Diving into the 2024 Pinterest Predicts Report: Riding the Trend Wave

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Diving into the 2024 Pinterest Predicts Report

Today, we’re diving into a treasure trove of insights – the 2024 Pinterest Predicts Report. This isn’t just any report; it’s a crystal ball into the future of consumer trends, and guess what? It’s a game-changer for marketers and creatives like us! Let’s unpack the magic of this report and explore how it can turbocharge our marketing strategies.

Why Pinterest Predicts is a Marketer’s Best Friend

Pinterest is where people plan their dreams and aspirations. With over 482 million users dreaming big on this platform, the Pinterest Predicts Report is much more than a list of trends; it’s a roadmap to understanding what’s buzzing in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Key Highlights from the Report

A Spectrum of Trends:

Beauty: The report spotlights revolutionary beauty trends like “Blue Beauty,” where aquamarine shades become a staple in makeup routines. This shift could signal a broader trend towards bold, expressive color choices in beauty products.

Fashion: Trends such as “Eclectic Grandpa” and “Bow Stacking” are reshaping the fashion landscape. These styles blend nostalgia with modernity, offering fresh perspectives on personal style.

Food & Beverage: The culinary world is buzzing with innovation, as seen in trends like “Burger Quesadillas” and “Pizza Pot Pies.” These playful, creative food mashups could inspire a new wave of fusion cuisine.

Generational Insights:

The report provides an in-depth look at how different generations are driving these trends. For example, Gen Z might be spearheading the “Blue Beauty” trend, while Millennials could be behind the resurgence of “Eclectic Grandpa” fashion. These insights are crucial for targeting your content and marketing to resonate with specific age groups.

Search Term Goldmine:

Each trend in the report is accompanied by relevant search terms that have witnessed significant increases. For instance, “Fun blue nails” has seen a 260% increase, indicating a rising interest in vibrant beauty aesthetics. Leveraging these search terms in your Pinterest SEO strategy can significantly boost the visibility and relevance of your content.

Home Decor Trends:

The report highlights intriguing home decor trends like “Kitschens,” where kitchens are adorned with quirky, whimsical elements. The “Western Gothic” theme combines rustic charm with gothic elegance, suggesting a move towards more eclectic, personalized home spaces.

Wellness and Wellbeing:

Trends like “Rest Stops” for slow travel and “Big Talk” for meaningful conversations highlight a societal shift towards mindfulness and deeper connections. These trends offer rich content themes for businesses in the wellness and lifestyle sectors.

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How to Use These Insights for Your Business

Content Creation: 

Align your content with these trends. Whether it’s blog posts, Pinterest boards, or Instagram stories, infuse these insights to stay ahead of the curve.

Product Development: 

For product-based businesses, these trends are a goldmine. They can inspire new product lines or influence marketing campaigns for existing products.

Community Engagement: 

Use these trends to engage with your community. Polls, quizzes, and discussions around these trends can boost engagement and bring your audience closer.

Ethical Marketing with Pinterest

Pinterest’s commitment to ethical marketing is a breath of fresh air. They prioritize responsible practices, ensuring we connect with our audience in a respectful, inclusive manner.

Your 2024 content calendar

A first look at the top trends and seasonal moments you’ll want to watch (and plan) for in the year ahead. 

January: Thriving

Jan 1-7 Future forecast: An action plan for living out your dreams and manifestations. 

Jan 8-14 Mini glow-ups: Small improvements that bring you joy day by day.

Jan 15-21 Impactful: Influence positive changes, big or small, for yourself and others.

Jan 22-28 Healthy habits: Easy ways to incorporate feel-good moments into your practice.

February: Nourished

Jan 29-Feb 4 Comfort zone: Create a space for yourself and prioritize what’s good for the soul. 

February 5-11 Watch party: Gather with friends, fam and fans to catch the biggest moments.

February 12-18 Guilty pleasures: Treat yourself to the things you want most.

February 19-25 Calm: Quiet your surroundings to feel grounded and relaxed.

March: Renewal

Feb 26-March 3 Hobbies: Explore new interests and give them your full attention.

March 4-10 Power source: Fuel up on things that give you life and light.

March 11-17 Green thumb: Test your luck and skills from the kitchen to the garden.

March 18-31 New rituals + Surprise: Replace your old routines that are no longer serving you. Plus, unexpected twists and delights you can’t help but smile at.

April: Experimental

April 1-7 No regrets: Beauty change? Life decision? Just go for it because YOLO.

April 8-14 Main stage: Shine the spotlight on your favorite acts in music and beyond.

April 15-21 Wedding week: Celebrating your big day or someone else’s to the fullest.

April 22-28 Au naturel: Best the way it is—no additions needed.

May: Head start

April 29-May 5 Kind mind: A reminder to be gentle on yourself, starting from within.

May 6-12 Star treatment: Roll out the red carpet for yourself and those who deserve to be recognized. 

May 13-19 Vitamin me: Your regular dose of self-care and self-love.

May 20-June 2 Happy hour + Playtime: Discover new sources of joy and inspiration. And embrace your inner child and have fun with the little things.

June: Main character

June 3-9 Icon era: A celebration of those you admire most, including yourself.

June 10-16 Al fresco: Embrace all the elements from sun to snow.

June 17-23 Shareable: Come with dishes, stories and more for all to enjoy.

June 24-30 Getaway plan: A vacation state of mind, no matter where you are or where you’re going.

July: Bucket list

July 1-7 Classics: Timeless favorites that are perfect just the way they are.

July 8-14 Free spirit: Keep an open heart and open mind to new ways and ideas.

July 15-21 Find your adventure: Getaways and experiences you’ll always remember.

July 22-28 Fandom: Cheer on your favorites loud and proud.

August: Life architect

July 29-Aug 4 Personal space: Carve out some much-needed time and space for yourself.

Aug 5-11 Study guide: A cheat sheet to schooling life.

Aug 12-18 Rush hour: Sped-up routines to get you where you need to go fast.

Aug 19-Sept 1 Nerding out + Routine check: Show love to the idols and hobbies you’ve become the biggest fan of. Then ease back into reality by slowly updating your daily rituals.

September: Level up

Sept 2-8 Hard refresh: An opportunity to hit reset and try something completely new.

Sept 9-15 Throwbacks: What’s old is made new again with updates from today.

Sept 16-22 Save the date: Special moments coming up to plan for and celebrate.

Sept 23-29 In season: Food and fashion in their absolute peak.

October: Fun house

Sept 30-Oct 6 Make or break: Get in the spooky mood with fun projects and chill(ing) movie nights. 

Oct 7-13 Spirit week: Show your spirit for teams and holidays with everything you’ve got.  

Oct 14-20 Spice: An extra kick to make things more interesting.

Oct 21-Nov 3 Snackable + Sugar rush: Fun-sized foods and routines that are easy to prep and enjoy. Plus, treats and sweets to celebrate with friends and loved ones.

November: Gratitude

Nov 4-10 Cozy: Seek warmth from the inside out, through the foods you eat and the company you keep.

Nov 11-17 Gift shop: Thoughtful presents for every person on your list.

Nov 18-24 Winning recipes: When in doubt, these ingredients will never fail you.

Nov 25-Dec 1 Thankful: A feeling of pure abundance from a full heart to a full stomach.

December: Month of magic

Dec 2-8 Decked out: From party looks to holiday decorations, more is more is more.

Dec 9-15 Homemade: The best gifts and treats come from the heart and home.

Dec 16-22 Feeling festive: Holiday spirit shifts into full gear as the countdown begins.

Dec 23-29 Memory lane: Swirls of nostalgia and new memories in the making.


The 2024 Pinterest Predicts Report is not just a report; it’s a beacon for us, the creative marketers, guiding us through the dynamic world of consumer preferences. By leveraging these insights, we’re not just following trends; we’re riding the wave of innovation and relevance. So, let’s harness the power of Pinterest and make our marketing strategies shine!

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A pinterest pin graphic with writing "Diving into the 2024 Pinterest Predicts Report by Jen Vazquez Media"
Diving into the 2024 Pinterest Predicts Report by Jen Vazquez Media
a pinterest pin graphic with writing, "Diving into the 2024 Pinterest Predicts Report by Jen Vazquez Media"
Diving into the 2024 Pinterest Predicts Report by Jen Vazquez Media