ChatGPT for Wedding Pros: A Game Changer For Your Biz

ChatGPT for Wedding Pros - A Game Changer For Your Biz by Jen Vazquez Media

ChatGPT for Wedding Pros: A Game Changer For Your Biz

What is ChatGPT? GPT (short for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer”) is a type of language model developed by OpenAI. It uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like text, and it has been trained on a large dataset of human-generated text to predict the next word in a sequence. This allows it to generate coherent and plausible text that can be used for a variety of natural language processing tasks, such as language translation, summarization, and question-answering.

ChatGPT is a variant of the GPT model that has been specifically designed for use in chat applications or for generating responses to user input in real-time.

I’ve been using ChatGPT for a few weeks and I’m super excited and shocked at how amazing and simple it is to use.  Plus it’s free.  You can sign up yourself here and I HIGHLY recommend you do as it’s an extreme time saver!

This was a recording of a Clubhouse Room in the Wedding Pros on Clubhouse


Jen Vazquez, Shaun Gray, Hope Douglas, Autumn Tall, Heather Cox

Jen Vazquez  00:06

for everyone. Hello, what’s going on? Good morning. I’m just, I just uploaded a few of my searches so that people can see kind of what it looks like. And now I’m going to do topics. How are you? I’m good. How

Shaun Gray  00:40

I am so obsessed with this.

Jen Vazquez  00:45

Honestly, you guys, this is the biggest. Let’s be honest, Shawn. I think this is the biggest game changer. For me for a tool that’s free. I don’t think there’s anything else that compares.

Shaun Gray 00:59

Yeah, I totally agree, you will never ever find a free tool for your business that does as much as check GPT will.


Jen Vazquez  01:09

And and as a heads up just as a heads up. We don’t know how long this will be free for. So we’re telling you now because it’s free. Right now it is an open source. We’re going to tell you all about it first, then we’re going to give you the link for you to go sign up. And then we’re going to make some suggestions on the types of things that you search for. I did notice when I logged in today that it says we’re experiencing exceptionally high demand, please hang tight as we work on scaling our systems. And that’s because it’s literally all over the news. So Shawn, if it’s okay with you, I’m gonna get started with just describing what chat GPT is. Absolutely. Okay, perfect. So this is actually taken from science focus by the BBC. So I figured it was pretty pretty good. You know, pretty good. Chat GPT everything you need to know about open AI as GPT three tool. So open AI is making headlines again, with its latest viral use of artificial intelligence. But what is chat GPT? And how does it work? For years, there’s been a worldwide fear of AI Artificial Intelligence and its impending takeover of the world, who knew that it would start with the world of art and literature. After months of dominating the internet with its AI image generator, which was titled Tao E to open AI is back and everyone’s social media feed again, thanks to chat GPT, a chat bot made using the company’s technology GP T three. It’s not exactly the name that could be easily the title, the random computer component or vague legal reference. But GPT three is actually the internet’s best known language processing, AI model. So what is GP? Three? GPT? Three? And how is it used to make chat GP T? What is it able to do? And what in the world is a language processing AI model? And so it goes into a lot of things. But I want to just say that, and tell me, tell me what you think, Shawn, but 2020 and dateline and all of those sorts of news programs. Whoops, I just lost my wallet. Can you hear me now? Still? Yes. I took off my scarf from leaving this morning. Um, anyway, it. It reminds me of Do you remember the 2020 or Dateline, I don’t remember which one it was where they had, for lack of a better word or robot. But it was an artificial intelligence. It sounded like a woman. And she was having a full conversation with the news reporter person full conversation, like scary, realistic conversation. And this is a cross I would say, between all of the AI tools out there that you pay for like and everything that takes all of the information that they have uploaded from the internet and elsewhere. There’s it’s from everywhere, and they sort of regurgitate the information in a conversational type way. But giving you the information that you need for a variety of things, and I know that was probably very confusing, but Shawn, you tell me what your what you think of it as



well, when i i Look, I remember along those same lines, because I remember that story. I’ve kinda I’ve kind of always cyanide


Jen Vazquez  05:02

artist and it was scary, right? Yeah.



I remember a bunch of social media posts like four or five, six years ago, where people would be like, I asked a robot to watch 500 hours of Seinfeld, and write me a Seinfeld script. And it like, made sense with a few kinks. Now that we’re five years later, from that point, you can see Chet GPT, and there are, can, I haven’t found any, like glaring kinks in the information that it spits back out?


Jen Vazquez  05:37

I’m scary. It’s scary to me because there aren’t. It feels like I’m talking to a person, which gives me a little bit of the heebie jeebies. But at the same time, it has saved me so many hours and hours of work in just the last week and a half. Like, Oh, well. So here’s the link that I have posted on there. I just captured two photos of the conversation. Sean and I have, over the last week have had a ton of conversations. big aha moments, like, oh, em, gee, this is so scary. Good. And it’s not just blog writing, right? Like, that’s how I thought of it at first. But Sean, but Sean asked a question about his sort of ideal client avatar. So I’m gonna let you share the story, Shawn, because I never thought about asking it that. And when you asked it, that it took me off in a billion different ways. So I want you to relate to everyone, kind of what you did and what you found.



Sure. So I had, like, Jen, when I started, I was like, Oh, my goodness, like now I don’t have to worry about writing blog posts, I can just have it right, my blog posts for me. And so I put in a couple of queries and got some good blog posts. And then I remembered, like, all of the information that I’ve learned from Gen. Mark, Rene and all the other marketers that I get, and I’m like, Yeah, okay, great. I can write blog posts. But why not take this opportunity to see if I can write a blog post geared to my ideal client? And then I thought, well, how do I actually know what my ideal client is? I’ve never really I even Jen, this. I haven’t shared this with you. But I hearken back to a conversation where you kind of asked me in a room we were doing together kind of like, well, who’s your ideal client? Yes. set off a few things. Do you remember that? Yes. I was like, Okay, well, let me get my conversation with Jen hat back on and I just asked, I asked Chuck GBT, I was like, I’m a wedding planner with 10 years of experience. This is the kind of weddings I want to go after. This is what some customers have said about me and reviews. Can you write me an avatar for a client and what it spit back to?


Jen Vazquez  08:04

I want to cry when I see.



It, like gave me the names what they’re too busy, because they’re both professional workers, what they value in a guest experience, they tend to err more on like, they they spend their money on experiences rather than things. And as a, as a wedding planner, who sells an elevated experience. I obviously want a customer who already places value on those experiences. So it wrote me paragraphs of information that was the most beautiful client avatar gave them names. The Ted GBT called them Mary and John. And so what I did with that information, is I copied it and put it in my notes app. And then every single time I have asked to write a social media caption or a blog, I say, write it as if I’m trying to convert this customer avatar.


Jen Vazquez  09:09

I have to say that I have taken it a step further. I asked, I asked it about the avatar, same situation you did. I literally copied you. And it came back with Sarah 35. Like it lists like a ton of things. And then I said, Okay, Sarah is my client. Avatar. Can you remember her? Right? And it says, No, I can’t do that. I don’t have a memory or what? I don’t remember the words that it says. But the very next question is, can you what blogs would be attractive to my target and it knew it because I just had a conversation. I think if I had, you know, waited and two days later came back maybe it would be confused, but because I had just talked about the client avatar so I did the same thing you did. And I have, I now refer to it as Jordan. It named it Sarah. But I named it Jordan because that’s my daughter’s name. And she was has always been my sort of ideal client. And so I took Jordan, my avatar, and it’s so far it’s remembered. Now, I don’t know if it’ll remember now that I haven’t been in in two days. But it’s, it’s scary. Good. So I’m uploading the link for you all. And I would love to invite you to sign up now you do have to sign up for it. And I kind of liked that. Because I think that maybe ultimately, like it did for me, it kind of remembered the conversation. Maybe it will in the future. I don’t know.



Well, I’m sorry, not late breaking news. The latest update says it’s working to recall conversations and Pat’s on the desktop model.


Jen Vazquez  10:55

So it may have been testing when I asked that question, because it did give me I said giant, Jordan, my ideal avatar, and it it ideal client avatar, and it remembered. So it maybe was it because it’s keep in mind everyone that this is a big beta test. Right? I don’t know how else to say that. But it is, it is in testing mode. So everything we’re asking, and everything it’s giving back to us is learning and learning and learning to be able to do the same for other people, right. And so when you sign up, it’s free. And it’s free to ask all these questions. Now, after a while, confess, I went crazy for in a day. And at some point, it said, Okay, give me a break, or Okay, now or something cheeky, and I was cracking up like I, I messed up anyway, what I would love for everyone to do is to click on that and sign up for it. And down at the bottom is where it’s got like a kind of a browser bar, if you will, and put in there might say my ideal client is and you can say, female, or you can say male or a couple or whatever you want to say but be very, I’ve found Shawn, that if I was very specific about their pain points, and what they’re looking to accomplish, that it was more successful that way.



I’m glad you brought up pain points, because and I also like how we kind of did the same exercise with different variations. Because when I got my avatar, the next thing I did was can you list possible pain points that this avatar would have when planning their wedding. And they gave me like four or five of them. And then I don’t want to like put the cart before the horse. But I took each one of those pain points and asked it to write a blog post of how I can address each of those pain points. And then I scheduled it out from a blog publishing standpoint, once a week so that now I’m I’m have the foundations for a four week social media strategy.


Jen Vazquez  13:15

Oh my god, I have written three blogs to two blogs that are published right now. They’re the most recent blogs. And it’s scary good. And it’s not spitting back to me kind of what the standard because Pinterest changes all the time. So my assumption is that it wouldn’t be effective with Pinterest, because it’s there’s so much information out there. That’s all sort of random and old. It’s all current Shawn. I’m, I’m, I’m shocked. Like it’s, it’s it’s not just recalling data that it’s learned. But it’s regurgitating data. That’s the most current, I believe from Pinterest. It it is like it’s heavier weighted on the current information, if you will. So I would love if you guys sign up. Because I mean, there’s no reason not to like, Shawn, also, please talk about the scripts, because I think that’s something that is insanely good, too, because a lot of us struggle myself included with scripts or things for social media.



Sure. So when you’re kind of giving it a prompt, and maybe you’re writing a blog post, for example, ask it to write a blog post and then say, and how I structure it is I start with a blog post and then I say write me an SEO, rich title and it does and then I say write me an SEO description under 400 characters and it does and then I say write me a tick tock script under 60 seconds talking about this blog. Now if I leave it at that, it will give Me a wildly like, production with scenes and what I’m supposed to be doing. But if you know me on short form video, you know that that’s typically my style. So I have to rein it in and say no, no, no, I’m just taught like, I’m a talking head on camera, deliver


Jen Vazquez  15:21

what I said, Yeah. And then and then



it rephrases The script in one scene, and it’s like, okay, so wedding planner says, and then delivers the script. And it might say, like, pause and turn to the left or something like that. But it really does keep it on a single face to camera shot. style. So you can you and I say that to say whatever your style is. You tell her that? Yes. Yep.


Jen Vazquez  15:50

I’m, it’s bizarre, because I’m not used to being able to give feedback, right? With the other AI tools that I’ve used. You kind of get what you get. And then you like, ask for another version, maybe. But with this I have taken. So I’ve asked it to do a short blog for me. And then it’s usually like five points, three points, which is my style, which is what I asked. And then I will take one of the points and I will ask it to write two paragraphs about that point. That will be attractive to my ideal client. Oh, am G? It is spot on.



And Jen, you I know you probably know this. It’ll even right. Pinterest. Pin title? Yes. Oh, right. What do they call albums, not albums, board titles. And


Jen Vazquez  16:45

yes, yes. And, and let me just say, by the way, the biggest mistake that even some Pinterest experts like people who are newer to Pinterest, and are our experts online, get this wrong. You want a board title that’s super, super simple, and very specific to your ideal client. So if you’re a wedding pro, you don’t want to just say, you know, wedding inspiration you want to say wedding inspiration for Houston, Texas, like it. And it did that. It actually



I just by first I now have a board for reviews thanks to chat GBT and being serious about scheduling out my social media content. And so one of the boards is reviews that I said write me a board title for a Houston wedding planner. testimonial page. And its title is Houston. Love colon wedding planning client reviews. i


Jen Vazquez  17:46

Yeah, it could not be more perfect from my since 2010. I’ve been on Pinterest and and working in it. And that is exactly what I would have said to you. I mean, probably not. Houston love because that’s really cheeky and cute. And I’m not that creative. But the whole fact that you also put the wedding planning in with the Houston means that you’re going to get your ideal clients that want to follow that board. It it is. It is perfection. And I’m really excited. Has anyone signed up and played with it a little bit. I would love love love to get your input your thoughts. Oh, here we go. Hope yay. Hope this is a game changer. Hi, hope tell me everything you’re on mute hope if you’re talking



Oh, it looks like autumns been playing around with it to


Jen Vazquez  18:58

come on up guys. And hope you need to press the bottom right. My There you go.


Hope Douglas  19:08

Sorry. I’ve been speaking to myself. No, that’s okay. So Hi, Jen. Hi, Sean. Yeah, so I haven’t signed up yet for this one. But I just wanted to share some stuff. So basically, before jumping on this call a couple months ago, I had aI things coming up in my feed. So and knowing that I needed to do blogs and everything and thinking oh my gosh, I haven’t got the time. I thought let me invest so stupidly or not. I went and invested in an AI product that cost me I don’t know about 300 Plus UK, UK pounds which I can’t remember how many dollars that was and then I was completely disappointed I can say right now because you know it probably missed all these things. The ads, I read through the ads, I watched the videos.


Jen Vazquez  20:04

That’s for a refund. Seriously?



Yeah. It said, Oh, it’ll do this. So I went in I thought, okay, they said blog topics, and then we put blog topic in. It was just coming up with random things, things that didn’t make sense. I was pressing, add more, you know, like, and things. It just was not working. I did email them back. thing. And it is not coming up with the things that I wanted to I’m a wedding planner, does it not understand wedding planning. And I was told, oh, sorry, that function doesn’t work. But you’re you’re probably right, I should actually get my money back. Absolutely


Jen Vazquez  20:47

get your money back. 100%. Plus, I will say, Shawn, I think you made note of it before, that this is the latest and greatest. This came out in November. And it’s heads and tails above all the others, including, ai and all of them with the exception of I’m sure it’s an open AI open source platform. So I’m sure they will now incorporate it into their systems. That’s my assumption, of course. But I had invested myself in, which was great at the time, it is night and day with this, and this is free right now. So you definitely sign up hope you will. Now, I will say to be very blunt, that what Shawn and I found is you will get out what you put in, like you do have to write Shawn, like you do have to be specific, you do have to give them as much information as you have or you know about your ideal client, then it will be next level. I’ve never seen anything like it. But it did take us putting in the work. Okay. Yeah.



A couple of things that cause like, like hope. And like Jen, I went into try and copy AI and I tried Jasper a couple of months ago. And one of the limitations that I found was the amount of words you can use, like within a month. Yes. And with and when you have a word restriction or word limit restriction, it hinders your ability to experiment to play around to ask be creative. Yes, yep, yes. And chat GPT. Without, currently without a word limit restriction. You can drill down re edit, asked to put, I want it with a humorous spin, I want to be I want it with an expert voice, etc. And it’ll it’ll do all of that. For you. I real quick example. If I asked it to give me five tips for choosing wedding invitations, it’s going to spit very generic, very high level, you can get it anywhere. But I was in a room with Jen when she did her Pinterest predictions last week. And she was talking about a lot of people were searching for gender neutral wedding invitations. And so I asked her to write me a blog with five tips on selecting gender neutral wedding invitations. And the only kind of thing that I didn’t like was that it gendered color. But I understand that that comes from like, historical, like, pink aisle for girls glue, I Oh, yeah, boys. But the rest of the information was, in my opinion valid and something that I thought worth sharing for the audience. And those are niche specific terms that that your ideal client could be searching for that there is no content to help them along in that process. So I would say when you’re playing around with chat, GPT try to really get into what your client is searching for and how the chat GPT can work to spit the information out to you and then what I would say tweak it in your language kind of how you speak and the opportunities are endless for for con this, this it there will be no greater content creation tool for you none. Like none when they put a paywall up I’m like, Well,


Screenshots from chat.openai.

chatGPT by Jen Vazquez Media
chatGPT by Jen Vazquez Media

Jen Vazquez  24:31

I’m gonna pay right like okay, and and I do want to point out before we get to autumn, thank you for coming up here. And if you guys have tried it out, come on up as well. We would love to get a conversation going. But so I always say garbage in garbage out, right? Like we have to put our personal spin on things when we ask it questions to make sure that we’re getting our personal voice back and it There has been a concern with Google that Google is so smart that it can see when you’re using January last year, it’s insane. So I apologize anyway. It, it has it, it can see a eye. And so what I have always done like when I’ve used Jasper, det AI and other AI type things, is I make sure to include my brand voice and how.



January coming back. Home, we’re gonna have to wait until Jen can come out. There she is.


Jen Vazquez  26:01

Hi, I’m so so sorry. Anyway, I always put in my brand voice. So I’ll take whatever paragraph I get. And I make sure to change a few words into how I speak. Like I don’t say, I want to, I always say I want to, like that’s just part of my brand voice and the way that I speak. And it is the way that we will sort of not potentially get deemed by Google and doing these things. But even still, I’m gonna go out on the ledge here and be very controversial. I have zero time running two businesses. And I feel like getting content out is almost more important than have it be perfect and get the biggest reach possible. I’ll take whatever reach I can get with getting this help with valuable advice. I do always change the summary and things like that. And the words like I said, because I think it’s important that things are me. But and and has I’ve been putting this content information into the chat. I have been getting back more things with my type of words. Have you noticed that Shawn?



I’m sorry. Yes, that’s I’ve seen the same thing happened to me. It’s it’s, it’s like it, even though it doesn’t hold that it’s almost like the more you engage with it, the more it kind of understand what your style is in speaking.


Jen Vazquez  27:36

It’s so It’s so crazy. All right, thank you so much help what you can stay here, stay up here and still have conversation. But I do want to get back to autumn just in fairness to autumn, come, come on up autumn come off of mute.


Autumn Tall  27:51

Um, I literally, I literally signed up, like when this room started. And I am astonished at


Jen Vazquez  28:01

I cried I literally



the amount of money that I have spent on blog posts, because I just frankly, don’t have the flippin time. blog posts and even like social media I that I’ve spent so much money on just even like social media, like someone to write my, you know, captions and all of that just because I literally don’t have the time like between client work and meetings and all that. So to have this and like, I don’t understand that it’s free. I’m like, I just I’m like blown away.


Jen Vazquez  28:42

Yeah, I am. I know, because it is an open source. So I believe that it’ll be free for a little bit. I don’t know how long nobody really has guesses. But it is built on open AI, which says to me that somebody will probably want to come out and put something that’s, that’s free, and it is free right now. And we should use it while we can. The other thing is I’ve had a lot of Pinterest experts and social media managers who are, frankly, very concerned about their business going downhill. But what I will say as a Pinterest manager is that I don’t I don’t have that problem. Because even if we can get all of this great rich writing, somebody still has to take the time to go on and post it and interact with the post. So I feel like it’s it’s not going to replace a manager per se. So for anyone who’s listening to this now or later, I don’t think it’s going to like replace jobs per se and let’s be honest, Shawn, you and I’ve spent a quite large amount of time I’m getting in and feeding it the information that we that we want to get out of it. And I don’t know, frankly, if everyone would be much time. But you know, it is it is insanely good. It has saved me to date about 25 hours. What do you think, Shawn, that it saved you over the last week or so



to? Jim, I am not I have been a strict and disciplined with it up until this point. So I can’t look at it from that. Like from a time saving standpoint, what I will say is I’ve been able to create and schedule out my social media weeks in advance in a way that I never have been able to before. And what you said is so true. Because once you get that copy, okay, well, you still have to go create, you still have to schedule out this Yeah, Pinterest this for Instagram this for tick tock. So there’s still a time spent that you could offload to a Pinterest manager or social media consultant or whatever. So it’s not like the be all end all of like taking away jobs. It’s just it’s, it’s a leveling of the playing field, in my opinion, to get people to take their content strategy and their marketing more serious, especially newer or smaller companies that might not have the resources to invest in a team. And I think that’s important. I think people who go after clients from the manager standpoint, now can really level up their own offering, yes, and get their ideal clients in the mix. So I’m, I’m less scared of like, Oh, they’re coming after jobs with a tool like this.


Jen Vazquez  31:51

Yeah. And because AI is, can bring up fear, from a lot of people from a lot of different things, right, taking over losing jobs, there’s always a bunch of fear. And I just wanted to put it out there that it is part science and part like real life and that they’re pulling from data that’s been written and stuff. But but it’s truly what it’s, for me, what is provided is taking in the information from me, and me being very specific on my marketing and who I’m targeting, to put that information in so that I get this very rich blog or any kind of content, that it just takes away some of that brain power.



For sure, and let me really quick give like a personal story of how I use chat TPT and when I say it’s not coming for jobs, you might listen to this story and think differently, but I want to get really serious about when I think about my personal branding, I want to get serious about my personal style and how I portray myself in like a like a wardrobe and how I present etc. So I had reached out to a personal stylist that I’ve known for a couple of years and asked like if she had time to do a consultation with me or like what the process was. I waited a couple hours she didn’t respond so I thought well hell, let me see what all AI thinks about this. So I typed into the AI I was like, Can you write me a personal style brief for a 38 year old white gay male whose colors are gray, blue and are gray, navy and white and is really inspired by mirror balls. It wrote me a style brief three paragraphs and then a shopping list of the core capsule pieces I should purchase to portray that it gave me like two coats two pairs of pants and shirt and a statement piece of jewelry. I then took that list went to Amazon put it all on my prime try before you buy trial. And I’m getting it shipped to me next week so we’ll be able to test it like


Jen Vazquez  34:19

it oh my gosh, Shawn, that is in saying



I’m so excited.


Jen Vazquez  34:26

That is insane. And it gave you the shopping list which is not really what you even asked for.



But it was like and if you want to if you want to see how this all comes together. Here’s the suggested shopping list of capsule pieces that you’ll want to purchase. Oh my a classic fit. wool coat in gray. Slim Fit black leather jacket, a navy pair of chinos a grey pair of chinos. That Halleck sneakers like that’s how specific it got when I said and inspired by mirror balls and it was like, metallic sneakers will show your funky, fun style and your maj to a mirror ball. It was my


Jen Vazquez  35:17

love mirrorball. So I had just had to say that. It is crazy. And you know, now that you say that, and I’m looking at chat GPT it says things like, it’ll explain quantum computing in simple terms. Got any creative ideas for a 10 year old birthday party like you could, you can literally ask it. Anything. Now we did have a question I wanted to talk about. Amber said that chat. GPT is at capacity right now not available. Anyone know if there’s restrictions in what countries it’s allowed in? I have no idea if there’s a specific country that it’s allowed in. I’m curious if anyone else signed up and was able to get in? I know that they’re limiting the people that can I know that they are being thoughtful to make sure that that that the computing time the scaling of the systems, so because I got that message that says we’re experiencing exceptionally high demand, then maybe that’s why I don’t know, Shawn, any thoughts?



I haven’t heard like country specific, but I will say sometimes it’ll say that and you just have keep refreshing. Yeah,


Jen Vazquez  36:44

that was just gonna say it tells me it tells me it’s busy right now take a break. And then I just keep asking, and then it gives me what I want. Heather, welcome to the stage. Hi, Jen. Lovely to see you. And hi to everybody. I am


Heather Cox  36:59

obsessed with chat. And she Beachy. And yeah, keep refreshing it. I get that all the time. And I just refreshed my browser, and I’m able to use it like in a second after it refreshes. So.


Jen Vazquez  37:12

So how have you? Did you just sign up? Or have you been using it?



I’ve been using it for two to three weeks now.


Jen Vazquez  37:21

And what have things have you used it for? And what has shocked you?



It’s insane.


Jen Vazquez  37:29

It’s not just me and Shawn. I was like, Are we like under a rock type of people? Like,



wait, I’m sorry, Heather. I was like, I was like, oh, Heather’s coming up. Oh, I hope she loves it as much as we do.



I’m upset. And yes, it can come for your job. So within my industry, I’m a web and social media designer, manager, content creator for multiple clients, restaurants, real estate, even in the wedding space. But it’s because Okay, so I had a assistant, intern, and she was writing copy for me captions, because, you know, just with one client, I have eight caption sets that I have to create each month. So that’s 30 Captions per document. So that’s 240 Captions per month, then that’s a lot just for one client. And, um, she was doing it all amazing job. But then, you know, I saw this and I was like, let me let me see what I could prompt it to do here. And it literally wrote me captions. If I just plug in specific keywords, my favorite prompt, you can even have it right you prompts to prompt it. It’s just how many you can get with it. But I think I’ve created over 500 I’ve lost count at this point 500 captions or more with chat GPT it does suck on the emoji side of things. If you ask it for emoji placement, like put it after punctuation or in between sentences. It just puts it at the beginning of the end. But it does write hashtags if you tell it to write like a write five unique social media posts about beat getting your engagement photo shoots for your photography company, including hashtag ABC photography, and include for topical hashtags, and it’ll do it. That is insane. It’s insane. So like, but you do need to proofread it because it does add some things, you know that you need to have it add a human element to it. It’s not perfect every time. And then another thing you can what I’ve used it for, it is captioned writing but it’s captioned template writing. So if I have let’s say tech two or now let’s say newsletter Wednesday, and you want to highlight one newsletter or that you have in your arsenal, every Wednesday, you can write in chat GPT create me a, or create five social media caption templates that will highlight one newsletter per week, including the title of the newsletter and excerpt and the link to the newsletter, and it’ll create templates for you. So, yes, it can create a press release template for you. These guys are insane. I’ve tried all of them and they work mad amazingly. So don’t sleep on it, because if you don’t use it, you’re just going to be replaced by it right? Well, and


Jen Vazquez  40:40

and so and I will save two we were talking about, you know, job replacement and things like that, because I’m a management person for Pinterest. And, and a lot of people are kind of fearful about that. But the fact is, is that you still have to have time to physically put it in. Even if it’s a third party platform you like, you might be able to do more with less people. But you, if you take on more clients, you still need help with all of that stuff. And a busy entrepreneur may not may still outsource, because they just don’t have time to be that human element, as you talked about. And what we talked about in terms of the human element is with regards to blogs, and Google and things like that, you have to put your brand voice in it. And part of that is training it on your ideal avatar, because then it can write you things that are very on topic, which is what Shawn and I have found. But again, you’re right, like you have to read it over and make sure it sounds like your voice. And that’s how you can avoid Google from not spreading your blog post as an example far and wide. Because it feels very AI. And this to me, a comparing it to like and other AI that I’ve tried, feels way more real. And way more like me as I’ve been using it than any other platform that I’ve tried. And it’s free right now. So jump on board. Any tips, Heather, any things that you think that people should know? I mean, one thing that Shawn and I said is garbage in garbage out, like you do have to tell it like the your ideal client avatar to get the most on brand type content. Any other tips that you can think of?



Yeah, so I mean, well, while writing the copy, you can actually tell it to write in a specific tone of voice. And if you train it to sound like you to take a copy that you have written prior and fed it that information, you can actually train it to have your tone of voice which is


Jen Vazquez  42:58

insane to me. And it is it’s like, like, part of it is like Shawn and I are talking to each other and going Holy shit. This is kind of scary how, like, I want to say thank you like because it’s so feels like a person. And then on the other hand, it’s saving me so much time that I’m not too scared. I mean,



so I mean, I love it. I love it so much that I I actually am stalking chat GPT on social media and I want them to, for me to be their social media manager.


Jen Vazquez  43:38

I’m not kidding. I’m doing the same thing. I don’t want to be at social media person, but I want to be in the know if something changes.



I mean, yeah, like I’m literally being like, I’ve messaged them, but like, I want to be your social media manager, please. Is there a contact information like play? Like, I’d love their social media and like they could do so much more with it. So I’m like to chat GPT like, I love you guys. Like I should literally write a proposal with Chad GPT because you can do that too. So that is


Jen Vazquez  44:07

so I didn’t even think about that. That is so smart. Do you do so you use it for social media posts and things like that anything else that you use it for?



I used it for my birthday at my daughter’s birthday party ideas for 101 Dalmatian street theme party I did that I use it a lot in my personal life. My husband likes to play with it. So he asked it to write a poem in the style of style of Edgar Allan Poe about cryptocurrency so like you did it. I wrote it a rap for my mom for her business called the fairy Potter. Like there’s so many things that you could do just just think of something I wrote an entire eight chapter ebook with this thing. It’s it’s literally just tell it to write me the time I write me a table of contents surrounding the top wedding trends for 2023. And I’ll do it. So just think about like how, like what you could use. It’s dude, like, every day, I’m thinking of something new. I use it for the mundane tasks I needed to like, right from January 1 to January 31, like Sunday, January 1 to Monday, January 2, like, I don’t want to do that. So I literally asked him to type it for me, and it types it for me. And then I can use that in my social media like planning. It can write you a content calendar for the whole entire month. Like there’s we


Jen Vazquez  45:37

what Shawn and I, what Shawn and I did before you popped on just to let you know how deep we dove with it. And Shawn did this first is he was telling it all the things about his client avatar, all the things that make his ideal client, and then it will write about, it’ll write to the pain points of that person. It is insanely cool.



And also about what Heather said, with the mundane tasks, I shared this in another room, I was walking bear. And I was like, oh shit, I needed to get my thank you emails out for that event that I did last week to my vendors that I hadn’t worked with before. So I was like, write me a thank you email about how great it was to work with the band last week at the Christmas party. And make sure to say that Cassandra went above and beyond and made it a great guest experience for everybody who attended. And it wrote me the email, and then I just copied it based. And so it’s like, I’m still putting the personal touches that it’s coming from me. I’m just not sitting there typing it all out from start to finish in the perfect email form. Chat. GPT does that. Another thing is that I’m writing like pitches to shows and like my earned media strategy for 2023. And it’s writing all of that information out for me to an email form, and then I just tweak it and send it. It’s literally freeing up so many minutes, it’s allowing you to multitask, and you’re not even realizing that you’re you’re literally splitting yourself in plain sight.


Jen Vazquez  47:21

Yeah, I mean, I’ve been playing with it entirely too much. And yet I’ve gotten more work done. Like I said, over the last week and a half to two weeks, I’ve saved about 20 hours of work. And that’s just from what I normally do, but it’s doubling like my work. It’s because I am not especially when I write emails, I am not a warm and fuzzy person. I’m the person who’s like, bottom line. And that’s not very friendly. And so yes, having it helped me write emails has done extraordinarily things for me as well. Any final thoughts? Heather, and hope any final thoughts before we can



write you an email drip campaign like an email sequence? It will like create a nurture campaign?


Jen Vazquez  48:09

Yes. I literally have that on my to do list for one of my newest, funny Holy crap,



like in Italy, right the template and like, where to put their name and like all that. Yeah, it’s insane.


Jen Vazquez  48:22

Question for you. Because someone had this question. And we didn’t know the answer. They asked, is it avail? Is there any restrictions in terms of countries and things but it’s allowed? I haven’t



seen that yet. I’m not sure though. My husband thinks that he has seen because he works in like the IT and security field as well. He thinks he’s seen some, like restrictions in different countries, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. So you may Yeah. may want to


Jen Vazquez  48:54

and cat jpg. And if we’re thoughtful about it, I can imagine there’s some countries that don’t want this type of amazing capability because they want to control everything. So that kind of makes sense to let’s see. Karina had a question about adding in SEO keywords. Yeah, Karina, both Shawn and I, when we’re talking about blogging, they not only give you like, they’ll not only give you keywords for our ideal clients and their pain points, but it’ll give us hashtags as what just Heather just show shared with us. Obviously, like Heather said, you do have to put in kind of the parameters, but it will absolutely do that. So for my blog, Karina, it gave me keywords. It gave me a summary it gave me like it gave me everything I wanted, and needed and it’s all slanted toward my ideal client because I shared that information. That’s insane.



So real quick, just that my final thought will be my workflow. So that People understand like how you can use this for like multi layered what Heather’s been talking about what Jen’s been talking about. So you start with your right knee. So you get your customer avatar and then you say, write me a blog on how this avatar would be less stressed if they hired a wedding planner, and then it spits out a blog post. And then I asked it write me an SEO rich title for the blog, spits that out, write me a SEO description for the blog, spits that out, write me a three tweet thread, pushing the blog, and it writes that out with hashtags in it, then I say write me an Instagram caption that shows a graphic from one of the points in the blog, I’ll say like, focus on point two, and it’ll write me an Instagram caption for that blog, then it’ll write me a Pinterest title and description. I mean, so you can literally in a note sheet on your phone, have a complete like, introduction, social media posting schedule for this blog in literally three and a half minutes.


Jen Vazquez  51:14

That is insane, Shawn, I think that we should do another room on this. On our on different workflows, and so that everyone can get in, learn more, kind of figure it out and go from there. But I think this should definitely be a repeat room. What do you think, Shawn? And Heather, for sure. I see your hands. Absolutely.



Absolutely. I think we keep hosting rooms like this until all of the wedding pros who are on clubhouse and in our Facebook group are comfortable and using this regularly. Because just like Heather said, and I’m so glad she did. Yeah, either we get on board with this technology that saving time, or we’re going to be like the movie Ice Age.


Jen Vazquez  52:04

I totally agree. Hope any last thoughts?



Hi, I just think this has been absolutely amazing. I literally cannot wait to get home. So I have to travel. This sort of sign up and everything and play with it. I just can’t I just I’m so excited. So I take it. Can I just double check with you all though that it is I put in so I’m typing in or am I talking to it? Which one do I do and to get


Jen Vazquez  52:33

your typing in? I’m okay down the road. They’ll have a microphone capability. But for right now, if you’re typing it in,



okay, that’s fine. That’s fine. That’s absolutely fine. Yeah, I can’t I literally can’t wait. I’m so excited. I’m like Christmas is covered.



Hope I’ll send you it’s a minute and 42nd video that just shows the conversation I had with it to build my avatar. I’ll send it to you just like you’re


Jen Vazquez  53:00

sure, sure. Yes, I’m going to be creating a video like that as a real on Instagram as well and probably tick tock too, because I feel like wedding pros in general. But like literally everyone who is an entrepreneur should be jumping on this right now. Well, it’s free. I don’t know how long it’s going to be feel free for it could be free for a while since it’s open AI but you know, people are going to try to make money on it. And right now, like get in now while you can. And Heather. Sean and I were saying that we would pay for it if it got paid. Have you heard anything about what I’m



paying for it? It’s cheaper than me paying poorly for somebody I know. And I’m sorry, but that’s the way the world


Jen Vazquez  53:50

I know. I have my VA using it to also helped me with social media and stuff. So it’s like, you know, it’s it’s insane. Heather, do you want to come back for another room with? Yeah. All right. Well, we will go ahead and let you know when we schedule that next room. ppreciate it so much. Any any other final thoughts, Shawn before we move on?



Sounds good. Thank you so much.


Jen Vazquez  54:20

All right. I’ll see you guys later. Thanks for hopping aboard. And we’ll see you soon.

Here is more information that may be helpful!

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ChatGPT for Wedding Pros -  A Game Changer For Your Biz by Jen Vazquez Media
ChatGPT for Wedding Pros -  A Game Changer For Your Biz by Jen Vazquez Media
ChatGPT for Wedding Pros -  A Game Changer For Your Biz by Jen Vazquez Media
ChatGPT for Wedding Pros -  A Game Changer For Your Biz by Jen Vazquez Media

Create a Marketing Plan based on your Values NOT Your Vision with Lindsey Badillo

Want To Create a Marketing Plan based on your Values NOT Your Vision? with Lindsey Badillo<br />

In this video I’m sharing Want To Create a Marketing Plan based on your Values NOT Your Vision with Lindsey Badillo.

We chatted about:

  • How Lindsey got started.
  • Issues that business owners make in their marketing strategies
  • How to get off the social media rat race
  • What if you’re not “naturally skilled at” marketing
  • How to know if your marketing strategy is working or not
  • 3 things have that helped Lindsey grow her business? 

Jen Vazquez  00:00

Do you want to create a marketing plan that’s based on your values and not your vision? If so, you are in luck as my guest will be sharing all about that and so much more. Welcome back. If you’re new here, my name is Jen Vazquez, I’m a Pinterest marketing strategist who brings in experts on all things marketing subjects so that you can take action and grow your business. If that sounds like something that you’d be interested in, I would love for you to subscribe so that you’re notified anytime a new YouTube video or podcast is released. Today. I am so excited to be chatting with Lindsay but do have Lindsay but do coaching and consulting LLC. Lindsey has worked with over 100 startups and scaling their businesses using digital marketing as a knack for making the messy bits of marketing simple and attainable. Lindsay is also the chief marketing coach of an inc 5000 business development companies servicing 500 Plus it and cybersecurity firms in developing effective marketing strategies and elevating their sales techniques. Leveraging is her formal education and certification in teaching coupled with her experience of helping businesses around the world. Lindsey has created the curriculum for multiple online courses, teaching marketing, sales, and personal development, helping clients streamline their success and create massive change in their businesses and lives. So welcome, Lindsay.


Lindsey Badillo  01:29

What an introduction, Jim, thank you so much. I am so excited to be here. I have been watching your content over the last few weeks since we’ve connected and absolutely enjoy it. And I know that we’re gonna have a great conversation today. So thank you for having me on.


Jen Vazquez  01:46

Thank you, I love your it’s like all around expertise, like those are like you can dive in and still help with all of the adjacent stuff going on. So I always love to start these chats with my little experts about hearing their origin story. So I’d love to hear like how you started in business and what got you sort of to this place you are today?


Lindsey Badillo  02:09

Oh, that’s always like a loaded question. I know what started in the womb, you know, okay, so Alright, so as you’ve heard formal education, or formal background, formal career, technically, it was an education. So I was actually a first grade teacher, went to school, went to college, did the things and said hey, I’m going to become a teacher, I’m going to work in education, I will be able to help people, I’ve always had this really, you know, this, this core need is core want to want to help other people. And I said, Okay, this is a safe read safe road safe route, I’ll be able to spend time with my kids really be involved in their education. I love teaching, I’ll go into education. So did that thing. And then you get the entrepreneurial, you know, you’re like, Whoa, this is not what I want. I am like, so bored. To be honest. I was like, my first year in the teaching, I was so bored. Not that and it’s like, it’s this thing. It’s like I have this core love to teach. And I had this core love to share knowledge. But I think that whenever you have his entrepreneurial heart, and you want to go and you want to change, and you want to be able to evolve, and you just need excitement, I knew that the formal education system wasn’t for me. So I set off into the world wide web and I said What in the world can I do to leverage my teaching skills and to still help people you know, what can I do where I have freedom over my finances to because as selfish as it may sound, I wanted to make a lot of money and formal teaching wasn’t going to do that. So set off it to into the abyss of the internet. So what can I do, I’m just really in this place of exploration. And one of the first self development books that I’m really just dove into and I was like a kid it you know, and like I was in school again, I got Marie Forleo book, everything is figured out double, highly recommend for anybody like setting out on their journey, making a big change in your life. I went through this book, like literally as if it was like a college class and I was taking notes and I was underlining, I still have the book on my bookshelf actually. I used to I used to send it to my private clients. And I would go through and I would underline and I put post it notes in there for them. And the bits that I really resonated with that thought that they would So fun fact it’s


Jen Vazquez  04:42

so so so so good. I totally agree.


Lindsey Badillo  04:46

So good. And I just remember going through this thing with my journal, and I was like doing all the exercises in like writing everything down and just really trying to figure it out. That’s what it was about. It was it was saying okay, everything is figured out double. You know, I was in In this place of just being unhappy with being a teacher, but I had just graduated, I had two kids, I was married. So it wasn’t like, you know, you’re just a 21 year old and you want to just change your path like No, like I was invested, you know, so it was a big leap to say, alright, like, I’m gonna leave this career that I’ve just spent, you know, 1000s of dollars getting this degree for, and now I’m gonna go do something different. And that was a big, big decision to make. So, started a blog, started a website, made a million dollars, not that did not happen. I’m just joking. I did. Dang, if


Jen Vazquez  05:39

it’s that easy.


Lindsey Badillo  05:42

That’s the thing, though. That’s the thing is that a lot of times when we’re starting out online, we see these other people with blogs, we see these other fancy websites, and we think that they have it figured out. And so we’re like, Oh, I’ll go do that thing. That’s going to be the thing. And I think that any strategy will work, but you just have to work it, you know, it has to work with you. So for me, that was not what worked for me. I am very much a people person. I love writing, I absolutely enjoy writing. But I light up from talking with other people I light up through teaching, I light up from being and having these conversations. So I find coaching. And it was in that moment. This is like 2018, I start as a life and relationship coach, and I’m tight. And it’s so it feels like a different lifetime. I look back, and I was like in my flowery robe on Instagram. And I’m like talking about intimacy in your marriage. And it was like, it was such a different life. And so I started out coaching married women, kind of rekindle intimacy in their relationships, rekindle connection. Ultimately, all those things came back to self love, all of it comes back to loving yourself, right? So did that started there really learned how to develop confidence in myself, I think that’s where any business starts is like finding a confidence in yourself. It’s so crazy, like looking back on old videos of me speaking into a camera, and I’m talking like this. And I would kind of like, look around. And you know, and just to say that we all start somewhere. So


Jen Vazquez  07:24

absolutely. And I think the messy starts are the things that bring you the most growth, for sure. It


Lindsey Badillo  07:30

was messy. It was real messy. So looking back on that as always fun. But I started there and about a year into it. The pandemic started to pick up and schools started to let we get that we sat down, went to a faculty meeting, and I believe was the first or second week of March. Oh, and two weeks before that I put in my resignation. Notice I put in my resignation notice. So I’m like coaching by afternoon like do I’m like this relationship coach in the evening. And I’m like, first grade teacher during the day. Yeah, it was like double life. So two weeks prior to this, this faculty meeting was I send in my notice to my principal, I sit down with her and I say, Hey, I’m not going to be renewing my contract. You know, and we go through this, I put him on notice two weeks later, we sit down this faculty meeting and they say, All right, we’re gonna go on break for two weeks because of this Coronavirus, COVID 19. We’ll do max. That’s how it all started. Right? We know Yes. We know where it goes from here. So we’re like, Okay, we’re gonna do this virtual teaching thing for two weeks. As we all know, we were out for the rest of the year, we navigated Virtual Teaching Google meets imagine teaching a reading group two to seven year olds through a Google meet,


Jen Vazquez  08:46

like so hard. What?


Lindsey Badillo  08:49

So that was that and it really solidified that that I was making the right decision. You know, because this was a life. It was such a pivotal moment. And of course, there were thoughts of like, Am I making the right decision, I’m leaving this job where I have a set salary, I’m venturing out on my own. And so all these things are coming up. But ultimately, whenever we got into that virtual stuff, and I’m like, Whoa, this is not the move. This is not it. So it really solidified I was on the right road, finished out my teaching. Well, by August, September of that year, so several months have gone by now. I start getting previous peers that had been in my first coaching program with me. So I was like literally a student in these coaching programs. I had my friends that I had, like, made along the way. And they were my first clients for business and marketing. And it was like Lindsay, can you help us find clients? Can you help us do this thing? And it was so cool looking back on it, and I found that that’s what frickin makes me excited. It’s like working with other women still work with women, working with other women working with other Just like beautiful souls who are on this mission to make the world a better place, and they just have no idea how to do it and where to get started, you know, you got to figure out the strategy, we’ve got to get the right mindset behind it. So those are my first clients, and they’re still in my communities are still around. So as far as moving into the marketing side, that’s where it all started. I fell in love with the strategic piece of stuff, the planning side, probably the teacher in me, fell in love with just like building stuff, and testing and tweaking and changing and just the process behind the business. And here we are, now we’re, you know, years down the road. And I’ve created countless courses I’ve helped over 100 other coaches, course creators, build out their courses, their programs, their high ticket offers even, and also now working in a completely different industry, using the same exact concepts and strategies to help them build out their marketing plans. So it sets my soul on fire, and I’m doing, I’m doing the work I’m supposed to be doing.


Jen Vazquez  11:05

Yeah, I and I feel like to like you kind of mentioned, all the things that we do in the past, all really lend to everything that you do now, right, a little bit more confident, a lot more strategic, all that kind of stuff. So alright, let’s dive into the marketing side of things. What is the top issue that you see business owners and in their marketing strategies? What are these issues that you see sort of come up over and over again?


Lindsey Badillo  11:34

I mean, the the number one thing is where do I start? Like, what what do I do? If I, you know, what do I do, Lindsay, just tell me what to do. And I’ll do it, give me step by step. Just give me the plan, I’ll do the thing. And here’s the thing is, like, really, like we said, Any strategy will work, you just have to work. Okay, so you can go to Google, and you can look up how to develop a marketing plan. You can go on YouTube, how to market my online business, how to, you know, market on Instagram, like you can go and Google all these things. So it’s like you found the how, but now the second piece of that, like, the other side of it is sticking to it. Believing in yourself, having the support to get you through it. Business is hard, like it is not for the faint of heart. overnight successes are very, very rare. And as much as we are sold this idea of oh, I’ve built a million dollar company in six months. Like that is not the norm whatsoever. And I guarantee you behind all of the stories that you hear, there are 1015 20 years in the making of getting to that point, okay, we don’t the three years that you made $0, before your business took off, you know, we didn’t we don’t normalize that. So yes, having the strategy, having step by step, then the other piece of it is normalizing all the ups and downs that come with entrepreneurship,


Jen Vazquez  13:03

I totally I totally relate with that. I think a lot of my clients also have a hard time with consistency. And if there’s one thing that, you know, doing marketing, the one success that you can get from marketing is if you’re consistent, that’s on YouTube, that’s in your blog posts that’s on social media. And I feel like so many people, they do well for a little bit, and they don’t see the big growth. And they’re like, ah, that didn’t work. It’s like they stopped just right before they started seeing that success. So with coaching, of course, you get that accountability with the consistency, which is so helpful.


Lindsey Badillo  13:41

Let’s stick to that. Because it’s like, you could have the perfect strategy laid out in front of you. And so many times we do, right, but it’s like, if you don’t have the like to call it the internal infrastructure, if you don’t have the internal infrastructure in place that’s going to support you that’s going to help you like navigate the woes, whenever you put the post out, and it doesn’t get the feedback that you anticipated, or you put your offer out there. And you don’t get anything in the first 48 hours. How are you going to navigate that internally, because we are going to internalize it, we are going to take it personally, we are going to make decisions out of emotion, rather than sticking with it saying no, I’ve got this plan. Let me give it some time, then I’ll make an informed decision later. But instead we act from emotion. We stop doing the thing. We retreat, we say oh my gosh, this offer is crap. Let me throw it out. You start over you hide and all those things are natural. So like if anyone’s experiencing that. Yes, we are not the only person that’s been there. I’ve been there more times than I would like to admit. We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced it. I’ll tell you for example. I am hosting a 14 day free coaching experience right now. It’s four 14 days, and it’s all about building the pieces, your six figure business, but the entire first six days are all about doing the inner work. It’s all about getting clear what it is that you want. What are the core stories that have shaped your life? How are you going to navigate through that? What are you releasing? At this point? Who do you choose to be from here? And so it’s so funny, you know, like, they all think they’re gonna come in and like, get this social media strategy,


Jen Vazquez  15:25

strategy strategy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,


Lindsey Badillo  15:29

like, we’re gonna get there just the whole time, we’re gonna get there. But we’ve got to work this part first. And then whenever we do get there, you’re gonna be that much more ready. It’s like, it’s almost like you’re suiting up for battle, you’re like getting ready to like, go out on the frontlines, and we got to get you suited up first, then you’re ready to take the strategy


Jen Vazquez  15:45

you mentioned about like, you know, posting something and having it kind of fall flat. I think another thing that people or business owners do, especially when they’re not comfortable in that marketing space, is that they don’t share often enough. They’re like, Oh, I’m gonna bug people with this information. And yet people are on your social media to get that information. So I think, a little bit more of sharing everywhere versus one place. And then sharing multiple times is another area, I think people don’t do as much because they’re scared of bugging people, or oversharing. If you if


Lindsey Badillo  16:22

you are spot on with that. And because we have been, I think you’re going against the grain with that one. Because we Oh, yes, this lie that I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say this lie. But we have been No, that’s true.


Jen Vazquez  16:35

I agree with that.


Lindsey Badillo  16:38

Like choose one platform and go all in there and just you know, do this, and it’s all going to be ease and flow. And it’s always gonna be easy, you know? And it’s like, oh, actually, I think that that comes after you put in the grid, I think that the ease and flow comes after your systems are working. So yes,


Jen Vazquez  17:01

yes, I agree. Well, let’s dive in a little bit on social media. How do you recommend that business owners get off that social media rat race, because I always feel like social media can absolutely be helpful. And you absolutely need a presence because you just do peep. A lot of people confirm that you’re a real person, or that you know what you’re talking about if you’re on social media, right? But the problem is, is that people get like they spend so much time doing Instagram, when maybe Pinterest would be better, or they do so much time doing Instagram, but they’re not doing any blog posts, or they’re concerned because nobody’s listening to them. But they don’t have people on their email list, which is where we’re going to sell 20% of our services from oftentimes. So tell me a little bit about your recommendations for business owners to get off that social media rat race?


Lindsey Badillo  17:54

Oh, such a good question, Jen. This is the million dollar question. This is a multi million dollar question. You know, because social media platforms make buku oodles of money from keeping us there. First of all, we Yeah. And let’s talk about why we stay there. It’s because it’s this immediate source of gratification. It’s every time we open up our social media, we’re gonna see the little red.on, our DMS, we’re gonna see the little nine plus new notifications on Facebook, it’s this red rush of endorphins. Think about that. What color are all your notifications on social media? They’re red. It’s like an immediate boost of like dopamine. So of course, you don’t want to get off social media, because it makes you feel good or bad, you know, whichever one but you’re kind of like in this like, adrenaline roller coaster. So first of all, it’s like, just recognize that it’s hard for us to get off of it, because our nervous system sort of thrives on it, you know? But now, on the flip side of that, you’re absolutely right, we want to get into our email list. We want to be able to build this long term relationship that’s not dependent on an algorithm.


Jen Vazquez  19:07

You mean, you mean something we actually own? Bravo.


Lindsey Badillo  19:13

Yes. So it’s so funny. I have I used to really rely on Instagram a lot. For my business. I sold all my offers, through Instagram stories. So like, every single day, I would show up on stories. I would talk for like 1015 minutes on my stories. I would promote my offers there. It was exhausting. Right. It worked, but it was really freaking exhausting. Okay. There was an Instagram outage two weeks ago. Oh, yeah. I didn’t even know it. I logged on last night. I was just scrolling and I’m like my followers like are my fault away is super tight now. Like I’m so cognizant about who I follow. And I think it was one of like the big rails teachers His name is Brock and I follow his stuff. So yeah, so all abroad, and he was talking Get about the Instagram out in two weeks. I was like, Instagram outage. But it was so crazy because thinking back to you know, two years ago, I remembered Instagram outage like two years ago that did have me panicking. I mean, it was like, oh my god, what am I going to do? That’s where I sell my offers every single day. So, yes, gotta get off social media. But all that to say, if you think about dating, like if you are going to be okay, I’m married. I have not on Tinder or bumble bee or whatever else that these kids doing these days? Yeah, yeah. But it’s like, okay, you don’t want to stay on the dating website? You don’t want to stay on Tinder. Right? So what do you do to move people off? What do you have to do? Do we try to ask them for marriage? Right then and there? No, we’re at a warmth and love, we’re gonna see, hey, would you like to go have some coffee together? Would you like to go have dinner together? Hey, we’re gonna go for a walk, get up, if you want to go meet at this public place, where it’s like, I’m not asking for your hand of marriage, and like, we’re gonna get to know each other. So it’s the same exact way. But if you’re trying to move off social, I am a huge, huge advocate for educating your ideal clients. For serving them, I think that service is the best form of sales. So if you can create the space, create an opportunity, where you can educate your ideal clients, where you can ask for them to go on that casual date with you to get to know each other better, say, for an example, a webinar, say for an example, to grab your free resource that you have for download, say you want to ask them into a three day challenge, you want to bring them somewhere else that allows you to build that relationship with them. Okay, that’s quite different for everyone and everyone’s different businesses, and whatever it is that you do, and, and you it’s gonna take some trial and error to figure out what works for you also. So you have to find a way to move them to go on that casual date with you. Thus, you’re getting their email address, putting them on your email list, so that you can continue to nurture that relationship, even after they’ve downloaded think attended the webinar, or did the challenge or whatever the case is. So you just want to make sure that you’re serving that you’re thinking, okay, how can this be a win win for both of us, I’m educating you, I’m serving a problem that you have micro tiny problem, and then in return, you’re coming into my atmosphere coming into my environments, my communities, and we get to grow this relationship together.


Jen Vazquez  22:36

Yeah, I feel like people so much, the expectation with social media is that people will buy right away. And that’s actually doesn’t happen all that often, what you’ll normally happens is people stalk you for a while they listen to the things that you’re putting on social media, they might sign up for that free lead magnet that you have to get on your email list. Maybe they go into that, you know, that challenge, and they see how you educate, and you’re building that know, like, and trust the whole way through. And if there are a lot of people out there that only use social media and don’t have an email list or don’t have a blog or anything like that. And what it is, is you’re constantly selling, where instead, if you’re constantly providing education and, and tips and things in your blog or your email, they’re understanding what you’re doing. They either like how you’re teaching, or they’re off your list. And over time, they will potentially buy from you. Sometimes it takes like six or seven touches before a person trusts. Right trust. So I think that’s so smart. And I feel like you do need a sort of well rounded marketing situation. So let’s dive in a little bit deeper on that. What if someone says, you know, I’m not naturally skilled at marketing, or that’s not my thing? How can you help people with that?


Lindsey Badillo  24:02

Find the person that is people that are skilled at it. If I don’t know how to do something, I’m going to call the person that does. I’m going to go to Google and I’m gonna go look up the person that can do this. I need a fence put up in our backyard right now. And you are not going to find Lindsay out there in the backyard trying to


Jen Vazquez  24:21

hammering away


Lindsey Badillo  24:23

I don’t think so. I’m gonna go I’m on my to do list call the fence people like I’m going to call the people get a quote, ask them to come and put it in. I mean, that’s what I’m going to do. So now, more specifically, the marketing to marketing your business. We can’t just outsource everything. Maybe one day we can outsource parts of it. That’s we want to master the strategy, delegate the execution. Absolutely. But how do we get there? We’ve got to invest into our education. We have to learn these things. I think for any business to grow, you have to have an understanding of how consumers how people We’ll buy, you have to understand the psychology of the buying process, how everyone starts out with, they have no idea who you are, they don’t care who you are, they just want to know, can you help me with this thing? Is this something? You know, if, if someone’s gonna go buy toothpaste, they don’t care what they just want to know? Is it gonna help my teeth be wider? Is it gonna make my breath smell good? Like, what’s the problem? Like? What is it gonna do? For me? That’s what people care about. And so you have to have an understanding of what problem do I solve? How do I serve people? You know? So for an example, if you are, let’s see a virtual assistant and your VA and you’re saying, Well, geez, No, nobody’s buying my services. You know, I’m a great VA. And will you when’s the last time that you told someone, how much time you’re going to save them? When’s the last time you told someone that, hey, you’re going to be able to free up 12 hours of your week, because I’m going to be the one cleaning out your emails, replying to your DMS, answering those frequently asked questions, organizing those things in the back end, therefore, you get to spend more time with your family, you get to take Friday’s off, like you’ve been wanting to for the past two years, and you get to ultimately live a happier life. That’s what people care about. I feel


Jen Vazquez  26:18

like you’re so right, because people always sell the service or sell the product. And the the hard part, I find, unless you’re naturally gifted at it, is to sell that transformation or touch on this, the struggles that they’re having, and the frustrations that they may be going through just asking that question of like, when was the last time that you got to take a day off and just spend time with your kids like, or, you know, all those little things can really lead to people going? Yeah, yeah, I feel like that, or gosh, I told what is she offering? Right? You’re more invested in it, when you’ve, when you’ve shared with them what that transformation can look like?


Lindsey Badillo  27:01

Yeah, you’re bringing awareness? Absolutely. Which is like the first one of the first steps and that buyer process is making them aware. It’s just creating an awareness that they do have that issue or that that does relate to them. And they’re like, oh, that light bulb starts to go off. They’re like, Hmm, so there’s a different option? You mean, I don’t have to be the one that does all these things. I don’t have to do things this way. There’s a different option. Hmm. So they’re aware of like, they’re like to say, like, their ears are starting to perk up. They’re like, Oh, yes. Listening, you know, and then and so then it’s like, okay, well, how do I educate them? How do I help them? How can I give them a quick win? How can I give something right now that’s gonna make your life easier. And so that was, that’s what I recommend you bring in that resource that they can go and download, they can attend that training, they can, you know, do something like that casual date, like we were talking about, yeah, give them like a bite size of what it’s like to work with you, or bite size thing that’s going to help them with this micro problem, before they commit to the macro, offer the macro experience, whatever that thing is. So it’s, it’s moving them along that journey. And you’re right, I don’t think it comes natural to anyone. I think that we all have to learn, you know, we all have to crack this and learn and that and that’s what marketing is. It’s trying things over and over again, realizing what worked and what didn’t work, and then doing it all over.


Jen Vazquez  28:30

Speaking of that perfect transition, how do you know if your marketing strategy is working or not?


Lindsey Badillo  28:37

Oh, that’s such a good question. Oh, so I Okay. Number one, it’s going to take any strategy, like we said, a new strategy will work if you work it, but we’ve got to give a time to work. Okay, so knowing that I would say, Okay, how many? How consistent Have you been? How long? Have you been doing the same thing over and over? You posting for a week? It’s not enough. You posting for a month? Probably isn’t enough? You posting for three bites? Maybe we can start looking at the type of content that you’re posting? Is it eliciting responses? Are you getting opt ins to your website, you’ve got to your lead magnet, you’ve got to know your numbers, but you also have to give it time to work. So how do you know the short answer to this is one you’ve got to have stamina, you gotta have consistency. You just got to keep working the progress the process. And then two, you do want to look at your numbers. I think that we can all be smart and say, Alright, I’ve been promoting this freebie now for six months, and no one’s buying the back end offer. I’ve had zero conversions from it. So let’s look at that. Are they clicking the link? Do you have visitors to the site? What are they going to the checkout page so we’re going to start looking at where is the disconnect? Okay, so Okay, have a work the process long enough? And then to look at those numbers and ask yourself, is it working out? Okay, I’ve worked it for six months now is the thing working,


Jen Vazquez  30:02

I would love to know this myself, What three things have helped you grow your business, it could be tools, advice, etc. But what are three sort of core things that have helped you to grow your business?


Lindsey Badillo  30:15

I would say, strategy like I’m such as much inner work. And as a committed to like those inner things, those things become a part of the strategy now. So having a legitimate lead generation strategy, that my marketing is not just a matter of emotion, it’s not just a matter of me getting likes and engagement, it’s a matter of do I have a strategy that’s going to push them push my ideal clients where I want them? Do I have a lead gen strategy number one? So for and we just talked about that, hey, how do I get people email lists? How do I move them down the process? Number one, Legion strategy? Number two, I would say having the support, it’s, I am constantly putting myself in rooms, where I’m learning from other people, where I am helping other people where I am collaborating, where I’m growing, you want to put yourself in a room where you are the dumbest person in the room, at least. I mean, it’s the room where I, I literally feel like I’m the least qualified to be there. And there’s a reason it’s like, why in the room, do you do that? Well put me somewhere where I can grow. If I’m not growing, then I don’t want to do it. I don’t, I’ll be I’ll be bored, I don’t want to do it, I have to stay in a place of growth. And it kind of goes to that saying, the shark only grows as big as the container that it’s in. So you put a shark in a fish tank, it’s gonna stay this big, but you put a shark in the ocean, how big will it grow. And then the third piece of that. So I would say, I think this is kind of redundant with strategy, but like the systems that I can rinse and repeat, yes, just frickin work. You know, whether it like our CRM system that we’ve just developed, like I’m obsessed with it, I’m absolutely obsessed with a system that just does what I need it to do. I think that that’s what can make you really, really efficient and can help you actually scale as you’re starting to bring in a marketing manager, bring in a team or an assistant things like that, just having systems that you’ve mastered, you understand. And now you can start delegating to other people, you can start systematizing. So that’s rinse and repeat. So


Jen Vazquez  32:29

I say that I say this all the time, always strive to work smarter, not harder. So every place you are in your business, you should be trying to figure out how you can streamline how you can limit other things and make it more of a streamlined process. That is that is really, really smart. Well, before we get to the gift that Lindsey is so generously sharing with our audience, tell everybody out there because right about now is when my listeners are like, Ah, she’s kind of smart. How can I work with her? Right? So tell us a little bit about the services that you provide in case anyone is thinking that they could use some help.


Lindsey Badillo  33:08

Yeah, I am absent, thank you for the opportunity to share that. So I offer a very few ways to work with me, I’ve simplified my life, my business. So really, you’re gonna fall into one or two categories. You’re like, Hey, I’m just starting out, I have got this online business, whether you’re an online coach on online service provider, online, VA, even business manager, your online service provider, and you’re like, Lindsey, I’ve got this idea, I want to put it out there, I’m ready to get started, show me where to go, that you’re probably going to want to come into the vortex that’s our free 14 Day coaching experience where you come in, you hang out with us, we go on a casual date, quote unquote, for 14 days, and we’re gonna work together we’re gonna get this ideas are no, that would be the first stop after that, you probably move into our accelerator. So that’s where we work together. For months, we actually work on getting your business, like an actual strategy, get a lead generation strategy, get your first clients in the door, really get you moving from it from it just being an idea to now it’s a functioning business. Okay, so that’s the first way. Second way is coming into one of our more more intimate containers, where it’s like, alright, Lindsay, I’ve got those things, I’ve got a system and now I’m ready to bring in, you know, my first team member, I’m certain I’m ready to start hiring some stuff out, I’m ready to really scale, then you’re probably going to want to work with me and our mastermind, or, or private coaching. So just kind of depends on preference for that way. So if that is you, then you have to reach out to me directly. Yeah,


Jen Vazquez  34:46

I’m gonna put all her links down below. So don’t worry about any of this. And Lindsay is sharing a free gift of a tracker. So Lindsay, tell us a little bit about what that It is. And of course, I’ll put the link down below for everyone to snag this, it’s free. So you should absolutely snag it. But tell everybody a little bit about what it’s what it helps with.


Lindsey Badillo  35:10

It will change your life number one, like literally, I did this and I did this exact thing in my own business. Two years ago, probably whenever everything just really started to click for me, and I was like, Okay, this thing of being on social media all the time, it’s not working for me for my life, or my business for my family, I’ve got to diversify. I need to expand my reach other than just and that’s also whenever Instagram really started to change do like we remember whenever you could just post like a carousel post and like go viral, like what happened to the good old days, we don’t know. Now you’ve got to like dance on the reels. With all that, I mean I am when I whenever I want to, for me. Exactly. It’s the cherry on top. And but it’s not what I want my business to depend on, you know, so wholesome, wholesome marketing track tracker is just that it teaches you how to build a marketing tracker or a marketing system that is beyond just social media. So it’s going to, you’re literally going to print this baby out, and you’re going to track what you do for 30 days, okay, you’re gonna get over 30 different marketing avenues broken up by the three different types of marketing that there are, okay, and you’re gonna attract what it is that you’re doing. So one, it’s going to hold you to it, it’s going to keep you accountable. And to it’s going to show you that there are so many more ways to get your business out there than just relying on Facebook or Instagram. So


Jen Vazquez  36:40

well, gosh, I mean, thank you so much for your valuable advice. And for your time today. Because time is money. What is the best way to get in contact with you in case anybody wants to take this conversation further?


Lindsey Badillo  36:53

Yeah, I would say download the marketing tracker, Lindsey marketing tracker, that will you’ll be put on to our email list, you’ll receive regular emails from me, I you can always reply to any of my emails, I personally check those. I personally respond to anyone that applies to their to grab the wholesome marketing tracker. And then I also invite you into our Facebook community. So we have a Facebook group. It’s the marketing know how group and I’m in there sharing daily inspiration, weekly trainings, typically. And it’s just a really, really juicy way to get short bite sized marketing trainings every single week. That’s going to take you from here and move you one step further. take you from here, review one step further every single week, so I invite you to come in there as well.


Jen Vazquez  37:40

I love it. Well, if you listeners or watchers out there have had any good ideas or tips which I’m sure you have. Definitely make sure you put time on your calendar to implement. I always say for every, you know, one hour of training or education, you want to spend about two hours actually implementing the things that you loved about it, or all that education is going to waste because you’re not implementing any of it. And if you really enjoyed this podcast, I would love to get a review. We’re trying to build up our reviews. Now go out there and do something good for your business like snagging Lindsay’s gift and then taking action.

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What’s the only thing that’ll ever stop you from building + scaling the business of your dreams? YOU! with Em Ducharme  

Em Bucharme The only thing that'll ever stop you from building + scaling the business of your dreams YOU


What’s the only thing that’ll ever stop you from building + scaling the business of your dreams? YOU! with Em Ducharme  

Today we are chatting about the only thing that will ever stop you from building and scaling a business of your dreams — which is YOU!

Em Ducharme is a business strategist for influencers and experts looking to monetize and scale their audience through digital marketing and passive income. Her work has been featured on major media outlets such as Forbes, ThriveGlobal, The Good Men Project and Business2Community.

As a former corporate sales consultant for Fortune 500 companies, major corporations, Em helped to grow and scale businesses for the last 10 years in various sectors.  She’s raised millions of dollars in investor funds for the companies that she worked for and personally was able to scale her own companies past multip 6-7 figure mark in a record-breaking time.

These were some of the topics! 

  1. I always love to hear origin stories so to get started, tell me about your business and how you got started.
  2. The only thing that’ll ever stop you from building + scaling the business of your dreams? YOU.
  3. What are your main focuses in business right now?
  4. Talk about business energetics
  5. Talk about feminine funnels
  6. Scaling strategies
  7. What 3 things have helped you grow your business? This could be tools, advice, etc.

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Jen Vazquez, Em Ducharme

Jen Vazquez  

The only thing that you that will ever stop you from building and scaling the business of your dreams is you now if that really resonated with you, I’m very excited because my guest and I are talking about that and so much more. Welcome back. If you’re new here, I bring in experts in the marketing area to help you market your business effectively and simply but also by taking action. If that sounds like something that you are you interested in, then definitely subscribe so that you’re notified every time we release a new video or a new podcast. Today. I am super excited to be chatting with him do Sharon. She is a business strategist for influencers and experts who are looking to monetize and scale their audience through digital marketing and passive. work has been featured on major media outlets such as Forbes and thrive global and the good men project and business to community. As a former corporate sales consultant for a fortune 500 for Fortune 500 companies, major corporations and has helped to grow and scale businesses for the last 10 years in various sectors. She has raised millions of dollars in investor funds for the companies that she’s worked for, and personally was able to scale her own companies and that’s companies with an S past multiple six and seven figure marks in record breaking time. So welcome him. I’m like super excited to get into these questions with you. And I’m so happy to be here. Thank you so much for having me. Oh, of course. So I always like to start off first with how you got here question. So tell me a little bit about your business and basically like how you arrived to the business that you have today. It’s very hard to say in a nutshell. So I’m going to try to make it very quick but when I was 20 years old, I started my first business. I’m 33 now and it was a restaurant and two weeks after opening the first restaurant. My mother gave me a call and she told me she had six months left to live. She just had a cancer diagnosis. So it changed my entire life because first of all, I was living eight hours drive away from her, which was not sustainable. Like especially when you have a restaurant and a brand new one. You have to sleep in the restaurant. So that’s when I decided to find an alternative on what I could do to make money while I converse here and work from home. So I started my marketing journey then. And it’s it’s been years of errors and trials and successes and sabotage and all kinds of things that like we can dive in a little bit deeper later. But basically now I own multiple businesses. I have an E commerce I have a coaching business. I have other investments in building my portfolio of companies. So one of my dream was to be a little bit like a shark tank and I’m able to participate financially and my expertise and network into company. So this is what I’m focusing on right now. But it’s been a long, long journey to get here. You know, it’s funny because all of my guests sort of react the same because it’s always a windy route to get to where you are today. And chances are your business won’t look today like it does today, in five years from now, right? You could be doing something totally different. It is a normal sort of process through the life of your business, to change things and to pivot and things like that. We’ll be diving in a little bit of that later on. But let’s go ahead and start with that catchy title. Talk to us about how we may be stopping ourselves from building and scaling the business of our dreams. 


Em Ducharme  

So for me what I’ve realized when my mother passed away, I lost everything I had to file for bankruptcy. i My boyfriend that murdered 10 days later. I lost literally everything I went from having a public farm the year a brand new condo, credit card that had like almost no limit on I know having a restaurant and how like I was smelling and I was really, really solid. And then I lost everything. So every time I rebuilt something, I knew how to do it. I knew how to build businesses. That was something that was very easy for me but what was also easy for me is to sabotage everything and let it burn to the ground. And it took me many many many many years before I realized that the reason why I was doing that it’s because I was so scared of having something to lose that I was making sure I had never anything to this. I was making sure that I had like my own. It’s a little bit like in relationship when you’ve been hurt before and then you meet your dream man or your dream woman. And you’re I pursued like oh my god, I’m in love and then when it starts getting really serious, you’re so scared of losing the person unless you’re gonna make the breakup happen just because then you’re protecting yourself from failing and you don’t want to experience the loss again so you making sure you’re creating it so that you are in control. So what I realized that I was like, This is why I’m very successful, but I’m always in a feast or for me type of way like I would make a lot of money and then no money for months and months. I would create a very fast success and then it would crumble. Like I kept being up and down and up and down. And when I realized that I was the reason why I was in between me and I success. I was not scaling my businesses, even though they were genius ideas because I was so scared of building it and losing it again. So I had to shift the way I was looking at success and I had to decide that first of all if if it happens, I know I can survive it. Because I’ve done it for one time. I’ve survived losing everything. So if it happens again, I can survive it again. And then it happened the second time when I was working in finance. I had a I guess I grew so fast a ladder in the finance industry. Anytime I’m I put my head into something I make like hum homeruns like I’m really really good at going fast. So I invested into bitcoin in 2005 when it was like $300 I like I was so set again. And once again, I lost everything, all kinds of things happen and I left everything drift away from me. So when I realized that pattern after losing everything twice, and I decided that I would never once again, build something out of fear and sabotage is out of fear. But I would build it from my heart. I would build it from my passion and from the confidence that I can survive anything so it doesn’t matter what happens as long as I still show up every day and I never give up on one building. And now I built my business in a way that I could retire tomorrow and I would be living a good life and I have enough income streams that supports me. I have built a personal brand that supports me. I could literally just stop taking clients tomorrow and and be good for the rest of my life. So I did that because I really focused on building and being scared of losing everything and every time something bad happens I am not dropping my business, which is what I used to do. Every time something bad would happen. I would lose everything because I would drop it and I don’t drop the things I hold was hard, along with my success and that’s changed everything for me. 


Jen Vazquez  

Amazing. Hi. I first want to thank you for being so gracious in sharing that because I think there’s a theme on my YouTube channel and podcast of really sharing. You know what people might say are failures, which I personally believe are the catalysts to growth. Like if you don’t if things don’t fall apart, then you don’t really know how to rebuild them and the fear will get in your way every single time. So I imagine going through that process over the years has really represented itself in your business. So what are your main focuses in business right now?


Em Ducharme  

So one thing that I’ve discovered while I was rebuilding, once again, is that I used to build from a very masculine standpoint, I was trying to build a business like a man because that’s what I knew. And I realized that as women, we don’t build the same way we build from our heart from our intuition. And this is why now and my friend I’m really focused on teaching business energetics because it is important to learn how to operate and lead and feminine energy as well as driving in masculine energy and they are both needed and a lot of women who don’t know this, so they build in masculine energy and then they get burnt out or they’re tired or do these things that don’t actually makes their heart sing and they’re not happy with what they’re doing. And then they wake up one day they have a lot of money, they build something solid but they don’t even want to keep it because that was never aligned to begin with. So business energetics is one of the things. The second thing is I’ve created. After learning about energetics. I’ve created something I call feminine funnels, which I’ve been trademarking. Now. And the feminine Funnels is my version of funnels. I used to be funnel strategist. So funnels were really big for me. But when I learned about feminine energy to business, it was really disconnected from what I knew now. I didn’t want to manipulate people to buy my things I don’t want to make money just to make money I wanted it to be because it was as simple as I recreated my own version of my own vision, almost which I call seven internals, and it’s really selling with a heart and it’s not selling with marketing strategies that are manipulative and that are trying to get people scared or ashamed or guilty for buying. I really want people to buy from an empowered place, even if it’s coming from automation into my business. So feminine funnels was really big. And then we’re focusing on scaling strategies. Mostly using alternative marketing strategies. So being on the broadcast is really a good idea when you want to grow your brand. Because you are sharing an audience with someone that’s already out there. You’re sharing your knowledge and everyone is winning. So as long as everyone wins for me, this is aligned with my feminine energy. So I’m doing strategies that are aligned with the energetic that I want to bring to my business but those are three main focus that I have. Okay, so we’re gonna dive into all three because I do just really inspired and eager to know a little bit more as I’m sure our listeners do. So talk about business energetics photo, you talk a little bit about kind of what it is talk about some ways that people can use it to implement that. So when I say business energetics, what I mean to have a balance and to your feminine and your masculine energy. Your feminine energy is the fuel that you put in your car and your color is the masculine nature. They go hand in hand. If you don’t do the hard part is going to break down on the highway then if you only have fuel, you’re not going anywhere because there’s no vehicles that’s going to bring you somewhere and that’s the best way to do to explain it within the nology. So what I mean by this is, in order for me to run my business and be happy and be aligned, I must have a nervous system that’s regulated I must be happy and to stick around behind actions. I must surrender and trust into the work that I’m doing. So this example of energetics and that the balance is like for example, you’re preparing for something and then then stop looking on your inbox to see if someone bought if nobody buys on the freaking out your launch is a failure even though there’s still more weeks to go. That’s that’s an excellent balance when you you can launch things and it doesn’t seem like it’s a different thing. When I launch something when I promote the thing because I trust that every single day in my business is part of growing and improving my business. So it’s not about putting all my energy into launching a promotion. It’s putting my energy into selling and marketing. It’s just to continue to work every single day to work my business and my goals while regulating my nervous system while keeping time with the people that I love. While taking time to take myself off. Braiding what I’m doing is just in your feminine energy. So if you don’t know nothing that’s why it’s really hard to balance which means that for example, I work on business strategy. I work on my team. I work on laying money by finding a space and then once I’m done with this, I turn off my computer, my brain check. I don’t just say like tomorrow to do something. And I can actually be someone outside of my business and that’s something that’s very difficult for both the primary they’re everywhere. So energetics means you can have a balance between the two. So that’s what it means. That is that is really a good example for me and this is I take every Tuesday with my daughters and my grandpa and I had a really hard time talking myself up not thinking about business. And now after a couple months, I’ve read certain things on eBay. Then like, close your laptop and turn off and then I’m spending my whole day on the floor playing with my granddaughter and my daughter is a way to make sure that I get out by sitting up that day before getting to be done. So that’s just brilliant. Diving in a little bit. More on services. So that really is what we’re talking about, and the way that she was renting it. There are ways that you can work with her. So next let’s dive a little bit more into funnels. I know that you’re already marking it up by the time this airs it’s probably gonna be a trade you’re gonna go to an environment temp give me sort of understanding of arrived at you and and how sales funnels do that better their business. So basically every month is going to create a lot of MSM verification, money stainability and consistency to be their business. So for me it was really from the beginning thing, it’s a digital asset thing in my computer after I run it. I don’t like once and nothing happens with it. And so like having gold like in my my closet like that I don’t do anything with that I could use it to make money. So it’s a little bit like finance and you asked about how to make money when you haven’t met Seth and I kind of apply that logic. And then when you build there’s always a logic behind it. There’s always a strategy for long term behind it. We launched a free masterclass for pretty much always a group is behind that. So sometimes it was just launching things, but it’s pieces to fmoS and I need something that might as well do the Live platform instead of tutorial. Let’s get to benefit from it. For me to free them you Right You Evening Morning. You Return.

Em Ducharme  

And the since I need to do something for a funnel that might as well do their life path for instead of just reporting as the one else get to benefit from it. So for me to create the feminine funnels was a way that I can do whatever I want. I know that every month I have money coming in. I know that if I take time off, people can still serve themselves into my businesses. They can come shop into my business through funnels. So that’s that’s a very sustainable way of doing business but also using the work that you’ve done like we’ve worked so hard at creating, why are we not doing anything about it?

Jen Vazquez  

Repurposing is a big, big topic here. I am obsessed with it. I’m like put your heart and soul into one piece of content each week, but share it a billion places and places like you’re talking about that can automatically feed in years down the road. I focus on Pinterest marketing, and that is an amazing way to have constant people going into your funnels

Em Ducharme  

for traffic it’s amazing. I love Pinterest, secret.


Jen Vazquez  

That’s actually my business. But I like to bring everyone in marketing in here so we can take little pieces of everything. So in terms of scaling your business, like what are some mistakes that you see people making? And what are one or two things that you can sort of, you know, focus on maybe to not have those mistakes happen.


Em Ducharme  

One of the main thing that comes up when you ask me the mistakes is people they think they think it’s a badge of hunger to not have a team to not have sales page to not have funnels and to still be successful. But on the other side of it you don’t see that people are scared every month because they don’t know if they’re gonna make money or not. If they’re sick, everything stops because their life energies what brings money in if they are overwhelmed with something or something happens and they have less time than their clients are suffering because they don’t have anyone to help and fulfill the task. So building a team is really important. And now a mistake that I see people doing when they when they’re trying to build a team is they’re trying to hire one person that’s going to do everything


Jen Vazquez  

that just that just hit home. I discovered that this time last year. Oh, I have a team but I can’t imagine you’re so right. It is not a badge of honor. It is not a an effective way of running a business. Yeah,


Em Ducharme  

and it’s the same with people. I don’t run ads. I don’t run ads right now, but it’s not a badge of honor. It’s amazing to know how to convert content organically and I truly believe you need to learn how to convert organically before pushing paid traffic. Otherwise, you’re testing with your money instead of testing organically, very smart, but it’s not. If you have a winning formula. Why don’t you want more people to have their hands on it? I don’t understand. It’s not a badge of honor not to do ads as well. Just as an FYI.


Jen Vazquez  

Is that is that is perfect. Um, tell me three things that have I love to ask this of everyone because I think it’s sort of illuminating. What three things have helped you to grow your business and this could be tools this could be advice, this could be whatever.


Em Ducharme  

So the first thing that I would say was I always invested in myself outside of where I was like investment that stretch myself. And a lot of times we invest what we can afford, but then we if we can afford it, it means it’s not really a stretch. So that means we probably are not going to really see a difference because we’re already kind of there. If you want to quantum leap like people call if you want to go really fast and jump timelines. Then investing outside of your comfort zone is where the growth is going to be. So for me, that’s always been the case I have I have period in my business in my life that I don’t invest into myself for my business, I invest into my lifestyle, and I think this is also super important because what’s the point of building this if we’re always chasing the growth it’s amazing to I took six months of investing into my business just running it as is. And I invested in my lifestyle. I went to intro for Chile’s house. I went to Italy for an amazing trip and I did not hear bones right like it was amazing. I got myself a Porsche like I invested in my lifestyle because I want to enjoy what I doubt but now I got back to home from my trip and I’m I’m investing into my business again. I reinvested into mentors that were really stretching me like five figures, months investments. So I’m back to I’m being stretched but that’s why I grow so fast is because I invest out of my comfort zone but I also take time to work on appreciating and celebrating what I do. So that would be the first thing. The second thing like I said to build a team and to build a team in a way that everyone is going to have their zone of genius covered I in building that company culture. My team members never leave one day without saying I love you every single day. They have to like it doesn’t exist in my life that they don’t tell me I love you. I made their life too good to be true because too good to be true as the standard that I live my life on and that’s what I offer to them and I spoil them and I make I make I make them very happy to work with me but then it makes me very excited to work and it makes it that whenever there’s a problem or something’s going on, they are going to go all the way in to fix it because they are so happy to work with me and they want to make sure I’m happy as well. So it’s not a dynamic of I have employees they have something to do and that’s it like we actually built a family and my business


Jen Vazquez  

which they have. They have a buy in to the they have a personal investment business as well. That’s that is awesome. Yeah,


Em Ducharme  

that’s that’s leadership for me feminine leadership. I want to build them into leaders because I truly believe I don’t need workers. I need leaders. I need people that are going to take initiative. I need people that are invested. They have skin in the game in my business. They feel like we’re building this together, not just they’re working for me and then they get the paycheck because they don’t care about me and my business. If that’s the only thing to work for a store paycheck. There has to be more substance than that and more experience and a better reason. So that’s something that’s really will help me and the third thing would be to like I said to turn everything that I built into digital assets and to have a membership. So because of all these income streams I make over like every month I’m going to make at least $30,000 Just coming from from my courses in my membership. I don’t need to work and I already make like high six figures per per year. And everything else that I do because I launch a course every month I launch not for every month then it’s all extra money. So this is it makes it really fun for me that I can take it easy if I want or if I can go all in and have a really, really really juicy month. So I get to choose which direction I go depending on my energy depending on my plans on my traveling and all these things. So these are three things that really really caught me.


Jen Vazquez  

Those are those are really really good. Really good. Um, before we get the amazing gift that M is so generously sharing with all of the listeners and people watching on YouTube. Tell everyone about the services that you provide because I have a sneaking suspicion that people are curious about what type of services you offer.


Em Ducharme  

So I do entertain. I mostly do mastermind and membership when it comes to life things. I also accept here and there are private clients. But what is amazing about My business is I decided to build on every topic that I’m very passionate about. So whether it’s funnels, whether it’s memberships, whether it’s online courses, whether it’s an emotional intelligence, leadership, confidence, I have a course for everything and every year I re launched a course live or I have it available for self study. So basically, when you come in in my world you can shop and choose what what is the right thing for you right now and there’s always something available.


Jen Vazquez  

That is That is really cool, because like you said, we’re always on a different timeline, in terms of where we’re investing in what we’re learning and what we need at the moment right now. And it sounds like you have literally something for everyone at any time. And it sounds like you rotate every year or so updating what you already have and then doing it live because there’s that power in live education I firmly believe in but then it’s available for everyone as they want it to like you said self serve. That is awesome. Well and is sharing with us a gift of five days to 5k. So tell everyone a little bit about what that is. So this


Em Ducharme  

is a free course there’s five modules and if you like this conversation that’s probably going to be really JC for you. So basically, they subtyping is a cash injection for so I teach you how to create a cash injection offer that’s going to create at least 5k immediately and it worked. It’s been proven hundreds of times people have tried that and it work and I also teach all kinds of pieces that are making it work better. So whether it’s the feminine or masculine energy aspect, business energetics, I teach content, I teach promotion, I teach everything that’s needed to know in order to make it work, make it work for the animal language and it’s completely free. So because your your your listeners gonna like it.


Jen Vazquez  

I love it. I’ll definitely be going and doing it myself. Thank you so much for your valuable advice and also for your time today. Because I know it’s very hard when we run big businesses to be able to be available for these types of things. What is the best way I’m gonna have all your information that you’ve given to me for our YouTube watchers or our podcast listeners, but what is the best way to get into contact with you in case anyone wants to like literally take this conversation a step further. So I would say Instagram


Em Ducharme  

to Sharm is really the best way to reach out to me. I manage I don’t manage all my social media. I don’t manage my Pinterest. I think I manage my Instagram because that’s really something that I enjoy doing. So you get me in the inbox. So that’s


Jen Vazquez  

the best way to do it. Perfect. All right. So I always like to end by saying we’ve gotten some really valuable advice from him today on this call. And usually when you listen to a podcast, you’re gonna get one or two things that really resonate with you. And I just encourage you to go and put it on your calendar. Right now to take action on those one or two things. Where we tend to fail is that we get this education, we think, Oh, that’s a great idea. And then we’ve forgotten about the next week. So definitely take some time to work some under time to be able to take action on some of these things. Even if add to enjoy her free gift or to reach out and actually start up with her. Thank you so much for your time today and hope you all have a good day. Bye bye You

Why does digital marketing seem easy for other people but feel so hard for you with Kristen Day

Why does digital marketing seem easy for other people but feel so hard for you with Kristen Day of Affinity Media

Why does digital marketing seem so easy for other people but feel so hard to you with Kristen Day of Affinity Media

Today we are chatting about why digital marketing seems so easy for others but feels so hard to you.  We also touched on these subjects:

  • I always love to hear origin stories so to get started, tell me about your business and how you got started.
  • Ok, let’s start with the basics.  What is digital marketing?
  • I know this is an area of expertise for you.  Can you share a few tips on creating a digital space that aligns with your values but doesn’t take up all of your time?
  • Why does having an online presence beyond social media is crucial to long-term success?
  • Why does the digital marketing side of a business appear to be so easy when it’s done by other people but feel so frustrating when I try to do it?
  • What’s the number one mistake people make when they first get started in the digital side of their business? 
  • Can you share a few questions to ask when hiring digital service providers to set yourself up for success THE FIRST TIME?
  • If I have a very limited budget, how should I prioritize where to invest in digital marketing? In other words, what will be the best bang for my buck?
  • What 3 things have helped you grow your business? This could be tools, advice, etc.

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About Kristen Day and where to find her:

Kristen works with “non-techy” business owners who are disheartened, confused, and irritated by trying to figure out how to create a converting online presence. She has helped entrepreneurs in over 20 industries eliminate their frustration and overwhelm by building custom-tailored websites, omni-channel social media strategies, and streamlined processes they can actually use with her “Clear as Day” Formula. 

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Jen Vazquez, Kristen Day

Jen Vazquez 00:00
Why does digital marketing seems so easy for other people and yet so hard for us? My guest and I are talking about that and so much more. Welcome back. If you’re new here, I help female entrepreneurs use Pinterest to market their business effectively and simply. And if that sounds like something that you’re interested along with all of the marketing guests that I bring onto the show, definitely subscribe, whether on YouTube or my podcast, so that you’re notified when we release a new interview. Today you guys I am so excited to be chatting with Kristin day of affinity. Kristin works with non techie business owners who are disheartened, confused, irritated or I’ll put in parentheses just plain Matt that that’s that’s for me. Trying to figure out how to create a converting online presence. She has helped entrepreneurs over 20 industries eliminate their frustration and overwhelm by bringing custom tailored websites, Omni channels, social media strategies and streamlined processes that they can actually use with her clear as day formula. By the way, that’s a great name. Welcome, Kristin.

Kristen Day 01:21
Thank you so much, Jen, for having me. I just saw appreciate you letting me chat with you. And I’m looking so forward to this conversation. I love this podcast. It is amazing. And just really appreciate all of the amazing things are helping women do so thank you. i I’m pretty lucky to be able to just chat with friends and and have it go out there and help other people. It’s a passion of mine, to make sure that small business owners actually market their business. We spend so much time on social media and not enough time actually working our business. So it’s a joy for me to alright, I always start with this sort of simple one. But I think it’s so important to find out the windy routes that people take to the business that they’re currently in. So why don’t you tell me about your business and how you got started? Yeah, so my business was named as affinity media and it got started many years before it was actually made. Right. So we moved around a lot when I was straight out of college, my husband and I and each time we moved, I had to get a new job because remote work was just really unheard of at the time. And so we moved from the east coast all the way to the West Coast. And it was a really great adventure. But the first job that I was able to pick up was building an intranet for a bank and I had never touched a website in my life. And this wonderful, amazing woman took a chance on me and said, You know what?

Was let’s just give it a shot. And so I got to really have on the job training and learn all the ins and outs of building websites. And then we moved again, and I was fortunate enough to be given a job doing social media strategy. And I was hired to do data analytics by just through the nature of the work. I ended up working on a lot of different projects, most of which having to do with like social media ads and email marketing and just every single marketing section of the business. And then finally, right before that ended, I was working in the data analytics space. So when Olympics and Tag Manager and like all those words SEO that you hear, thrown around all the time, I got to do that as well. And so what I noticed about that job was the day that the clients were interacting with that the person who had employed me, and it was really not sitting well with me because what happened a lot of the time was the company would find new clients and they would get them a little bit roped into long contracts to through your contracts. They would promise them the moon and the sun and the grass in between right and then they wouldn’t really be able to deliver or they would it just was not the deliverable didn’t match the expectation. And I got asked a lot by those clients if I could teach them how to run their own stuff. And if I could help them understand what was happening and I really I wanted to do that but I got in trouble for being in that position because I would teach them and then they would learn and then they would get mad so you know that just eventually that’s what didn’t work. out very well for anybody. But ultimately I really wanted to create a space where business ares can have autonomy in their own business in the digital marketing space because it’s a it’s kind of a an industry that holds things a little bit close to the vest and it’s very confusing for people who don’t who aren’t familiar with the language and familiar with the nuances of it. So it just felt better to be in a space where I could teach people and educate them and make them feel comfortable and confident in their own space rather than saying, No, you’re not allowed to learn that you have to pay me to keep it running. Right. So that’s how my business was born. Amazing. Really good.

Okay, I know that this is an area of expertise for you. Can you share a few tips on creating a digital space that aligns with your values but doesn’t take up all your time? That sounds like a hard thing dissolve.

And it’s a great question, John. You know, I think the biggest tips I would say are block out time, dedicate the time to think about why you started your business in the first place. If you spend one day of your mind, and you make sure that the things that you’re talking about in your marketing strategy align with why you started a business in the first place. You will stay aligned with your content and you will dedicate that time to making sure you’re on point all time and one tip that I give people when they’re especially if they’re talking about social media strategy. I always ask write down a list of what drives you insane about your industry and so for me, right, it has to do with when people you know they keep that management style. They force people to do that management style with them because they’re afraid to let go of that customer that drives me nuts. I can talk about that for hours and hours and hours.

So my content when I talk about these topics, it aligns with what I you know, offering and I think that’s a really good tip. So what in your industry just drives you have a wall and what do you want to change? What do you want to talk about? Yeah, exactly.

And I missed this at the beginning, but can you I’ve had people ask this of me so I want to hear what you have to say. What is digital marketing right we always had that term marketing. And now suddenly we see digital marketing, email marketing that are the that so what is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing, I would describe it as any on line, touch point that your business has with a potential customer. So digital means online. That is anything from your website, to your social media, to your email marketing to your Pinterest platform, right anywhere online that a customer can encounter you is that would be in the scope of digital marketing and the that’s the digital side and the marketing side is are you does your voice staying true to your values is your brand consistently showing up in the way that you want to write that’s like that marketing side? Any course anytime a potential customer encounters your business online. are they receiving the same messages?

That’s good. That’s really good. That was one of the best descriptions I’ve heard.

Why does having an online presence beyond social media? Why is that crucial for long term success for people? Business owners? Yeah, it’s such an important question Jen because we especially new entrepreneurs, I think they think social media is kind of the end all be all and you can just really get out there. I want to go viral. I have to make this look beautiful. All these things are all those things. And social media isn’t important but for the longevity of our business. Understanding that social media is the place where people are getting acquainted with you.

And understanding that it’s kind of like I’ve heard this described a lot. I think it’s a good description. It’s kind of a doormat for Steve.

You know, and if you never went on a second date, you’d never see that person again. Right? We should kind of think of social media as the first date. We should think of it as a place where people first encounter us and for having a a longer term relationship with that person. We need to build out foundational material on the back end of social media including email lists, and ads and websites and especially any type of CRMs anything like that. I would agree wholeheartedly.

So the big question that we started this whole thing off with Why does digital marketing or the digital marketing side of business appear to be so easy when it’s done by other people, but feels so frustrating when we are doing it? Do you even have an answer?

I do have an answer. Okay.

It is a hard one and I think I think people in the digital marketing space sometimes they can even be a little narrow minded when it comes to this as well.

My experience with every single aspect of digital marketing gives me a little bit of a unique perspective on being able to answer this question. So I told you already websites marketing funnels and email marketing and social media. So we’ve all seen the wheel of content or the wheel of marketing, where customer enters social media and the next step is they go to your website and then they get the freebie and they get you know all these things and then the client journey through that that wheel right.

So the reason that we feel like digital marketing should be easy but it feels so complicated is we only see that wheel all the time. We’re only shown one very simple wheel. No one ever shows us the insanely complicated math of how to make that real charm. They don’t show you the integration on the back end. They don’t show you how to connect your website to your social media to your email list. They don’t show you how to even set up an automation sequence to deliver your free resource to your clients. And so we kind of get in this trap of kind of everyone makes us look so easy. There’s a real Am I dumb Am I stupid? Am I just can I just am I just not good? At this? That’s absolutely not true. You just have not been experienced in the map that makes a real turn. And so I think it’s it really does entrepreneurs a very large disservice to expect them to know all of these things. And to say, just offer a free resource and it’ll be fine. But then what do I do with it? How do I how do I not spend every hour just delivering free stuff? I agree with you. I agree. I agree and figuring out a system, not just a marketing system that everyone else is using but a marketing system that works for you and your business and they hire everybody.

Yeah, and that works like with your learning style and it is it is.

It is unfortunate that we expect people to know so much with so little transparency about what it takes to get it to go and that’s why I call the digital I call it a digital ecosystem like that. Really I think that describes it better. Because if you think of an ecosystem, you know, these little baby components make all the difference for that ecosystem to flourish and thrive and your digital marketing is the same you just you’re not you just don’t see it right because you’re not well and if it’s done properly, the client will never see the nurse like behind the curtain right and Wizard of Oz. I totally agree. So what do you think is one of the number one mistakes that people make when they first get started? on the digital side of their business?

I personally think that the biggest mistake people make when they’re first starting is investing in the wrong things.

Allah will Yeah, I can still write with you on that. Because they don’t they don’t know what they need and they’re just trying to get they don’t know what they don’t know how. Exactly, and it’s, it’s really frustrating to watch it happen to be quite frank, because you feel so terrible when they get to you and they explain I had a person just a couple of weeks ago they were telling me this harrowing story of their experience in the digital industry and their digital marketing. And it puts a really bad taste in people’s mouths and it makes it really hard for people to enjoy the digital space, which is a shame because it’s a great space and it’s very fine. But because people make that mistake, when they’re first getting out of the game, they think it’s a waste of money and a waste of time.

And and it takes work. Like it doesn’t just look you know like I don’t care how many calls to action that says easy, free fast, blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s it’s just going to take work and sadly it’s an intrical component of running a business so that you have a pipeline of leads continuing to come in so often I see people take their foot off that marketing gas, because they’re they’re so busy with client work. And then when they’re done with the client work they’re wondering where all their leads will when you’re not marketing. The it’s the message isn’t getting out there right can you share a few questions to ask when you’re hiring a digital service provider to really set yourself up for success? The first time?

This is a great question. I’ll share three I think three is a good good number. I love three.

The first is the first question that you should ask any person that you are going to hire is Do you offer training on the system? That you are building?

And I think that this is a really great question and it’s not because you don’t want to use that person to help you in the future.

It is because for whatever reason, you need to use that system yourself.

You will have a much better relationship with that service provider. If you are not constantly asking them you know later down the road. I just need you to take two minutes to do this one thing or I just need you to do that. Or let’s say you’re going into a situation where God forbid you can’t afford man and trans and if you’re not able to continue working with that person and they have not provided you that training. You really can get into some trouble spots because now you have a full blown system that you have no idea how to use or your team doesn’t know how to use and every team member learns it and leaves we’ve

been there are four levels. So that all of those things right so ask ask your person when when they’re building a system do you offer training on this? Can it be recorded Can I can look it up.

And then the second tip that you that I would add to someone is do you use it’s your fault or have you used for this yourself? Because

sometimes we think because they’re an expert in the industry that as they do this, why don’t know that many people would have even asked.

That’s a really good one.

So I build on a lot of different platforms. But I have one that I prefer right because it’s my it is a one that I use personally. So it doesn’t mean that you can’t hire someone.

But I would encourage you to just simple question will give you a lot of insight into what to expect, so to speak. I agree and the third the third question that I generally would ask is what happens to my data when you go away?

So most of the time and this is specifically when you are working with web developers, on SEO professionals and as people and I’ll give the example for website developer or as most website developers will set out a program and they own the rights to your code or your a lot of people don’t know that that’s you know.

So, if you work with a big agency or you work with a large company, you can get into some trouble spots. If they don’t want to manage your website or you don’t want them to manage your website. You have to understand who owns that data and who really has full control. So if someone says well, you’ll read this small print in the contract.

Because if if someone says well, we’ll know your website by it’ll, it’s under our name or we’re going to erase it where it will buy the domain for you.

That is a really big red flag to say if you ever wanted to leave that company, maybe maybe you don’t even want to leave that company maybe that company for longer or bankrupt or gets bought.

You need to understand where were those the ownership of what I am purchasing why.

That’s really good.

I have a similar sort of example of that. In my contracts management, business, or agency. I I have I require my clients to have a tailwind or you know, there’s multiple third party platforms. But I have had many clients say Well can you just go ahead and do that the problem and then Bill Me, but the problem is, is that when it’s done, it’s me it’s I own it, it’s in my name and I don’t I don’t want any bad taste in the mouths of people that have worked with me so I always have them do it and yes, you know, I have videos showing them how to like sign up for it and all that kind of stuff. Because I know it can be a pain and when you outsource something, you’re paying money so that you don’t have to go through the headache. However, you have to think miles down the road. as your business grows faster. You want to make sure that you are the main signer, the person that signed up the person that has those passwords and everything. So that is a really, really, really good all those questions are great, but that one is really good as well.

If if someone has a really limited budget, I’m thinking a first time entrepreneur just jumping into the business.

How should they prioritize where to invest in digital marketing? In other words, what will be the best sort of bang for their buck?

up for debate but also in my opinion.

A lot of people are gonna have opinions on this but definitely you’re the guest you get to have your opinions.

Yes, I think that if you are on a very, very limited budget, the absolute best bang for your buck. Is professional photography as a professional brand photographer and so excited about that.

The reason that I say this is because your photography it is to get a really good professional photographer is expensive.

But it’s not as expensive as doing a full blown website or doing a full blown auto brand or spending 1000s of dollars on ads that you’re not strategized for yet. Right. But what it does do is it gives you a very clean, professional.

Just like a very, very sleek look.

And as a 1050 or 20 professional photos can make a free one page templated website look like a million bucks.

I can’t tell you how much I agree with you on that. I think it’s even twofold. I think number one, it gives the impression of big business right if she’s a professional, polished look, but from all the clients that I work with on my branding photography side, they feel they feel more apt to step into that actual position with confidence boost of having a professional brand shoot, and then you get these pictures delivered. You’re like oh my gosh, that’s me like it really does give me a specially I always tell people if you are having like that crisis that we all kind of had like am I enough? Can I do this? Am I worthy like that sadly happens multiple times pretty much through your entrepreneur business. It’s typically popping up right before a big move or a big change or a big pivot which of course is how we grow our businesses. Right? You feel comfortable, it typically leads to something great.

But when you do something like this, it really gives you that confidence to show up on social media to show up in marketing. In fact, we want to share these pictures because they’re probably some of the best pictures that we’ve had of ourselves.

We want to share them, market your business. So I really agree with you and then you know that next step as you get clients to invest in your website, I think is really critical as well. We can make websites all day long.

But someone who’s a professional sort of website designer, they saying no more things than we are going to know right? As an entrepreneur. We wear all these hats, a CEO and then accountant like all these hats in terms of a website. Let’s give it over to the profession.

And you know, I just really important, I will not belabor this point. But I actually think that it’s very important to invest in branding, branding, branding, even before the website for the website.

Yeah, and I say that because I was about to do

I would say that the websites that before the website is built, they see so

and plants they really do in a battle results for that person. But if you if you pay a lot of leads and build a website that hasn’t been granted Yeah, and I know you would do this because I feel a website

it is in their best interest to random person because I have a client who did a whole website and she wasn’t super clear on what she wanted to do very early on in her business. And a year later she had to invest all over again. Web sites are like night and day, the new website after working with a brand specialist.

It was such a clear path for a client to take that you almost felt bad not what we were not working with. Do you know what I’m saying?

The original website is just like tonight speak to everyone where websites really will distribute movies on our our ideal clients to put on a website and go that’s me. I agree I Where do I say that? Like that’s

what three things have helped you grow your business and I always ask this on all my guests, because these are the little tips and tricks that will help people that are listening in or watching the video. This could be tools, advice you got. It could be any education, it could be anything but what three things do you would you attribute as the things that helped you?

I love this question.

These are the answers that I want to hear like listening to podcasts

the number one thing that I would say is

is a kind of a weird one. I feel like I didn’t hear from a lot of people in the minds of starting out. I have a friend of mine actually told me that and it took two years in my own business or even for anyone to say you need a business coach, I need your business.

And as soon as I started looking online what I did find and that was an absolute game changer for me.

It was like an a difference and in fact I I think that how I’m not done that stuff I don’t even know.

I’m not sure what happened look like it certainly it certainly would have been harder and probably not as effective as that and probably take more time. Why look at coaches, even group coaching if you aren’t in a position to pay for a one on one I’m like Coach, but coaching helps you get real clear real fast on not only the people that you want to work with, but also the niching down that needs to take place that is always super super painful. Because you think I can work with everyone and we can work with everyone. But our marketing leads

are so good but number one was, so far the best

and number two I think is it’s okay to

know that your friends may have other

friends slash family.

Friends slash family. Hear that I I’m pretty fortunate but so many business owners aren’t. Yes. And that is really what I would say when your entrepreneurial space

is a couple of years you’re almost


now is what are you

getting out

met the time

and they didn’t know how to react nearly they just feel like oh, it’s nice

people don’t know how to react.

If I understand that even those some people get it and don’t know what to say. Understand like that doesn’t actually ever stop.

Do people react to things and it’s really important to be in business to help people all off and you just can’t watch other people’s reactions stop you.

Name it. That’s a really good I don’t know it’s just first That’s how good that 1/3

What’s something Stanley big bases with I was gonna ask what do you use on a daily basis

they are game changers I audibly

authorized third party scheduling with

a team autonomy

you know No, do not try. You will you will try to do our

first starting news that can help you do things in advance. organize yourself posted I really like those because they allow you to like plan out your social media and so instead of thinking oh crap post today, you kind of It’s not done yet. And that is

something out there. So I use post all the time to

which scheduling reports where you just try to see if you can write that content for Regency leaving, how much we need to do when you’re not worried about it Facebook and Pinterest have in platform schedulers there. They don’t have the bells and whistles but they also are free.

Like why not? And if it comes across more well thought out. For instance, it especially if you’re doing posts here, they’re everywhere. You’re kind of turning which way every five seconds. Whereas you do a full week’s worth of posts. You can really have a theme or a story that takes people from through a process and things like that. So I think that’s that’s really good. Hopefully it’s really, really good. Well, before we get to the giving of gifts that Kristen is so generously sharing with everyone today, I’m telling us total history because I often have people sending me messages asking questions and things about services. So I always like to ask them again, at the end of this of the podcast, specifically what’s always going to be the offer so that oh yeah, oh yeah. Oh, yeah. And I need help with that. Then they know like

I really appreciate it. So I designed and built for you that you can use. I do training on all the things.

So I do I do fortunately use strategies where we really teach you how to automate those things right.

How to do marketing follow up. So that automation that we talked about that people don’t tell you about right.

And you’re doing clients I work with also offers automated messages.


amazing and she’s she is extraordinary at what she does, I highly recommend her put it out there in the atmosphere.

Kristen has brought us some free tools. So tell everyone what is provided underneath. Of course this information, but do everyone what exactly.

Page for free to use and it includes a digital systems checklist. If you are wondering

I have a checklist to understand every single component that you use.

And I also have

a photography check

and it will tell you exactly own toys to get right to go on a


So good. I want to thank you so much for your valuable advice and your favorite today because I know how busy you are for you. What is the best way to get in contact with you in case anyone wants to take this conversation further. I’ll be including lawyers. What’s the best way for them?

Right now is LinkedIn

really loving? So you can just search for I will leave LinkedIn, I have your LinkedIn link. So LinkedIn is the best way for me to be able to make that connection with her. Now, this is really important. I always say this and I know it’s at nauseam, but I’m gonna keep saying take the information that you’ve got here. Take one or two things that you’ve heard that you like or that you want to implement, and put some time on your calendar to implement them next week. Or today because I feel like listening to podcasts, I love doing it. But I need to work myself on implementing these great ideas that I hear when I’m on my walk and by the time they get home. I haven’t put it on my calendar to do so definitely go do that. You can find all of Kristen’s information below and I hope everyone has a great day. Thank you Kristen.


LATEST PINTEREST NEWS inspire holiday shoppers with Pinterest (webinar) by Jen Vazquez Pinterest Marketing Strategist



The webinar was designed to give us an introduction to crafting the perfect holiday campaign for your brand as early as possible. 

They reflected and noted that it’s been quite a start to the 2020s with going through unprecedented times of global pandemic, political unrest, as well as poor and mixed the sobering realities 

Adults are spending 50% of their waking hours online. And more than ever, people are saying that being online makes them feel disconnected. From themselves and their interests. People feel sucked in, burned out, anxious from social comparison. Given the realities of a heavy news cycle, and negative messaging on many platforms, people often turn to Pinterest for a much-needed break from scrolling through not-so-good news. 

Pinterest is viewed as a place to discover and be inspired. Pinterest wanted to learn why people turn to Pinterest and what specifically feels good about the platform? 

What they found was that Pinterest is a different social media platform building a more positive place on the internet, where you can find things you actually love. Where creators can be known for expertise, non celebrity and where you can plan for an amazing holiday celebrating with your friends and family. 

A recent study by Nielsen shows that Pinterest is the number one place people go for inspiration online and off.  So Pinterest decided to take a look at how to move people towards decisions on the platform. 

They found on Pinterest that 97% of searches are unbranded people come to Pinterest to plan and do without even making up their mind about what to buy.  

Pinterest drives 10x Higher branded searches off platform. That's a trigger moment that happens on Pinterest. Inspirational environments actually help people make up their mind. We call this decision making behavior, the NEW ROI a return on inspiration. 

So how does this impact the way you should be thinking about the holidays this year? 

2022 Holiday Research

Pinterest shared what they learned from 2022 holiday research that highlighted one important thing.  —- the holidays will be different this year. The holidays will be more expansive, more personalized and more dynamic than ever.  Because the past two years have forced people to reinvent the way they plan for and celebrate the holidays, they have expanded their definition of what the holidays mean. 

People are looking for new ways to bring fresh joy to their traditions, and personalize their holiday plans to suit their needs. While all of this reinvention may have started as a necessity, it's now become the norm and people like it giving them permission to design plan and celebrate their holidays in the best way for them. 

All of that means the need for holiday inspiration has never been greater. Pinterest shared a video of pinners and what they have to say about planning the holidays.  They shared things like:

Pinterest allows me to visualize ideas that I have in my head.”

“I have categories for Christmas baking, Christmas dinner ideas, Christmas party ideas, Christmas outfit ideas for those days where I'm going to events

Pinterest offers some more environmentally conscious and budget friendly opportunities to decorate your home for the holidays without actually breaking the bank.”

without Pinterest I also wouldn't have been able to do things like hold my annual friend Miss at my new place. And I think in a way it kind of helps me get a bigger view of what's possible for home decor. Secret Santa gifts and even holiday snacks and meals.”

Pinterest really inspires me to not only find great gift ideas and try new brands, but I also feel that I'm just becoming a better host go on there and I see something I'm like yes, it's exactly what I've been looking for.”

“I was inspired to get a Black Christmas tree and who would have thought it would look so kind of neutral, but yet something unique. And it's a way that I can also use it for Halloween so it's dual purpose and create a specific for each of my best friends and just start adding things to it whether


More Research

What pinners shared about Pinterest is that they are really excited to celebrate more holiday moments of all sizes like big moments and a lot more of the small moments. And they've already started planning many of those moments and celebrations on Pinterest, which means there are even more opportunities for you to reach them and boost your holiday sales. 

Pinterest’s research shows that shoppers on Pinterest are optimistic about the 2022 holiday season. They're excited to get back out into the world and they look forward to the return of the larger and more traditional celebrations that they've always enjoyed. They also really like their newer traditions and the smaller mini moments they created over the past two years and they plan to keep them and they'll add even more.

 82% say they expect to create and celebrate more smaller moments this holiday season

Pinterest’s research also validated that New traditions have taken hold of the past two years as the pandemic gave people permission to design and celebrate the holidays their own way – which people on Pinterest really embraced.  And it showed that pinners were 60% more likely to create a new holiday tradition with close friends and family which has cause an explosion of smaller unique holiday moments on Pinterest. And while the traditional holidays make the season memorable. It's these many small moments that make the season truly special. 

Those smaller moments range from seasonal traditions like parties with friends or coworkers to tree decorating or holiday. There are culturally meaningful celebrations and important personal moments like a holiday engagement or baby gender reveal.

If you have services or products that can help people celebrate small as well as large and traditional celebrations, ensure you are marketing those on Pinterest.  Including Pinterest in your marketing is a no brainer and provides amazing return on your investment of time - far better than other social media platforms.   

Pinterest helps you connect with customers in a hyper relevant way. It's also a great opportunity to expand on traditional audiences and lean into adjacent categories.  

Pinterest is the number one destination when it comes to holiday inspiration. And inspiration is indeed the new influence. Holiday shoppers say that their top place for inspiration and motivation during the holidays is Pinterest. This translates into purchase influence. One in five holiday shoppers say the content on Pinterest inspired at least half of their holiday purchases last year. Yes that’s right! 

Pinners Are Inspired 

Pinterest inspired at least half of their purchases.  Pinners rely on Pinterest to find what's new or new to them. 

Pinterest then went into a little more in depth on shoppers on Pinterest. First thing they mentioned is how Pinterst shoppers are different from shoppers than on other platforms. 

They're always shopping. And what's really noticeable is that they spend more twice is more compared to other platforms. Basically they are super shoppers. Plus, they buy more each time they shop. 

Shoppers on Pinterest had 85% larger baskets at checkout, which is a pretty incredible stat. And last but not least Pinterest is the most efficient channel overall for generating incremental conversions.  How efficient you might ask? Well 30% more so than other social platforms. 

Pinterest heard from shoppers that Pinterest brings the best of offline shopping online, which is nearly twice as high as the number of people who use other social platforms.

What's really interesting is that a lot of early industry forecasts are predicting a return to brick and mortar shopping. 87% of shoppers who use Pinterest say it's a valuable compliment to in store shopping. And that's 85% higher than what people say about other platforms. 


Another area where Pinterest beats out the competition is personalization. Personalization matters more than anything when it comes to shopping. 

When Pinterest looked at shopping data through the holiday lens, what they noticed about people on Pinterest is that not only do they love to shop but they also love to gift.  Turns out 90% Use it for gift-giving ideas

He’s a big note that not many people realize.  Research shows people on Pinterest start holiday shopping early. The majority of pinners start their holiday shopping including for gifting purposes before Thanksgiving. 

More Shopper Data

Pinterest looked at the data we found that interest shoppers are pretty unique. They go to Pinterest to find gifts based on who they're shopping for. Notably, they are open minded about brands or products. 

So for brands this is really the perfect opportunity to reach active gift shoppers while they're undecided. All this in mind, they’ve been working hard to create a wide range of surfaces that allow brands to reach pinners at different points of their shopping journey. 

  • There’s the shop tab from search, helping Pinners to go right into shop mode as they search for ideas. 
  • There is product tagging on standard pins (via the Pinterest app on cell phones) helping to make any pin instantly shopable content and move Pinterest inspiration to action. 
  • Try-On, which gives Pinners the ability to virtually try on makeup such as lipstick and eyeshadow from the comfort of the couch. 

Pinterest is also continuing to introduce new products with feedback from partners. Recent examples of a product that they just launched is shopping list. People are already saving ideas and products they love on Pinterest and we know that there are over seven times more likely to purchase products they've saved with shopping lists.

This allows Pinners to save product pins automatically in one place, making it easier for them to come back and shop the item.

And exciting news, there is the integration app for WooCommerce. 

Pinterest shared how to create your media plan as you prepare for the holiday season. Something you should always remember is that pinners are planners, in fact pinners start planning shopping and buying early for the holiday. The holiday gifting searches on Pinterest start picking up between July and September. 

So, you should start pinning products and services for the holiday season NOW!  


To summarize,  by now you've heard loud and clear that the holidays will be different this year. There'll be more expansive, more personalized and more dynamic than ever, which means the need for holiday inspiration has never been greater. 

And here are four takeaways:

  • People come to Pinterest open minded and they leave decided
  • Pinterest is 10 times more efficient at driving consideration. 
  • In 2022 We'll have more holiday celebrations big and small which means there are more opportunities for you to reach shoppers on Pinterest and boost your holiday sales. 
  • Pinners start planning their holidays early on Pinterest and they're buying gifts for everyone in their life. We've seen planning move into high gear and brands between July and September the last couple of years so start pinning now!

Pinterest Strategy Academy

If you want help getting your business on Pinterest, or finding a strategy to include pinterest in your marketing, my Pinterest Strategy Academy is perfect for you.  

Don't Forget to Pin It!

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