Pinterest Marketing for Beginners in 2022

Pinterest Marketing for Beginners in 2022

Pinterest marketing for beginners in 2022


Today, I’m going to share with you 📌 How to Use Pinterest for Marketing for Beginners in 2022.   

I help female entrepreneurs go from overwhelm to an easy streamlined marketing strategy that includes Pinterest + repurposing content to grow their business with very little time.

Today I’m gonna cover WHY you should use Pinterest for Marketing your business.

And How to optimize your Pinterest profile so you are effective

Pinterest is a social media and mobile app designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the world wide web. 

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest’s focus is on saving and discovery of information. 

Pinterest is not just about you connecting to people or connecting to your friends, it’s designed and used to find info that you’re looking for. Sounds familiar huh? Whenever we are curious about learning something. Don’t we turn to google? And in the search results, Pinterest pops up. 

If you want to discover products, services or how to do something, you go to Google, Youtube, or Pinterest and so many people go to Pinterest and end up buying!

So, how do we use it EFFECTIVELY for marketing our business?  

Think of Pinterest as the top of a sales funnel. As of the fourth quarter of 2021, Pinterest had 431 million monthly active users worldwide.

Pinterest stats show 23.1 percent of U.S. Pinterest users were between 25 and 34 years old. The second-largest user group is 35 to 44 year olds with a 22.3 percent share.

In case you were wondering if you’re going to find your target audience on Pinterest— YOU ARE!!

If you target Millennials or your target people who are a little bit older than millennials, then Pinterest is an amazing place for you to get started and to grow your traffic as well as your income. 

Half of Pinterest users make $50,000 or more a year, which means they have a high disposable income pay for your products or services.  

87% of Pinterest users who are active on Pinterest every single week, have bought a product because of interest, meaning they chose to purchase something because they saw it on Pinterest. 

97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded now unbranded means that they are coming from accounts that aren’t really big brands or companies. This means smaller companies and entrepreneurs can get discovered and don’t have to compete with big brands like on Instagram. Google and YouTube are harder to get discovered. 

The bottom line is this Pinterest is EASIER to get found than any other social media platform. 

For me, I spend about 65% of my time on Instagram but in my google analytics, the top performer of traffic to my website is Pinterest. Between 60-80% of all traffic consistently. 

The average lifespan of a pin is right up there with blogs. Some of my top pins are from 6+ years ago. Instagram is 24-72 hours. Enough said. 

How to Optimize Your Account

So by now, I hope I’ve convinced you that Pinterest should be part of your marketing. Let’s go over how to optimize your account to get found and use it for marketing with these steps:

  1. Business account – make your personal business in the settings OR make a business account. 
  2. Hide all personal boards by secreting them.
  3. Use the same profile image as Instagram. A majority of people go from Pinterest to Instagram to confirm they’re a person. 
  4. Use keywords in your name under your cover photos. 
  5. Explain what problem you solve and who you serve in the description. 
  6. Claim to Website
  7. Upload an mp4 video (use Canva) slideshow that visually shares the info in the description. 
  8. Make a board for each content bucket or pillar of your business. Create a board with your business name. Create a board that says FREE resources. (Pin blogs and other free content like lead magnets). And create boards around your expertise. I.e. wedding photographers would have wedding decor, wedding colors, and wedding planning or wedding advice. 
  9. You can pin other people’s pins if it alines with your brand or is helpful for your client but ultimately you want the bulk of pins to be yours. Because you’re  Marketing your business
  10. It’s best to use text overlay on pins explaining what will be found and a call to action. (Free 80 Calls to Actions -CTA). 
  11. Fill out the title and description using multiple keywords that your ideal client is searching for. 
  12. The best is 3 pins with three different points of view so the blog content gets found by a ton of different searches. 
  13. Don’t worry about brand colors. Focus instead of colors that would stand out in the search. 
  14. Location-based businesses MUST use multiple location-based keywords. City, area, town, state, etc. 
  15. pin consistently. If you only do 5 today and nothing for three weeks. It will not work and you’ll waste time.  You can pin via Pinterest out a few weeks. 
  16. You can pin the same pin to a few boards that make sense
  17. Look at analytics monthly and while impressions followers and engagement is important, pin clicks and outbound clicks are a sign of what’s resonating now. 
  18. It’s a long game. Give it a good go for three months. 

Don’t Make These Mistakes

The biggest mistake people make is quitting too soon or making a strategy out of old info or a hack. 

Pinterest strategy means that you need to identify your business goals and apply them to what Pinterest wants. 

You can do that with And also on the Creator’s Hub on the Pinterest mobile app under 

If you need help with Pinterest, shoot me an email HERE.

Don’t Forget to Save the Pin!

Pinterest marketing for beginners in 2022 by Jen Vazquez Marketing Strategist
Pinterest marketing for beginners in 2022 by Jen Vazquez Marketing Strategist
Pinterest marketing for beginners in 2022 by Jen Vazquez Marketing Strategist

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