Let’s Create Three Months of Blogs With These 5 Steps

Let’s Create Three Months of Blogs in these 5 Steps!

Welcome back, if you are familiar with my blog. If you are new here, I’m jen Vazquez a Marketing Strategist.

I help female entrepreneurs go from overwhelm to an easy streamlined marketing strategy that includes Pinterest + repurposing content to grow their business with very little time.

1| Determine Content Pillars or Buckets For Your Blog

When it comes to blogs, the question I hear the most is: What the heck do I even blog about?  This of course means what do I blog about that people want to read.

The best way to figure this out is to consider what your business focus is and what services/products you sell.  This will center around what your expertise is and what you feel confident about teaching. You should blog about things you are an expert at (and sell services for) and what your ideal client is searching for.

What you should blog about by Jen Vazquez Marketing Strategist
There are typically 3-5 different types of content which are often called content pillars or content buckets.

As an example for my coaching business it’s Pinterest Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Repurposing Content, and Keywords

If you are a wedding photographer, your pillars or content buckets are weddings, engagements, and wedding planning.  You aren’t a wedding planner, but you can talk about the steps that couples take when first planning a wedding. In their wedding process where they typically hire a wedding photographer like picking a venue, wedding dress shopping, picking a date, etc.  

Just remember that the point of providing these free tips, advice, and resources on your blog goes to building that know, like, and trust process with a potential client. 

2 | Brainstorm Topic Ideas For Each Category

For this brainstorming session, we are ignoring the wedding and engagement sessions that you blog.  But ensure you use the venue, city, county, etc. when writing that blog.

First, spend 20-30 minutes and just write out all the things you can think of that your ideal client is struggling with or is searching for.  Consider what your leads or current clients ask.

You can use these tools to consider what is being searched for the most:

The goal is to come up with 4 blogs for each content pillar or bucket, so you have a minimum of 12 blogs ideas.

3 | Research the titles that you have to make them better

The sweet spot for the best blog titles is to find a title that has a good search volume but low competition. 

Also, consider if you are a service-based business locally to use multiple city/location keywords.  You can use the tools I mentioned above.

4 | Create a content calendar for the next three months

Identify which blogs you’ll use for which week.  Consider what you may be launching or for wedding pros where your clients are in the wedding planning process.

You can use software (asana, notion, Monday, Trello) or spreadsheet-like I offer.  The KEY is to ensure that you plan and schedule this content so you know what to do each week.

Bonus points for those that take a few days to write out the three months of blogs.  You can also take a day each month and write four blogs.  For that type of planning, definitely try different things to see which one works best for you.

Also consider your busy season and how much help it will be to not have to write blogs during that time if you do it ahead of time.

5 | Create 5-7 social media posts from each blog

If you do this, you’ll end up with a minimum of 15-20 social media posts for the quarter that you don’t have to come up with.

For the rest, consider Introductions, lead magnet invites, educational and inspirational posts.

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5 steps to create three months of blogs
Let's Create Three Months of Blogs in 5 Steps
How To Create Three Months of Blogs in 5 Steps
Let's Create Three Months of Blogs in 5 Steps
Let's Create Three Months of Blogs in 5 Steps

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