This is one of the first things you should do whe you decide you are going to sell a product or service!

Creating an Ideal Client or Avatar (we’ll call it a IC) is important for three reason:

  1. You can’t start posting on Social Media or your website until you know who you are speaking to.
  2. You need to know who you’re speaking to to know what causes them pain.  Then you can sell them the product or service that solves that pain.
  3. The IC will guide you on everything you do, including pricing.  For example, you can’t charge that single mom as much as you can the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  I mean you can, but you may hear crickets.

So spend a few hours considering things such as:

  • Age group
  • Income
  • Family status
  • Education
  • Lifestyle goals
  • Location
  • Where they shop
  • What they wear

You can write up a nice little story about your IC.

Give then a name, know their lifestyle and describe them exactly.

But if you stop there and start selling to that person, you may not do well because you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle—and losing out on the best clients because of it.

If you sell a service, consider also Personality Mismatch

Here’s something that’s rarely considered in the “ideal client” equation, and it’s arguably the most important part if you sell a service: personality.

If you’re snarky, sarcastic, fun-loving and loud, then a quiet, middle-aged mom who spends her time volunteering at the church is probably not a good fit for you. Sure, she might need your help, but she will be uncomfortable with your style, or you’ll be miserable trying to reign in your natural exuberance to fit her style.  You don’t want to be miserable doing your job, even if you are paid.

Better to pass mom on to a coach who is a better fit for her personality wise.

Make sure that what you offer is what they want

This one can be difficult to calculate from the start, but once you recognize it (or the lack of it) it’s worth paying attention to.

Often times, people are intrigued with your product or service OR they tried something else, but now want to try yours.  The problem with this is they may not be satisfied as

Niche down a bit more

People want so badly to sell something to anyone, that they intentionally keep a broad scope.   An example is a person selling travel – consider niching down to travel for the adventurer or travel to Europe or travel for the reluctant flyer.  It doesn’t mean you’ll miss out as typically, people not in your niche will still buy from you, but it sets you apart as an expert and thus there is an instant trust built.  Also, if someone is in that niche (i.e a person who loves adventure), you can truly do deep and provide so much targeted help for those people.

The secret is to create a niche that you enjoy.  If you love adventure, as an example, you’ll love creating blogs or PDF’s that help those kinds of people, because you’re speaking to yourself.

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Blog Ideas for Photographers that will help with SEO and book clients

Blog Ideas for Photographers that will help with SEO and book clients

You may be asking why I’m talking about writing this blog as a Pinterest expert, but blogs are so important when you are marketing your business on Pinterest. Pinterest is an amazing and easy way to spread your information and build a strong online presence both of which are key to generating leads and finding new clients.  Many of my Photography Pinterest Management clients struggle to know what to blog about, so I thought I would share ideas that I’ve given to them to help you start blogging or blogging more.  I hope you get inspired and start blogging today!