywords (what Stephanie calls seeds)
  6. The benefits of working with an SEO Expert

Stephanie’s Free Gift:
A FREE website audit – just go to https://Stephaniemariemarketing.com/

You can also find Stephanie here:

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