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What’s the only thing that’ll ever stop you from building + scaling the business of your dreams? YOU! with Em Ducharme  

What’s the only thing that’ll ever stop you from building + scaling the business of your dreams? YOU! with Em Ducharme  

Em Bucharme The only thing that'll ever stop you from building + scaling the business of your dreams YOU


What’s the only thing that’ll ever stop you from building + scaling the business of your dreams? YOU! with Em Ducharme  

Today we are chatting about the only thing that will ever stop you from building and scaling a business of your dreams — which is YOU!

Em Ducharme is a business strategist for influencers and experts looking to monetize and scale their audience through digital marketing and passive income. Her work has been featured on major media outlets such as Forbes, ThriveGlobal, The Good Men Project and Business2Community.

As a former corporate sales consultant for Fortune 500 companies, major corporations, Em helped to grow and scale businesses for the last 10 years in various sectors.  She’s raised millions of dollars in investor funds for the companies that she worked for and personally was able to scale her own companies past multip 6-7 figure mark in a record-breaking time.

These were some of the topics! 

  1. I always love to hear origin stories so to get started, tell me about your business and how you got started.
  2. The only thing that’ll ever stop you from building + scaling the business of your dreams? YOU.
  3. What are your main focuses in business right now?
  4. Talk about business energetics
  5. Talk about feminine funnels
  6. Scaling strategies
  7. What 3 things have helped you grow your business? This could be tools, advice, etc.

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Jen Vazquez, Em Ducharme

Jen Vazquez  

The only thing that you that will ever stop you from building and scaling the business of your dreams is you now if that really resonated with you, I’m very excited because my guest and I are talking about that and so much more. Welcome back. If you’re new here, I bring in experts in the marketing area to help you market your business effectively and simply but also by taking action. If that sounds like something that you are you interested in, then definitely subscribe so that you’re notified every time we release a new video or a new podcast. Today. I am super excited to be chatting with him do Sharon. She is a business strategist for influencers and experts who are looking to monetize and scale their audience through digital marketing and passive. work has been featured on major media outlets such as Forbes and thrive global and the good men project and business to community. As a former corporate sales consultant for a fortune 500 for Fortune 500 companies, major corporations and has helped to grow and scale businesses for the last 10 years in various sectors. She has raised millions of dollars in investor funds for the companies that she’s worked for, and personally was able to scale her own companies and that’s companies with an S past multiple six and seven figure marks in record breaking time. So welcome him. I’m like super excited to get into these questions with you. And I’m so happy to be here. Thank you so much for having me. Oh, of course. So I always like to start off first with how you got here question. So tell me a little bit about your business and basically like how you arrived to the business that you have today. It’s very hard to say in a nutshell. So I’m going to try to make it very quick but when I was 20 years old, I started my first business. I’m 33 now and it was a restaurant and two weeks after opening the first restaurant. My mother gave me a call and she told me she had six months left to live. She just had a cancer diagnosis. So it changed my entire life because first of all, I was living eight hours drive away from her, which was not sustainable. Like especially when you have a restaurant and a brand new one. You have to sleep in the restaurant. So that’s when I decided to find an alternative on what I could do to make money while I converse here and work from home. So I started my marketing journey then. And it’s it’s been years of errors and trials and successes and sabotage and all kinds of things that like we can dive in a little bit deeper later. But basically now I own multiple businesses. I have an E commerce I have a coaching business. I have other investments in building my portfolio of companies. So one of my dream was to be a little bit like a shark tank and I’m able to participate financially and my expertise and network into company. So this is what I’m focusing on right now. But it’s been a long, long journey to get here. You know, it’s funny because all of my guests sort of react the same because it’s always a windy route to get to where you are today. And chances are your business won’t look today like it does today, in five years from now, right? You could be doing something totally different. It is a normal sort of process through the life of your business, to change things and to pivot and things like that. We’ll be diving in a little bit of that later on. But let’s go ahead and start with that catchy title. Talk to us about how we may be stopping ourselves from building and scaling the business of our dreams. 


Em Ducharme  

So for me what I’ve realized when my mother passed away, I lost everything I had to file for bankruptcy. i My boyfriend that murdered 10 days later. I lost literally everything I went from having a public farm the year a brand new condo, credit card that had like almost no limit on I know having a restaurant and how like I was smelling and I was really, really solid. And then I lost everything. So every time I rebuilt something, I knew how to do it. I knew how to build businesses. That was something that was very easy for me but what was also easy for me is to sabotage everything and let it burn to the ground. And it took me many many many many years before I realized that the reason why I was doing that it’s because I was so scared of having something to lose that I was making sure I had never anything to this. I was making sure that I had like my own. It’s a little bit like in relationship when you’ve been hurt before and then you meet your dream man or your dream woman. And you’re I pursued like oh my god, I’m in love and then when it starts getting really serious, you’re so scared of losing the person unless you’re gonna make the breakup happen just because then you’re protecting yourself from failing and you don’t want to experience the loss again so you making sure you’re creating it so that you are in control. So what I realized that I was like, This is why I’m very successful, but I’m always in a feast or for me type of way like I would make a lot of money and then no money for months and months. I would create a very fast success and then it would crumble. Like I kept being up and down and up and down. And when I realized that I was the reason why I was in between me and I success. I was not scaling my businesses, even though they were genius ideas because I was so scared of building it and losing it again. So I had to shift the way I was looking at success and I had to decide that first of all if if it happens, I know I can survive it. Because I’ve done it for one time. I’ve survived losing everything. So if it happens again, I can survive it again. And then it happened the second time when I was working in finance. I had a I guess I grew so fast a ladder in the finance industry. Anytime I’m I put my head into something I make like hum homeruns like I’m really really good at going fast. So I invested into bitcoin in 2005 when it was like $300 I like I was so set again. And once again, I lost everything, all kinds of things happen and I left everything drift away from me. So when I realized that pattern after losing everything twice, and I decided that I would never once again, build something out of fear and sabotage is out of fear. But I would build it from my heart. I would build it from my passion and from the confidence that I can survive anything so it doesn’t matter what happens as long as I still show up every day and I never give up on one building. And now I built my business in a way that I could retire tomorrow and I would be living a good life and I have enough income streams that supports me. I have built a personal brand that supports me. I could literally just stop taking clients tomorrow and and be good for the rest of my life. So I did that because I really focused on building and being scared of losing everything and every time something bad happens I am not dropping my business, which is what I used to do. Every time something bad would happen. I would lose everything because I would drop it and I don’t drop the things I hold was hard, along with my success and that’s changed everything for me. 


Jen Vazquez  

Amazing. Hi. I first want to thank you for being so gracious in sharing that because I think there’s a theme on my YouTube channel and podcast of really sharing. You know what people might say are failures, which I personally believe are the catalysts to growth. Like if you don’t if things don’t fall apart, then you don’t really know how to rebuild them and the fear will get in your way every single time. So I imagine going through that process over the years has really represented itself in your business. So what are your main focuses in business right now?


Em Ducharme  

So one thing that I’ve discovered while I was rebuilding, once again, is that I used to build from a very masculine standpoint, I was trying to build a business like a man because that’s what I knew. And I realized that as women, we don’t build the same way we build from our heart from our intuition. And this is why now and my friend I’m really focused on teaching business energetics because it is important to learn how to operate and lead and feminine energy as well as driving in masculine energy and they are both needed and a lot of women who don’t know this, so they build in masculine energy and then they get burnt out or they’re tired or do these things that don’t actually makes their heart sing and they’re not happy with what they’re doing. And then they wake up one day they have a lot of money, they build something solid but they don’t even want to keep it because that was never aligned to begin with. So business energetics is one of the things. The second thing is I’ve created. After learning about energetics. I’ve created something I call feminine funnels, which I’ve been trademarking. Now. And the feminine Funnels is my version of funnels. I used to be funnel strategist. So funnels were really big for me. But when I learned about feminine energy to business, it was really disconnected from what I knew now. I didn’t want to manipulate people to buy my things I don’t want to make money just to make money I wanted it to be because it was as simple as I recreated my own version of my own vision, almost which I call seven internals, and it’s really selling with a heart and it’s not selling with marketing strategies that are manipulative and that are trying to get people scared or ashamed or guilty for buying. I really want people to buy from an empowered place, even if it’s coming from automation into my business. So feminine funnels was really big. And then we’re focusing on scaling strategies. Mostly using alternative marketing strategies. So being on the broadcast is really a good idea when you want to grow your brand. Because you are sharing an audience with someone that’s already out there. You’re sharing your knowledge and everyone is winning. So as long as everyone wins for me, this is aligned with my feminine energy. So I’m doing strategies that are aligned with the energetic that I want to bring to my business but those are three main focus that I have. Okay, so we’re gonna dive into all three because I do just really inspired and eager to know a little bit more as I’m sure our listeners do. So talk about business energetics photo, you talk a little bit about kind of what it is talk about some ways that people can use it to implement that. So when I say business energetics, what I mean to have a balance and to your feminine and your masculine energy. Your feminine energy is the fuel that you put in your car and your color is the masculine nature. They go hand in hand. If you don’t do the hard part is going to break down on the highway then if you only have fuel, you’re not going anywhere because there’s no vehicles that’s going to bring you somewhere and that’s the best way to do to explain it within the nology. So what I mean by this is, in order for me to run my business and be happy and be aligned, I must have a nervous system that’s regulated I must be happy and to stick around behind actions. I must surrender and trust into the work that I’m doing. So this example of energetics and that the balance is like for example, you’re preparing for something and then then stop looking on your inbox to see if someone bought if nobody buys on the freaking out your launch is a failure even though there’s still more weeks to go. That’s that’s an excellent balance when you you can launch things and it doesn’t seem like it’s a different thing. When I launch something when I promote the thing because I trust that every single day in my business is part of growing and improving my business. So it’s not about putting all my energy into launching a promotion. It’s putting my energy into selling and marketing. It’s just to continue to work every single day to work my business and my goals while regulating my nervous system while keeping time with the people that I love. While taking time to take myself off. Braiding what I’m doing is just in your feminine energy. So if you don’t know nothing that’s why it’s really hard to balance which means that for example, I work on business strategy. I work on my team. I work on laying money by finding a space and then once I’m done with this, I turn off my computer, my brain check. I don’t just say like tomorrow to do something. And I can actually be someone outside of my business and that’s something that’s very difficult for both the primary they’re everywhere. So energetics means you can have a balance between the two. So that’s what it means. That is that is really a good example for me and this is I take every Tuesday with my daughters and my grandpa and I had a really hard time talking myself up not thinking about business. And now after a couple months, I’ve read certain things on eBay. Then like, close your laptop and turn off and then I’m spending my whole day on the floor playing with my granddaughter and my daughter is a way to make sure that I get out by sitting up that day before getting to be done. So that’s just brilliant. Diving in a little bit. More on services. So that really is what we’re talking about, and the way that she was renting it. There are ways that you can work with her. So next let’s dive a little bit more into funnels. I know that you’re already marking it up by the time this airs it’s probably gonna be a trade you’re gonna go to an environment temp give me sort of understanding of arrived at you and and how sales funnels do that better their business. So basically every month is going to create a lot of MSM verification, money stainability and consistency to be their business. So for me it was really from the beginning thing, it’s a digital asset thing in my computer after I run it. I don’t like once and nothing happens with it. And so like having gold like in my my closet like that I don’t do anything with that I could use it to make money. So it’s a little bit like finance and you asked about how to make money when you haven’t met Seth and I kind of apply that logic. And then when you build there’s always a logic behind it. There’s always a strategy for long term behind it. We launched a free masterclass for pretty much always a group is behind that. So sometimes it was just launching things, but it’s pieces to fmoS and I need something that might as well do the Live platform instead of tutorial. Let’s get to benefit from it. For me to free them you Right You Evening Morning. You Return.

Em Ducharme  

And the since I need to do something for a funnel that might as well do their life path for instead of just reporting as the one else get to benefit from it. So for me to create the feminine funnels was a way that I can do whatever I want. I know that every month I have money coming in. I know that if I take time off, people can still serve themselves into my businesses. They can come shop into my business through funnels. So that’s that’s a very sustainable way of doing business but also using the work that you’ve done like we’ve worked so hard at creating, why are we not doing anything about it?

Jen Vazquez  

Repurposing is a big, big topic here. I am obsessed with it. I’m like put your heart and soul into one piece of content each week, but share it a billion places and places like you’re talking about that can automatically feed in years down the road. I focus on Pinterest marketing, and that is an amazing way to have constant people going into your funnels

Em Ducharme  

for traffic it’s amazing. I love Pinterest, secret.


Jen Vazquez  

That’s actually my business. But I like to bring everyone in marketing in here so we can take little pieces of everything. So in terms of scaling your business, like what are some mistakes that you see people making? And what are one or two things that you can sort of, you know, focus on maybe to not have those mistakes happen.


Em Ducharme  

One of the main thing that comes up when you ask me the mistakes is people they think they think it’s a badge of hunger to not have a team to not have sales page to not have funnels and to still be successful. But on the other side of it you don’t see that people are scared every month because they don’t know if they’re gonna make money or not. If they’re sick, everything stops because their life energies what brings money in if they are overwhelmed with something or something happens and they have less time than their clients are suffering because they don’t have anyone to help and fulfill the task. So building a team is really important. And now a mistake that I see people doing when they when they’re trying to build a team is they’re trying to hire one person that’s going to do everything


Jen Vazquez  

that just that just hit home. I discovered that this time last year. Oh, I have a team but I can’t imagine you’re so right. It is not a badge of honor. It is not a an effective way of running a business. Yeah,


Em Ducharme  

and it’s the same with people. I don’t run ads. I don’t run ads right now, but it’s not a badge of honor. It’s amazing to know how to convert content organically and I truly believe you need to learn how to convert organically before pushing paid traffic. Otherwise, you’re testing with your money instead of testing organically, very smart, but it’s not. If you have a winning formula. Why don’t you want more people to have their hands on it? I don’t understand. It’s not a badge of honor not to do ads as well. Just as an FYI.


Jen Vazquez  

Is that is that is perfect. Um, tell me three things that have I love to ask this of everyone because I think it’s sort of illuminating. What three things have helped you to grow your business and this could be tools this could be advice, this could be whatever.


Em Ducharme  

So the first thing that I would say was I always invested in myself outside of where I was like investment that stretch myself. And a lot of times we invest what we can afford, but then we if we can afford it, it means it’s not really a stretch. So that means we probably are not going to really see a difference because we’re already kind of there. If you want to quantum leap like people call if you want to go really fast and jump timelines. Then investing outside of your comfort zone is where the growth is going to be. So for me, that’s always been the case I have I have period in my business in my life that I don’t invest into myself for my business, I invest into my lifestyle, and I think this is also super important because what’s the point of building this if we’re always chasing the growth it’s amazing to I took six months of investing into my business just running it as is. And I invested in my lifestyle. I went to intro for Chile’s house. I went to Italy for an amazing trip and I did not hear bones right like it was amazing. I got myself a Porsche like I invested in my lifestyle because I want to enjoy what I doubt but now I got back to home from my trip and I’m I’m investing into my business again. I reinvested into mentors that were really stretching me like five figures, months investments. So I’m back to I’m being stretched but that’s why I grow so fast is because I invest out of my comfort zone but I also take time to work on appreciating and celebrating what I do. So that would be the first thing. The second thing like I said to build a team and to build a team in a way that everyone is going to have their zone of genius covered I in building that company culture. My team members never leave one day without saying I love you every single day. They have to like it doesn’t exist in my life that they don’t tell me I love you. I made their life too good to be true because too good to be true as the standard that I live my life on and that’s what I offer to them and I spoil them and I make I make I make them very happy to work with me but then it makes me very excited to work and it makes it that whenever there’s a problem or something’s going on, they are going to go all the way in to fix it because they are so happy to work with me and they want to make sure I’m happy as well. So it’s not a dynamic of I have employees they have something to do and that’s it like we actually built a family and my business


Jen Vazquez  

which they have. They have a buy in to the they have a personal investment business as well. That’s that is awesome. Yeah,


Em Ducharme  

that’s that’s leadership for me feminine leadership. I want to build them into leaders because I truly believe I don’t need workers. I need leaders. I need people that are going to take initiative. I need people that are invested. They have skin in the game in my business. They feel like we’re building this together, not just they’re working for me and then they get the paycheck because they don’t care about me and my business. If that’s the only thing to work for a store paycheck. There has to be more substance than that and more experience and a better reason. So that’s something that’s really will help me and the third thing would be to like I said to turn everything that I built into digital assets and to have a membership. So because of all these income streams I make over like every month I’m going to make at least $30,000 Just coming from from my courses in my membership. I don’t need to work and I already make like high six figures per per year. And everything else that I do because I launch a course every month I launch not for every month then it’s all extra money. So this is it makes it really fun for me that I can take it easy if I want or if I can go all in and have a really, really really juicy month. So I get to choose which direction I go depending on my energy depending on my plans on my traveling and all these things. So these are three things that really really caught me.


Jen Vazquez  

Those are those are really really good. Really good. Um, before we get the amazing gift that M is so generously sharing with all of the listeners and people watching on YouTube. Tell everyone about the services that you provide because I have a sneaking suspicion that people are curious about what type of services you offer.


Em Ducharme  

So I do entertain. I mostly do mastermind and membership when it comes to life things. I also accept here and there are private clients. But what is amazing about My business is I decided to build on every topic that I’m very passionate about. So whether it’s funnels, whether it’s memberships, whether it’s online courses, whether it’s an emotional intelligence, leadership, confidence, I have a course for everything and every year I re launched a course live or I have it available for self study. So basically, when you come in in my world you can shop and choose what what is the right thing for you right now and there’s always something available.


Jen Vazquez  

That is That is really cool, because like you said, we’re always on a different timeline, in terms of where we’re investing in what we’re learning and what we need at the moment right now. And it sounds like you have literally something for everyone at any time. And it sounds like you rotate every year or so updating what you already have and then doing it live because there’s that power in live education I firmly believe in but then it’s available for everyone as they want it to like you said self serve. That is awesome. Well and is sharing with us a gift of five days to 5k. So tell everyone a little bit about what that is. So this


Em Ducharme  

is a free course there’s five modules and if you like this conversation that’s probably going to be really JC for you. So basically, they subtyping is a cash injection for so I teach you how to create a cash injection offer that’s going to create at least 5k immediately and it worked. It’s been proven hundreds of times people have tried that and it work and I also teach all kinds of pieces that are making it work better. So whether it’s the feminine or masculine energy aspect, business energetics, I teach content, I teach promotion, I teach everything that’s needed to know in order to make it work, make it work for the animal language and it’s completely free. So because your your your listeners gonna like it.


Jen Vazquez  

I love it. I’ll definitely be going and doing it myself. Thank you so much for your valuable advice and also for your time today. Because I know it’s very hard when we run big businesses to be able to be available for these types of things. What is the best way I’m gonna have all your information that you’ve given to me for our YouTube watchers or our podcast listeners, but what is the best way to get into contact with you in case anyone wants to like literally take this conversation a step further. So I would say Instagram


Em Ducharme  

to Sharm is really the best way to reach out to me. I manage I don’t manage all my social media. I don’t manage my Pinterest. I think I manage my Instagram because that’s really something that I enjoy doing. So you get me in the inbox. So that’s


Jen Vazquez  

the best way to do it. Perfect. All right. So I always like to end by saying we’ve gotten some really valuable advice from him today on this call. And usually when you listen to a podcast, you’re gonna get one or two things that really resonate with you. And I just encourage you to go and put it on your calendar. Right now to take action on those one or two things. Where we tend to fail is that we get this education, we think, Oh, that’s a great idea. And then we’ve forgotten about the next week. So definitely take some time to work some under time to be able to take action on some of these things. Even if add to enjoy her free gift or to reach out and actually start up with her. Thank you so much for your time today and hope you all have a good day. Bye bye You

Creations from the Shuffle App from Pinterest are Blowing Up on TikTok and Instagram

Creations from the Shuffle App from Pinterest are Blowing Up on TikTok and Instagram

Creations from the Shuffle App from Pinterest are Blowing Up on TikTok and Instagram

Creations from the Shuffle App from Pinterest are Blowing Up on TikTok and Instagram

You might be thinking right about now, “What the heck is Shuffles?”.  Shuffles, a new collage-maker recently soft-launched by Pinterest.

It is rising super fast in the App Store’s top rankings. Many articles point to Gen Z users who are open to new innovations and are excited to use tools to develop, publish and share their creativity through collages.  They are adding music that flows with their creation and uploading them to TikTok + Instagram sharing with friends and followers as well as the Shuffles community. Read on to see more of what it is and how you can get an invite.

According to, app intelligence company data, Shuffles ranked #5 in the United States for the week of August 15-22, 2022, among the Top Lifestyle Apps by iPhone downloads, moving up 72 spots from the previous week.

On August 21, it was ranked as the top lifestyle app for the iPhone, and after moving up 22 spots the day before, it reached the top 20 non-gaming iOS applications in the United States.

What is Shuffles?

Pinterest has released Shuffles in a stealthy, undercover sort of way.  Like the launch of Clubhouse, it’s by invitation only right now.  Shuffles is an iOS collage-making app for editing images, picture cuts, and other animation effects. You can download it by adding yourself to the wait list or read below for an invite! 

Shuffles is a social media platform as well as a collage-creation tool. By linking their Pinterest accounts, users can use picture cutout tools to create dream posters and other works of art. 

According to data, it received 211,000 iOS downloads during the month, with 160,000 in the United States. Sensor Tower estimates that the app received approximately 338,000 installations during that period. Shuffles has several features comparable to Picsart.

There is no set date for when Shuffles will be available on Android or in countries where it isn’t already. There is also no indication of how long a person may have to wait before being granted access to the software.

The app not only creates high-quality TikToks but also increases Pinterest’s user base. If you tap on an item in a user-created collage, you’ll be taken to a Pinterest page specifically for that item, from which you can access the site in full. Anytime a user sees a thing they’re interested in purchasing, such as a new piece of fall clothing or a new piece of home decor, they may click on the item and be taken directly to the retailer’s website.

Shuffles boasts several intriguing features for making interactive and engaging collages on your iPhone, including:

  • Being able to cut out parts of an image with a single tap
  • Adding and layering animations and effects
  • Easy snapping, layering, rotating, and resizing images
  • “Reshuffling” for collaborative sharing and user-generated content

Interactive and Clickable

Every aspect of a collage on Shuffles can be made interactive and clickable. Adding a link pin to your collage provides an easy way to move users from the app to an external website, online store, or Pinterest account — hello more traffic!

Collages created on Shuffles can be shared directly to Pinterest with all effects, animations, and links intact. You can (and should) export collages as images directly to their phones for sharing across other networks like Instagram and TikTok. 

For marketing purposes, the emphasis on interactive content provides a great new opportunity to engage with your audience and drive traffic from the app to your website. The two main features that enable this are link pins and ReShuffles. 

For marketers, the most eye-popping feature is the ReShuffles feature lets users remix other content they’ve found on Shuffles.   All ReShuffles include a link to the original creator, so more remixes mean more visibility, links, and traffic.

I believe this is just the new thing that will help to enhance your Pinterest marketing efforts, and make those efforts more successful and engaging — Plus it’s a ton of fun!! 

Because it’s easier to show you than tell you, There are some examples blow.  Also, check our my shuffle:

Now I have 5 invites!  If you want one, go to my Instagram account with the reel below:


If you follow me and comment on my Shuffles post.  I will randomly pull names to give out my five invitations.

@maryyisabel PS check out my last 2 posts ppl are dropping codes in the comments 😀 #shuffles #pinterest #pinterestshuffles insp @funnyprettytaurus ♬ original sound - All Hallows’ eve 🎃
@juliannasays my account name is the same as my tiktok name :)) #shuffles #pinterest #moodboard #fyp ♬ original sound - Devin Halbal
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7 Highlights from Canva Create 2022

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Pinterest Predicts Weekly 9-16-22

Pinterest Predicts Weekly 9-16-22

Pinterest Predicts Weekly 9-16-22 I’ll be sharing these weekly tips so you know what’s trending for you to focus on when creating content for Pinterest. *This information is directly from the Pinterest Business Community.  I'm sharing (after reading the Pinterest...

Why does digital marketing seem easy for other people but feel so hard for you with Kristen Day

Why does digital marketing seem easy for other people but feel so hard for you with Kristen Day

Why does digital marketing seem easy for other people but feel so hard for you with Kristen Day of Affinity Media

Why does digital marketing seem so easy for other people but feel so hard to you with Kristen Day of Affinity Media

Today we are chatting about why digital marketing seems so easy for others but feels so hard to you.  We also touched on these subjects:

  • I always love to hear origin stories so to get started, tell me about your business and how you got started.
  • Ok, let’s start with the basics.  What is digital marketing?
  • I know this is an area of expertise for you.  Can you share a few tips on creating a digital space that aligns with your values but doesn’t take up all of your time?
  • Why does having an online presence beyond social media is crucial to long-term success?
  • Why does the digital marketing side of a business appear to be so easy when it’s done by other people but feel so frustrating when I try to do it?
  • What’s the number one mistake people make when they first get started in the digital side of their business? 
  • Can you share a few questions to ask when hiring digital service providers to set yourself up for success THE FIRST TIME?
  • If I have a very limited budget, how should I prioritize where to invest in digital marketing? In other words, what will be the best bang for my buck?
  • What 3 things have helped you grow your business? This could be tools, advice, etc.

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About Kristen Day and where to find her:

Kristen works with “non-techy” business owners who are disheartened, confused, and irritated by trying to figure out how to create a converting online presence. She has helped entrepreneurs in over 20 industries eliminate their frustration and overwhelm by building custom-tailored websites, omni-channel social media strategies, and streamlined processes they can actually use with her “Clear as Day” Formula. 

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BONUS | Pinterest News – So Much Goodness!

BONUS | Pinterest News – So Much Goodness!

Today I'm so excited for you to listen to this bonus episode Pinterest News - So Much Goodness! Mentioned today: Private Facebook Group Sticker Board Example: Jen Vazquez...


Jen Vazquez, Kristen Day

Jen Vazquez 00:00
Why does digital marketing seems so easy for other people and yet so hard for us? My guest and I are talking about that and so much more. Welcome back. If you’re new here, I help female entrepreneurs use Pinterest to market their business effectively and simply. And if that sounds like something that you’re interested along with all of the marketing guests that I bring onto the show, definitely subscribe, whether on YouTube or my podcast, so that you’re notified when we release a new interview. Today you guys I am so excited to be chatting with Kristin day of affinity. Kristin works with non techie business owners who are disheartened, confused, irritated or I’ll put in parentheses just plain Matt that that’s that’s for me. Trying to figure out how to create a converting online presence. She has helped entrepreneurs over 20 industries eliminate their frustration and overwhelm by bringing custom tailored websites, Omni channels, social media strategies and streamlined processes that they can actually use with her clear as day formula. By the way, that’s a great name. Welcome, Kristin.

Kristen Day 01:21
Thank you so much, Jen, for having me. I just saw appreciate you letting me chat with you. And I’m looking so forward to this conversation. I love this podcast. It is amazing. And just really appreciate all of the amazing things are helping women do so thank you. i I’m pretty lucky to be able to just chat with friends and and have it go out there and help other people. It’s a passion of mine, to make sure that small business owners actually market their business. We spend so much time on social media and not enough time actually working our business. So it’s a joy for me to alright, I always start with this sort of simple one. But I think it’s so important to find out the windy routes that people take to the business that they’re currently in. So why don’t you tell me about your business and how you got started? Yeah, so my business was named as affinity media and it got started many years before it was actually made. Right. So we moved around a lot when I was straight out of college, my husband and I and each time we moved, I had to get a new job because remote work was just really unheard of at the time. And so we moved from the east coast all the way to the West Coast. And it was a really great adventure. But the first job that I was able to pick up was building an intranet for a bank and I had never touched a website in my life. And this wonderful, amazing woman took a chance on me and said, You know what?

Was let’s just give it a shot. And so I got to really have on the job training and learn all the ins and outs of building websites. And then we moved again, and I was fortunate enough to be given a job doing social media strategy. And I was hired to do data analytics by just through the nature of the work. I ended up working on a lot of different projects, most of which having to do with like social media ads and email marketing and just every single marketing section of the business. And then finally, right before that ended, I was working in the data analytics space. So when Olympics and Tag Manager and like all those words SEO that you hear, thrown around all the time, I got to do that as well. And so what I noticed about that job was the day that the clients were interacting with that the person who had employed me, and it was really not sitting well with me because what happened a lot of the time was the company would find new clients and they would get them a little bit roped into long contracts to through your contracts. They would promise them the moon and the sun and the grass in between right and then they wouldn’t really be able to deliver or they would it just was not the deliverable didn’t match the expectation. And I got asked a lot by those clients if I could teach them how to run their own stuff. And if I could help them understand what was happening and I really I wanted to do that but I got in trouble for being in that position because I would teach them and then they would learn and then they would get mad so you know that just eventually that’s what didn’t work. out very well for anybody. But ultimately I really wanted to create a space where business ares can have autonomy in their own business in the digital marketing space because it’s a it’s kind of a an industry that holds things a little bit close to the vest and it’s very confusing for people who don’t who aren’t familiar with the language and familiar with the nuances of it. So it just felt better to be in a space where I could teach people and educate them and make them feel comfortable and confident in their own space rather than saying, No, you’re not allowed to learn that you have to pay me to keep it running. Right. So that’s how my business was born. Amazing. Really good.

Okay, I know that this is an area of expertise for you. Can you share a few tips on creating a digital space that aligns with your values but doesn’t take up all your time? That sounds like a hard thing dissolve.

And it’s a great question, John. You know, I think the biggest tips I would say are block out time, dedicate the time to think about why you started your business in the first place. If you spend one day of your mind, and you make sure that the things that you’re talking about in your marketing strategy align with why you started a business in the first place. You will stay aligned with your content and you will dedicate that time to making sure you’re on point all time and one tip that I give people when they’re especially if they’re talking about social media strategy. I always ask write down a list of what drives you insane about your industry and so for me, right, it has to do with when people you know they keep that management style. They force people to do that management style with them because they’re afraid to let go of that customer that drives me nuts. I can talk about that for hours and hours and hours.

So my content when I talk about these topics, it aligns with what I you know, offering and I think that’s a really good tip. So what in your industry just drives you have a wall and what do you want to change? What do you want to talk about? Yeah, exactly.

And I missed this at the beginning, but can you I’ve had people ask this of me so I want to hear what you have to say. What is digital marketing right we always had that term marketing. And now suddenly we see digital marketing, email marketing that are the that so what is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing, I would describe it as any on line, touch point that your business has with a potential customer. So digital means online. That is anything from your website, to your social media, to your email marketing to your Pinterest platform, right anywhere online that a customer can encounter you is that would be in the scope of digital marketing and the that’s the digital side and the marketing side is are you does your voice staying true to your values is your brand consistently showing up in the way that you want to write that’s like that marketing side? Any course anytime a potential customer encounters your business online. are they receiving the same messages?

That’s good. That’s really good. That was one of the best descriptions I’ve heard.

Why does having an online presence beyond social media? Why is that crucial for long term success for people? Business owners? Yeah, it’s such an important question Jen because we especially new entrepreneurs, I think they think social media is kind of the end all be all and you can just really get out there. I want to go viral. I have to make this look beautiful. All these things are all those things. And social media isn’t important but for the longevity of our business. Understanding that social media is the place where people are getting acquainted with you.

And understanding that it’s kind of like I’ve heard this described a lot. I think it’s a good description. It’s kind of a doormat for Steve.

You know, and if you never went on a second date, you’d never see that person again. Right? We should kind of think of social media as the first date. We should think of it as a place where people first encounter us and for having a a longer term relationship with that person. We need to build out foundational material on the back end of social media including email lists, and ads and websites and especially any type of CRMs anything like that. I would agree wholeheartedly.

So the big question that we started this whole thing off with Why does digital marketing or the digital marketing side of business appear to be so easy when it’s done by other people, but feels so frustrating when we are doing it? Do you even have an answer?

I do have an answer. Okay.

It is a hard one and I think I think people in the digital marketing space sometimes they can even be a little narrow minded when it comes to this as well.

My experience with every single aspect of digital marketing gives me a little bit of a unique perspective on being able to answer this question. So I told you already websites marketing funnels and email marketing and social media. So we’ve all seen the wheel of content or the wheel of marketing, where customer enters social media and the next step is they go to your website and then they get the freebie and they get you know all these things and then the client journey through that that wheel right.

So the reason that we feel like digital marketing should be easy but it feels so complicated is we only see that wheel all the time. We’re only shown one very simple wheel. No one ever shows us the insanely complicated math of how to make that real charm. They don’t show you the integration on the back end. They don’t show you how to connect your website to your social media to your email list. They don’t show you how to even set up an automation sequence to deliver your free resource to your clients. And so we kind of get in this trap of kind of everyone makes us look so easy. There’s a real Am I dumb Am I stupid? Am I just can I just am I just not good? At this? That’s absolutely not true. You just have not been experienced in the map that makes a real turn. And so I think it’s it really does entrepreneurs a very large disservice to expect them to know all of these things. And to say, just offer a free resource and it’ll be fine. But then what do I do with it? How do I how do I not spend every hour just delivering free stuff? I agree with you. I agree. I agree and figuring out a system, not just a marketing system that everyone else is using but a marketing system that works for you and your business and they hire everybody.

Yeah, and that works like with your learning style and it is it is.

It is unfortunate that we expect people to know so much with so little transparency about what it takes to get it to go and that’s why I call the digital I call it a digital ecosystem like that. Really I think that describes it better. Because if you think of an ecosystem, you know, these little baby components make all the difference for that ecosystem to flourish and thrive and your digital marketing is the same you just you’re not you just don’t see it right because you’re not well and if it’s done properly, the client will never see the nurse like behind the curtain right and Wizard of Oz. I totally agree. So what do you think is one of the number one mistakes that people make when they first get started? on the digital side of their business?

I personally think that the biggest mistake people make when they’re first starting is investing in the wrong things.

Allah will Yeah, I can still write with you on that. Because they don’t they don’t know what they need and they’re just trying to get they don’t know what they don’t know how. Exactly, and it’s, it’s really frustrating to watch it happen to be quite frank, because you feel so terrible when they get to you and they explain I had a person just a couple of weeks ago they were telling me this harrowing story of their experience in the digital industry and their digital marketing. And it puts a really bad taste in people’s mouths and it makes it really hard for people to enjoy the digital space, which is a shame because it’s a great space and it’s very fine. But because people make that mistake, when they’re first getting out of the game, they think it’s a waste of money and a waste of time.

And and it takes work. Like it doesn’t just look you know like I don’t care how many calls to action that says easy, free fast, blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s it’s just going to take work and sadly it’s an intrical component of running a business so that you have a pipeline of leads continuing to come in so often I see people take their foot off that marketing gas, because they’re they’re so busy with client work. And then when they’re done with the client work they’re wondering where all their leads will when you’re not marketing. The it’s the message isn’t getting out there right can you share a few questions to ask when you’re hiring a digital service provider to really set yourself up for success? The first time?

This is a great question. I’ll share three I think three is a good good number. I love three.

The first is the first question that you should ask any person that you are going to hire is Do you offer training on the system? That you are building?

And I think that this is a really great question and it’s not because you don’t want to use that person to help you in the future.

It is because for whatever reason, you need to use that system yourself.

You will have a much better relationship with that service provider. If you are not constantly asking them you know later down the road. I just need you to take two minutes to do this one thing or I just need you to do that. Or let’s say you’re going into a situation where God forbid you can’t afford man and trans and if you’re not able to continue working with that person and they have not provided you that training. You really can get into some trouble spots because now you have a full blown system that you have no idea how to use or your team doesn’t know how to use and every team member learns it and leaves we’ve

been there are four levels. So that all of those things right so ask ask your person when when they’re building a system do you offer training on this? Can it be recorded Can I can look it up.

And then the second tip that you that I would add to someone is do you use it’s your fault or have you used for this yourself? Because

sometimes we think because they’re an expert in the industry that as they do this, why don’t know that many people would have even asked.

That’s a really good one.

So I build on a lot of different platforms. But I have one that I prefer right because it’s my it is a one that I use personally. So it doesn’t mean that you can’t hire someone.

But I would encourage you to just simple question will give you a lot of insight into what to expect, so to speak. I agree and the third the third question that I generally would ask is what happens to my data when you go away?

So most of the time and this is specifically when you are working with web developers, on SEO professionals and as people and I’ll give the example for website developer or as most website developers will set out a program and they own the rights to your code or your a lot of people don’t know that that’s you know.

So, if you work with a big agency or you work with a large company, you can get into some trouble spots. If they don’t want to manage your website or you don’t want them to manage your website. You have to understand who owns that data and who really has full control. So if someone says well, you’ll read this small print in the contract.

Because if if someone says well, we’ll know your website by it’ll, it’s under our name or we’re going to erase it where it will buy the domain for you.

That is a really big red flag to say if you ever wanted to leave that company, maybe maybe you don’t even want to leave that company maybe that company for longer or bankrupt or gets bought.

You need to understand where were those the ownership of what I am purchasing why.

That’s really good.

I have a similar sort of example of that. In my contracts management, business, or agency. I I have I require my clients to have a tailwind or you know, there’s multiple third party platforms. But I have had many clients say Well can you just go ahead and do that the problem and then Bill Me, but the problem is, is that when it’s done, it’s me it’s I own it, it’s in my name and I don’t I don’t want any bad taste in the mouths of people that have worked with me so I always have them do it and yes, you know, I have videos showing them how to like sign up for it and all that kind of stuff. Because I know it can be a pain and when you outsource something, you’re paying money so that you don’t have to go through the headache. However, you have to think miles down the road. as your business grows faster. You want to make sure that you are the main signer, the person that signed up the person that has those passwords and everything. So that is a really, really, really good all those questions are great, but that one is really good as well.

If if someone has a really limited budget, I’m thinking a first time entrepreneur just jumping into the business.

How should they prioritize where to invest in digital marketing? In other words, what will be the best sort of bang for their buck?

up for debate but also in my opinion.

A lot of people are gonna have opinions on this but definitely you’re the guest you get to have your opinions.

Yes, I think that if you are on a very, very limited budget, the absolute best bang for your buck. Is professional photography as a professional brand photographer and so excited about that.

The reason that I say this is because your photography it is to get a really good professional photographer is expensive.

But it’s not as expensive as doing a full blown website or doing a full blown auto brand or spending 1000s of dollars on ads that you’re not strategized for yet. Right. But what it does do is it gives you a very clean, professional.

Just like a very, very sleek look.

And as a 1050 or 20 professional photos can make a free one page templated website look like a million bucks.

I can’t tell you how much I agree with you on that. I think it’s even twofold. I think number one, it gives the impression of big business right if she’s a professional, polished look, but from all the clients that I work with on my branding photography side, they feel they feel more apt to step into that actual position with confidence boost of having a professional brand shoot, and then you get these pictures delivered. You’re like oh my gosh, that’s me like it really does give me a specially I always tell people if you are having like that crisis that we all kind of had like am I enough? Can I do this? Am I worthy like that sadly happens multiple times pretty much through your entrepreneur business. It’s typically popping up right before a big move or a big change or a big pivot which of course is how we grow our businesses. Right? You feel comfortable, it typically leads to something great.

But when you do something like this, it really gives you that confidence to show up on social media to show up in marketing. In fact, we want to share these pictures because they’re probably some of the best pictures that we’ve had of ourselves.

We want to share them, market your business. So I really agree with you and then you know that next step as you get clients to invest in your website, I think is really critical as well. We can make websites all day long.

But someone who’s a professional sort of website designer, they saying no more things than we are going to know right? As an entrepreneur. We wear all these hats, a CEO and then accountant like all these hats in terms of a website. Let’s give it over to the profession.

And you know, I just really important, I will not belabor this point. But I actually think that it’s very important to invest in branding, branding, branding, even before the website for the website.

Yeah, and I say that because I was about to do

I would say that the websites that before the website is built, they see so

and plants they really do in a battle results for that person. But if you if you pay a lot of leads and build a website that hasn’t been granted Yeah, and I know you would do this because I feel a website

it is in their best interest to random person because I have a client who did a whole website and she wasn’t super clear on what she wanted to do very early on in her business. And a year later she had to invest all over again. Web sites are like night and day, the new website after working with a brand specialist.

It was such a clear path for a client to take that you almost felt bad not what we were not working with. Do you know what I’m saying?

The original website is just like tonight speak to everyone where websites really will distribute movies on our our ideal clients to put on a website and go that’s me. I agree I Where do I say that? Like that’s

what three things have helped you grow your business and I always ask this on all my guests, because these are the little tips and tricks that will help people that are listening in or watching the video. This could be tools, advice you got. It could be any education, it could be anything but what three things do you would you attribute as the things that helped you?

I love this question.

These are the answers that I want to hear like listening to podcasts

the number one thing that I would say is

is a kind of a weird one. I feel like I didn’t hear from a lot of people in the minds of starting out. I have a friend of mine actually told me that and it took two years in my own business or even for anyone to say you need a business coach, I need your business.

And as soon as I started looking online what I did find and that was an absolute game changer for me.

It was like an a difference and in fact I I think that how I’m not done that stuff I don’t even know.

I’m not sure what happened look like it certainly it certainly would have been harder and probably not as effective as that and probably take more time. Why look at coaches, even group coaching if you aren’t in a position to pay for a one on one I’m like Coach, but coaching helps you get real clear real fast on not only the people that you want to work with, but also the niching down that needs to take place that is always super super painful. Because you think I can work with everyone and we can work with everyone. But our marketing leads

are so good but number one was, so far the best

and number two I think is it’s okay to

know that your friends may have other

friends slash family.

Friends slash family. Hear that I I’m pretty fortunate but so many business owners aren’t. Yes. And that is really what I would say when your entrepreneurial space

is a couple of years you’re almost


now is what are you

getting out

met the time

and they didn’t know how to react nearly they just feel like oh, it’s nice

people don’t know how to react.

If I understand that even those some people get it and don’t know what to say. Understand like that doesn’t actually ever stop.

Do people react to things and it’s really important to be in business to help people all off and you just can’t watch other people’s reactions stop you.

Name it. That’s a really good I don’t know it’s just first That’s how good that 1/3

What’s something Stanley big bases with I was gonna ask what do you use on a daily basis

they are game changers I audibly

authorized third party scheduling with

a team autonomy

you know No, do not try. You will you will try to do our

first starting news that can help you do things in advance. organize yourself posted I really like those because they allow you to like plan out your social media and so instead of thinking oh crap post today, you kind of It’s not done yet. And that is

something out there. So I use post all the time to

which scheduling reports where you just try to see if you can write that content for Regency leaving, how much we need to do when you’re not worried about it Facebook and Pinterest have in platform schedulers there. They don’t have the bells and whistles but they also are free.

Like why not? And if it comes across more well thought out. For instance, it especially if you’re doing posts here, they’re everywhere. You’re kind of turning which way every five seconds. Whereas you do a full week’s worth of posts. You can really have a theme or a story that takes people from through a process and things like that. So I think that’s that’s really good. Hopefully it’s really, really good. Well, before we get to the giving of gifts that Kristen is so generously sharing with everyone today, I’m telling us total history because I often have people sending me messages asking questions and things about services. So I always like to ask them again, at the end of this of the podcast, specifically what’s always going to be the offer so that oh yeah, oh yeah. Oh, yeah. And I need help with that. Then they know like

I really appreciate it. So I designed and built for you that you can use. I do training on all the things.

So I do I do fortunately use strategies where we really teach you how to automate those things right.

How to do marketing follow up. So that automation that we talked about that people don’t tell you about right.

And you’re doing clients I work with also offers automated messages.


amazing and she’s she is extraordinary at what she does, I highly recommend her put it out there in the atmosphere.

Kristen has brought us some free tools. So tell everyone what is provided underneath. Of course this information, but do everyone what exactly.

Page for free to use and it includes a digital systems checklist. If you are wondering

I have a checklist to understand every single component that you use.

And I also have

a photography check

and it will tell you exactly own toys to get right to go on a


So good. I want to thank you so much for your valuable advice and your favorite today because I know how busy you are for you. What is the best way to get in contact with you in case anyone wants to take this conversation further. I’ll be including lawyers. What’s the best way for them?

Right now is LinkedIn

really loving? So you can just search for I will leave LinkedIn, I have your LinkedIn link. So LinkedIn is the best way for me to be able to make that connection with her. Now, this is really important. I always say this and I know it’s at nauseam, but I’m gonna keep saying take the information that you’ve got here. Take one or two things that you’ve heard that you like or that you want to implement, and put some time on your calendar to implement them next week. Or today because I feel like listening to podcasts, I love doing it. But I need to work myself on implementing these great ideas that I hear when I’m on my walk and by the time they get home. I haven’t put it on my calendar to do so definitely go do that. You can find all of Kristen’s information below and I hope everyone has a great day. Thank you Kristen.

Pinterest Predicts Weekly August 5, 2022

Pinterest Predicts Weekly August 5, 2022

This is taken from Pinterest Community.  You can find this week’s here.

Pinterest Predicts Weekly

weekly pinterest trends

This week, the pinner trends collected insights around the theme of Walking Down the Aisle”.  Wedding season isn’t what it used to be.  It’s no longer restricted to June – bright colors are being adopted and personal touches abound.  Sunset hues, sparkles galore, and shades of blue have replaced all-white everything.  You can read directly from the Pinterest Community here.

Top stats

  • 180% increase in “honeymoon destinations”

  • 175% increase in “diamond heels”

  • 160% increase in “blue wedding cake”

  • 140% increase in “luxury wedding cake”

  • 90% increase in “green wedding invitations”

  • 85% increase in “tiny wedding ideas”

  • 70% increase in “orange wedding dress”

Pinterest Trends Weekly

More than 433 million* people use Pinterest to find tomorrow’s ideas. It’s a place to look forward. By looking at trends on Pinterest in the immediate past, we can glean valuable insights into what may trend elsewhere in the near future. 

The search trends in Pinterest Predicts Weekly aren’t just from the last four weeks. All search queries that we present have been growing over the last 12 months.

To make the trend lines, we first take the raw search volume from the last 12 months. To remove platform seasonality, we then index the search volume against the volume of all searches on Pinterest. Finally, we normalize the trend line so that we can compare trends and better see what ideas are trending together.


Walking down the aisle

Blue wedding cakes? Green invites? Orange dresses?  White weddings can wait, as people on Pinterest are taking a less than conventional approach to tying the knot.

That even extends to the wedding season, itself, which has been thoroughly uncoupled from June.  Some are boldly saying “I do,” with rhinestones and designer gowns, while others are personalizing their nuptials, including forest themes, gothic touches and putting pets in the ceremony

Have it your way

On Pinterest, people are taking a more creative approach exchanging vows, with an emphasis on tiny weddings, backyard celebrations, personal style and pet participation.

Thre has been an 85% increase in searches for “tiny wedding ideas” from July 21, 2021-August 2022.

In the last three weeks compared to the previous three weeks:
  • “gothic wedding” +75%
  • “creative save the date ideas” +55%
  • “backyard weddings” +30%
  • “wedding pets” +30%

All that glitters

Pinterest users are taking a shine to sparkly heels, gowns, and jewelry for walking down the aisle.

The Grow Your Email List with Pinterest Challenge

This CHALLENGE Is For You, IF…

▪️ You are a service-based entrepreneur
▪️ You are using Pinterest or will be using Pinterest
▪️ You want to grow your email list while you sleep
▪️ You want to build your client list

This challenge is 5 days. I’ll be giving some education with workshop to take immediate action! This challenge is different in that most of the work will be on the daily live call.

By the end of the week, if you do the work, you’ll have pins on Pinterest driving people to your lead magnet!

30% increase in searches for “rhinestone wedding dress from August 2021-July 2022.

In the last three weeks compared to the previous three weeks:
  • “diamond heels” +175%
  • “elegant wedding shoes brides” +2x
  • “floral wedding gown” +35%
  • “wedding necklace” +35%

Going all out

Some are taking an upscale route, with an uptick in searches for luxury, fancy, and designer wedding dresses, cakes and venues.


11x increase in searches for “luxury wedding venues August 2021 – July 2022.

In the last three weeks compared to the previous three weeks:
  • “luxury wedding cake” +140%
  • “fancy wedding cakes” +115%
  • “designer wedding dresses” +45%
  • “luxury wedding decor” +45%

Riding into the sunset

On Pinterest, people are inspired by fiery sunset palettes and tropical motifs for their big day.


40% increase in searches for “sunset color palette wedding from August 2021 – July 2022.

In the last three weeks compared to the previous three weeks:
  • “orange wedding dress” +70%
  • “red engagement ring” +55%
  • “beach wedding table centerpieces” +40%
  • “island wedding dress” +35%

Nature lovers

From green invitations (both colorwise and ecofriendly) to rustic bachelorettes parties, people are planning forestandnaturethemed weddings.

50% increase in searches for “small forest wedding from August 2021-July 2022.

In the last three weeks compared to the previous three weeks:
  • “green wedding invitations” +90%
  • “outdoor engagement photos” +45%
  • “camp themed bachelorette party” +40%
  • “rustic outdoor wedding” +35%

Something borrowed, something blue

Pinterest users are taking the old adage to heart and integrating all shades of blue into their wedding dresses and cakes.


2x increase in searches for “royal blue wedding dress from August 2021-July 2022.

In the last three weeks compared to the previous three weeks:

  • “blue wedding cake” +160%
  • “baby blue wedding dress” +90%
  • “light blue wedding cake” +90%
  • “dark blue wedding dress” +75%

The honeymoon period

Weddings aren’t complete without a honeymoon and people are searching for destinations while embracing the whole getaway aesthetic

110% increase in searches for “honeymoon aesthetic” from August 2021-July 2022.

In the last three weeks compared to the previous three weeks:

  • “honeymoon destinations” +180%
  • “hawaii honeymoon” +105%
  • “maldives honeymoon” +95%
  • “italy honeymoon” +60%


79 | Pinterest Predicts Weekly 9-9-22

79 | Pinterest Predicts Weekly 9-9-22

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Apply Human Design everything from marketing to scaling to creating your routines with Adina Kroll

Apply Human Design everything from marketing to scaling to creating your routines with Adina Kroll

adina kroll human design interview with Jen Vazquez Marketing Strategist

Apply Human Design everything from marketing to scaling to creating your routines with Adina Kroll

Did you know that you can apply human design to everything from marketing to scaling and creating your routines? If you have ever been intrigued with human design, or you’re a little curious, just to know a little bit more stick around because my guest today is an expert in human design. Welcome back to our channel, everyone.

Today, I am super excited to be chatting with Edina Kroll. She is an international human designer. Sales expert, author, and speaker for six-figure entrepreneurs in their teams. And today we’re going to be providing some, an unbelievable education that you can listen to for free. So welcome everyone. Hello Dina.

You can listen, watch or read below!

[00:00:45] jen_vazquez: Thanks so much for coming.

[00:00:47] Adina Kroll: Hi, thanks so much for having me.

[00:00:50] jen_vazquez: I’m so excited. I’m kind of obsessed with human design. So I’m really eager to dig in as well. Um, so to get started, tell me about your business and like how you got [00:01:00] started. I always find that so interesting to learn, um, from an entrepreneur perspective,

[00:01:05] Adina Kroll: Hmm. I love that question. And, um, yeah, I’m so happy that you’re obsessed for keyword design because yeah. I want everyone to be here, so.

[00:01:13] jen_vazquez: I know.

[00:01:14] Adina Kroll: So the way that I started is I have a background in it. Um, I basically did it sales for the longest time. And, um, that was only because I moved from Germany as a 19 year old.

[00:01:33] Adina Kroll: And I just didn’t want to do what I’m told and I didn’t want to go to university. So I’m like, well, I’ll take whatever I can get. And apparently speaking, two languages is great for it. Sales cause then people in house. So I started in it, um, as a bit of a geek myself, that was easy, but the problem is I suck at following orders.

[00:01:51] Adina Kroll: Is it, how has swearing on this channel, by the way,

[00:01:53] jen_vazquez: we are so cool. Swear away.

[00:01:58] Adina Kroll: I can try and filter, [00:02:00] uh,

[00:02:01] jen_vazquez: Don’t filter.

[00:02:05] Adina Kroll: And so as the use sort of went by, I never knew what I wanted to do. And so I’m going to fast forward. Eventually I decided like, Hey, I’m going to create my own business. I didn’t even know that that was an option that I could have, you know, because you have zero life experience as like a mid 20 year old.

[00:02:23] Adina Kroll: But Hey, our that’s not what it feels like at the time. And. Eventually I did start my business after a lot of failed attempts. And then essentially what would happen is I’ve run my business for a year, year and a half. And I entered this mastermind group, this mentorship group, which I thought was really, really cool.

[00:02:41] Adina Kroll: And I thought that it would give me the onset. It was with this really sort of high-end cards. And she had all their shit together and I kind of saw some results, but I was the perfect student. I was following like everyone else in the group. I was following everything that we were told. Um, everything that we were told to do was [00:03:00] following it down to a T and sort of like a month before the end of the thing I said to her, like, look, I’m just not, why am I there?

[00:03:08] Adina Kroll: Where this feels gross. I am like, why isn’t this working for me? Right. And like, am I broken? I’m not meant to be doing this. And she, but that’s what you do, right.

[00:03:19] jen_vazquez: yes, of course you self doubt creeps in all the time as an entrepreneur.

[00:03:24] Adina Kroll: Right. And I’m like, well, if the strategies that this prolific mentor has given me, aren’t working for me, maybe I should take it as a sign, right? Maybe this isn’t for me. Maybe I should go back and get a job and maybe I’m just not good enough. Well, anyway, she said to me a month before the. Have you had a human design, what’s your human design to happen?

[00:03:47] Adina Kroll: I’m like, I don’t know. I don’t even know what the hell was is at that point, if don’t mind Maya’s breaks, strengths. Well done. My old of the things. Like I have tried to find truth everywhere I’m at anyways. So she told me where to find it. And I came back and I’m [00:04:00] like, it says, I’m a projector as you was just like, oh, you’re a projectable.

[00:04:03] Adina Kroll: That makes sense. That’s why none of this is working for you. Yeah, literally that was my reaction. I’m like, can you tell me that now? I I’ve saved a lot of money.

[00:04:19] jen_vazquez: yeah.

[00:04:20] Adina Kroll: And so when I came to learn about human design, so then I got intrigued after I was super bitter at the first time,

[00:04:25] jen_vazquez: but it it,

[00:04:27] Adina Kroll: yeah, it made a lot of sense. So when I read it, I was super angry and bitter at the first because I’m just like, well, what do I just like is none of this working for me?

[00:04:36] Adina Kroll: Are we not mentoring? In business as projectors. And I took it for Gusto and eventually I stopped feeling sad for myself and I’m just like, okay, how am I going to make this work? And that’s, um, that’s when I became mildly obsessed

[00:04:50] jen_vazquez: Yeah. Describe so just for people, I’m sure most people, these days have heard of human design, but they don’t actually understand or know [00:05:00] what it’s about. So can you describe what human design is?

[00:05:04] Adina Kroll: in its simplest form. It is a tool for self discovery that helps you understand what your energetic blueprint is. It helps you understand what your makeup is, why you might be thinking the way you think, right. It doesn’t tell you what your personality likes or it doesn’t tell you the future. It doesn’t tell you events that are going on fucking divination. But it’s a tool that helps us to understand how do we understand clarity inside of ourselves? How do we become our own authority, which is something I’ve nowhere.

[00:05:43] jen_vazquez: yeah, I, that is one of the best descriptions that I’ve heard. So thank you for that because a lot of people think it’s like, woo. And it’s, it’s like not, I found out about a year ago that I’m a generator. And when I’m reading things [00:06:00] about generating. Every time I’m reading it. I’m like, that’s, that’s how I feel.

[00:06:05] jen_vazquez: That’s me. Oh my gosh. Like, and it, I find that human design kind of helps you to know how to work to be at your optimal performance. Correct.

[00:06:17] Adina Kroll: yeah, yeah. I mean, sorry.

[00:06:22] jen_vazquez: No, go ahead.

[00:06:24] Adina Kroll: When we, I love that you said that you really liked what you are hearing and that you’re resonating when you were a generator, when we have that conversation, right. That like you and I, when I, when I gave you sort of like a mini demonstration of your design, what I thought was so cool is that none of this applies to me and that’s because your designer so vastly different than mine.

[00:06:47] Adina Kroll: And that’s cool. So how do we utilize that?

[00:06:51] jen_vazquez: Yeah, absolutely. So can, and by the way, I, I appreciated that. That was so, so helpful, not just to prepare for [00:07:00] the interview, but like to really understand what you’re going to be educating on better, like way better than just like reading it. So can you describe. Um, generally speaking what each human design is and, um, yeah, let’s start with that.

[00:07:20] Adina Kroll: So it’s, um, we’ve got at the moment, we have got five types in human design. We’ve got the generators, the manifesting generators. We’ve got the projectors, the reflectors and the manifestors, um, the manifesting generators and the generators. Um, or rather than me start with each individually, cause one of them’s a hybrid.

[00:07:40] Adina Kroll: The generators are here for mastery. You’re already sort of here to show us what it looks like to delight and mastery and to be the. Um, manifesting generators are unique hybrid of manifestors. Generators and manifesting generators. I here to master the art of shortcuts. You’re really [00:08:00] here to sort of show us that when you feel pulled in every which direction, you’re not here to like really go down in too much detail.

[00:08:08] Adina Kroll: You hit it too. Monster shortcuts. Move on. Master shortcuts to show us that life is meant to be so linear. Right. Um, then we’ve got the manifestors they’re really here to trailblaze. They’re here to, um, start new things. The person who downloaded the idea of human design was a manifestor. So they they’re really here to sort of bring initiate people and things into form, and then let them go.

[00:08:36] Adina Kroll: The projectors are your natural guides and leaders. And one thing I have to say this, cause everyone always does this. That is, everyone can be a leader. Everyone can be anything just because that’s a natural inflammation. Doesn’t mean that other types, condu monster mastering doesn’t mean that other times can’t do this.

[00:08:51] Adina Kroll: We all, everything human design is not limiting, but there’s always a natural progression for each type. So for projectors, [00:09:00] this is to be a natural leader and guide to guide everyone’s energy and show them what everyone’s individual success looks like without overworking themselves without doing too much.

[00:09:12] Adina Kroll: And then we’ve got the reflectors. The reflectors are the rarest of all times with 1% of the entire world population. And they’re here to really be the, um, the health checker for the community to tell us and reflect. What is healthy, what in this community needs working on what is working really, really well.

[00:09:29] Adina Kroll: They’re really here to sort of amplify and show us the health of the community as a whole so that we can keep up with.

[00:09:38] jen_vazquez: brilliant. Brilliant. So how would human design help entrepreneurs to not burn out? Because I feel like that’s really rampant as an entrepreneur where you’re one person kind of doing everything before you maybe have a team and things like that. So burnout is [00:10:00] really, really prevalent. Um, so how could human design may be help entrepreneurs to not do that?

[00:10:06] Adina Kroll: Yeah. Um, I’m gonna start with a slight diversion to that question because to understand how it works, we need to understand why we need a tool like this in the first place. And that is because society. Has taught us that we need to see truth and clarity outside of ourselves. Basically what that means is that from the moment you were born, we have people who we perceive as authority figures, who we perceive know about us better than we do. And that’s a problem because. That kind of authority early really works. If you trust that the other person knows more about you than you do. And so when you look at things like, um, Uh, when we look at things like business, school, career success, all of these things, there’s a general consensus of what that looks like.

[00:10:58] Adina Kroll: Right? You work [00:11:00] hard, you earn your penny honors, like, and things like an honest day’s work for an honest, day’s pay that kind of thing. Right? Money doesn’t grow on trees and all of these things that great morals in and of itself because they’re looking at integrity that just like, well, if I make money, honestly, then that’s great.

[00:11:14] Adina Kroll: But what it also does. It doesn’t look at. Okay. Well, what about a situation fulfills me because no longer in a space where we need to work for pure survival. If you really need money, you can go and get any job. You can go and do anything. That’s always something that you can do. You could go to the flea market and sell some shit you can, I don’t know, clean floor somewhere.

[00:11:45] Adina Kroll: There’s always something you can do money. Isn’t the issue. We are no longer needing to constantly work. Obviously it’s a very broad statement. There are obviously people

[00:11:53] jen_vazquez: Yes. Yes. Yes.

[00:11:55] Adina Kroll: who need to work, but in this, in this world, when you are self-employed. [00:12:00] There’s a reason why you choose self-employment and that is usually freedom.

[00:12:03] Adina Kroll: That means that that survival aspect isn’t the most important for you. It means that you want a thriving aspect of your business and as a difference. And so at the moment we look at, okay, how can I create a business that’s successful and easy. And one where I don’t burn myself out. It’s usually the moment when we start looking for mentors, it’s usually start looking for Australia.

[00:12:28] Adina Kroll: So usually when we start looking at like, okay, well, what are some formulas that I can employ to easily create success? But why is there a problem? Because it doesn’t take into account your capacity, your circumstances, your viewpoint, your heritage, your capabilities, your skills, your talents, it takes none of this into your account.

[00:12:48] Adina Kroll: That doesn’t mean that’s formulas and strategies. Uh, when we apply it from a place of how society has taught us, well, these are the influencers. These are the people that know [00:13:00] about success. You have to listen to them. We’re completely ignoring that part of us that has capacity. And so you end up with a lot of entrepreneurials who photo strategies like posts three or four times a day and have a hundred calls a day.

[00:13:15] Adina Kroll: Like I come from very old sales where you really it’s just like you have an Excel sheet and you dial.

[00:13:21] jen_vazquez: it’s smile and dial.

[00:13:24] Adina Kroll: like tell me that, that wasn’t the most soul sucking thing you’ve ever done

[00:13:30] jen_vazquez: It was.

[00:13:31] Adina Kroll: and it isn’t, it isn’t physically hard. It isn’t physically hard to do this, but boy did it exhaustion and burn your out.

[00:13:39] Adina Kroll: Didn’t it. Because it didn’t take into consideration when your actual energetic capacity is, are you maybe a single mother that has three kids and cannot spend eight hours dialing for dollars, for instance. Right. And so what did I say at the beginning is that the first thing that we do is we point it [00:14:00] back to us and we’re like, oh, maybe I’m not meant for this.

[00:14:02] Adina Kroll: Maybe I’m not good enough. Right. And so the response to all of this is generally more work. Do that kind of what we consider to be a failure, right. Just because we don’t see success, we sometimes consider that a fail, which is a lot of whole shit. Um, and that’s where a lot of burnout comes from. And so every type response to that differently instrument design.

[00:14:29] Adina Kroll: And so when we look at you and Alana went off on a deep tangent here, but I heard about

[00:14:32] jen_vazquez: that’s okay. No, it’s so good because I don’t feel like enough people are talking about this.

[00:14:38] Adina Kroll: Thank you. I love it. And so the way that human design can really help you create more easeful success is it looks at you as an individual. It doesn’t give you just a blanket statement. Yes, we have. They have a general strategy and a general formula, but that’s like the tip of the iceberg, there are over 2 billion [00:15:00] different configurations, which means that there is something that is very unique to you.

[00:15:04] Adina Kroll: Maybe you have certain centers to find that govern that you need to rest a little bit more. Maybe you are a type that generally isn’t very energetic in the first place. Maybe one of your variables means that, right? So these are all sort of very advanced terms already. You don’t need to know what that mean, but there are so many components that dictate. How you might function then not to say, how does inspiration come to you? How do you create with self value? If you have a defined or undefined, heart and human. So there’s so many things that we can take into consideration that just aren’t blanket. And when we start to understand these, we can stop being like, I’m going to take these strategies for face value and just apply them willy-nilly and we can be like, okay, well, what of that strategy actually feels good for me?

[00:15:48] Adina Kroll: Feels fulfilling. Feels like. Have the capacity to actually do. Cause it’s like having anything successful, technically in a nutshell, super simple. Right? You have something you want to offer, you [00:16:00] show it off, you go and make some offers that. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.

[00:16:05] jen_vazquez: Yeah. Well, and when you did my human design for me, when you started talking about it, I was like, I don’t think that’s easy. And then you looked at other areas on the chart for lack of a better word. And you said. Bottom line is I am sort of somebody who dives into everything I say yes to everything. It is my natural instinct.

[00:16:29] jen_vazquez: And yet through human design and you doing, you know, looking into it for me, you’re like give yourself a day or even an hour. And I’ve been doing that since we spoke a week or so ago. And I can’t tell you almost half the things that I originally would have jumped. We’re not something I wanted to jump at the next day.

[00:16:53] jen_vazquez: It Bellew my mind. So already, just by having that [00:17:00] visit with you, I’ve learned, I have a much easier week this week because when we spoke, I didn’t say yes to a bunch of things after that, but I came my way and. It, it blew my mind because when I’m listening to you, I’m like, oh, oh yeah. Okay. I’ll wait. Right.

[00:17:21] jen_vazquez: And which is not my style. And so I really dove in and did it and it shocked me and it made for an enjoyable week this week. I mean, I just, I thank you. It’s so crazy. I, so if anyone is curious about human design, before we go onto the rest of the questions, you definitely need to speak with Nina because she.

[00:17:50] jen_vazquez: Through my human design. She in a very short call, changed everything about how I’m working now, which is really, really exciting. [00:18:00] So, um, for those out there that are going and checking out human design and looking to take a quiz, is there a quiz that you think is the best or better than others?

[00:18:13] Adina Kroll: so I would go to a website called Jovian archive. It’s literally, if you just put into Google or any search bar human design chart, it’s free. It’s not really a. Um,

[00:18:24] jen_vazquez: no. Yeah, I set a quiz like personality wise, but it is you’re right. It’s not, it’s like, it was good. That’s the one I did.

[00:18:33] Adina Kroll: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. So you put in your birth chart and the kind of thing that you need to notice, obviously, your, your birthday, your birth city, if you know this, and if you have obviously your birth time, the more accurate it is, the better. I appreciate that. Sometimes people don’t know their birth time.

[00:18:50] Adina Kroll: Um, Brands who’ve been adopted before and they just couldn’t get that kind of information. Um, there are things that you can do, but just to find out your type, as you can just [00:19:00] pull up your child for a few times in the day and see if the type generally stays there.

[00:19:05] jen_vazquez: and that, that kind of brings me to my next question. Um, I know that I’ve heard a lot of people sort of wonder how human design differs from like a personality quiz, like any Agram or Myers-Briggs. How are those.

[00:19:22] Adina Kroll: So the personality test does exactly what it does. It takes, it takes aspects of your answers as per your personality and makes them like. Formulates them into a archetype. So to say human design, isn’t so much archetypal what it does do. And this is probably what you said in the very beginning. It sounded a little bit very woo.

[00:19:46] Adina Kroll: And there is a part of it. That’s very weird because it is a modality that is created from astrology that each eating the Kabbalah, the chakra is in quantum physics. So yes, there are aspect. It is not a science. It is not a personality quiz, but what it does do is the [00:20:00] idea behind it is. The the planets on the day that you were born, the energies on the day that you were born have created a sort of blueprint.

[00:20:13] Adina Kroll: And it also takes into account up to her. I think around 80 days before your birth was when, what we call your design, crystal is created. And then through those like three months tire works, there might be three months. Your old design is built. And then from the moment you were born, That is like, sort of like the finalized quote unquote product to put it a little bit bluntly.

[00:20:32] Adina Kroll: But I think that that’s actually quite a, quite a fun analogy. It’s just like, you have been crated, nothing, but that was quite fun. And so that’s the difference because it doesn’t tell you what is your personality? It doesn’t tell you, um, like for instance, like anagrams, do they don’t say like, oh, well you were very confident person or you’re, uh, you’re someone who does things very quick, which human design does.

[00:20:54] Adina Kroll: You can have two people with the same chart, but they express that energetic [00:21:00] DNA, very different like twins, if you will. Right? Very much like twins, twins have almost the same DNA or have the same DNA, but they express themselves very differently. And the same is true for human design. It’s just your energetic map.

[00:21:14] Adina Kroll: It’s it gives you the language for something that you already.

[00:21:18] jen_vazquez: So with working with an expert like yourself, it really helps to be able to dive deeper than just the chart and the description that you get. When you take the answer, all the questions that come up with your human design D does human design, then not change over time. Like fundamentally that’s your sort of core or how does that work?

[00:21:44] Adina Kroll: yeah, it never changes. Your design is. And it just stays the way it is, because again, your design as determined by your time of bus

[00:21:56] jen_vazquez: Yeah,

[00:21:56] Adina Kroll: of it. Right. And the

[00:21:58] jen_vazquez: but you can work [00:22:00] within your human design with an expert like yourself. Like I did, which had some massive. Positives in my life just by taking a little tip here and there. Like, I, I still am shocked at how effective it was. Um, so before I get to, well, let me just ask this first. What are three things that you think have helped you grow your business?

[00:22:26] jen_vazquez: They can be tools, advice.

[00:22:31] Adina Kroll: obviously human design. Um, oh,

[00:22:35] jen_vazquez: I always have set up for sure,

[00:22:38] Adina Kroll: how did you know.

[00:22:41] jen_vazquez: because I experienced it. You, you helped me to learn something that I literally had no clue on. So that was good.

[00:22:49] Adina Kroll: I love that you share your experience. I think that that is so valuable because, you know, we, we sometimes forget that an individual experience can sometimes give us permission to step into that for ourselves [00:23:00] as well. So here in design definitely was a major tool that helped me understand my own success, helped me to happen to my own success.

[00:23:08] Adina Kroll: And the way that that kind of works is because. Um, obviously the, the, the way that each type interact is going to be very different. So to give you an example, me as a projected. I like it doesn’t work. Most of the marketing strategies and most of the sales strategies, they just simply don’t work for projectors and manifests by the way.

[00:23:31] Adina Kroll: Uh, they simply don’t work for us. And that is simply because of our energetic makeup. And then you take into account, uh, I’m going to go a little bit advanced, but it’ll make sense me. We’ve just the way that inspiration comes to us. Right. It’s just like, how do I know what to price myself? How do I know what program to offer?

[00:23:50] Adina Kroll: How do I know who to speak to it, et cetera. There are variables in my particular design that mend that ruminating over this and [00:24:00] sitting down and brainstorm. We’re doing anything for me. Right? Cause I have, um, what we call an open crown for instance, and I’m designed to have answers come to me as I’m engaging in different activities.

[00:24:11] Adina Kroll: For instance, um, couple that you and I, we go share this with an emotional authority. The world has taught us to be spontaneous turns out half the world are emotionally defines a half of us, have to actually take a night and sleep on.

[00:24:25] jen_vazquez: I, and you know, when you talked about that, to me, it was really apparent because I think you asked me, I don’t remember the exact words, but you asked me something like, do you ever say yes. And regret it the next day or when it comes time to do whatever it is that you said yes to. Do you feel that resistance?

[00:24:47] jen_vazquez: Like, I just want to be in bed today. I don’t want to be doing XYZ that I agreed to last week when it sounded great. Like I need to check in with myself. It blew my mind.[00:25:00]

[00:25:00] Adina Kroll: Yeah. And the thing is, again, it sounds so simple. It’s none of the stuff that I told you and I’ve already like touched the surface,

[00:25:07] jen_vazquez: I know.

[00:25:09] Adina Kroll: tell you is stuff that you didn’t know. Right. So that’s the beauty of it. It’s, it’s, it’s almost like this confirmation that gives you permission of like also I’m not broken also this.

[00:25:21] Adina Kroll: What’s up. I’m not like weirdly wired our case. Now I can play it to my strengths. Right. And so that’s why it is such a huge tool for success, because for the longest time, um, anyone who is listening, who’s a little bit more advanced in, in human design. I have the left angle cross of individualism. Like my success story is literally.

[00:25:43] Adina Kroll: I will attract wealth and abundance. What I am simply myself, obviously in my chart and shows me what that might look like. Right. Then you can have people with the cross of the sleeping Phoenix or the cross of the cross of planning, and they were vastly different to that. Right? They can have aspects of planning and that’s how they [00:26:00] find success.

[00:26:00] Adina Kroll: Are there so many different variables when you stop applying that to your business? Right? Which brings me back to the whole, the whole burnout. I don’t like I’m post when I want, I work with the people that I want. I

[00:26:14] jen_vazquez: and it, and the timing will work out.

[00:26:19] Adina Kroll: like I don’t, I don’t plan a lot of these things and things that like, they’re very fluid for me. And the thing is a thing, again, as a, as a, as a tool in and of itself, the beauty is simply how do we love. What decisions are correct for us? Well, if you make decisions that are correct for you, that feel good. Well, it’s inevitable that success is coming to you because you’re going to be more motivated to continue, even though other people might find what you do is hard. If it is correct for you, then what does it matter?

[00:26:52] jen_vazquez: Correct? Yes. Amazing. Do you have, um, a couple other tools or advice that [00:27:00] have helped you beyond, um, human design?

[00:27:04] Adina Kroll: yes, it’s going to sound weird, but Siri.

[00:27:10] jen_vazquez: I am so glad you said that I am a little bit obsessed. She runs my whole life.

[00:27:18] Adina Kroll: for me, it’s a heat with a British accent and he is my assistant at the thing is Siri for me is literally like a lifesaver because. I can, I can be on the road and suddenly my inspiration hits like in the middle of nowhere. And then I can just put on the dictating tour and I’m like, Siri, just write this down, Siri, remind me to do this.

[00:27:39] Adina Kroll: And it’s like, it sounds, I’m so glad that you appreciate this, but like massive, massive tool for productivity makes me feel like I have a VA when I’m maybe one, like, I don’t always need a VA cause like I just follow my own design. Right. When I need someone to [00:28:00] concentrate, I’m just like, yeah. Hey Siri, can you just remind me to do this?

[00:28:02] Adina Kroll: And Siri’s like, yeah, Sean. I’m like, Hey, cool.

[00:28:05] jen_vazquez: I I’m doing pricing for a proposal and I have Siri do my adding. I E I haven’t have her turn on my lights, turn off my lights, play sleep sounds for me to go to sleep. Like, I’m not kidding. I’m I’ve got her on my watch. And I say her because I did first have the male, um, who has the English. Who I loved, but my husband didn’t want him in the bedroom. I’m like, all right, well, I can’t live without series, so I’ll put it back to a few. Now I’m like, whatever works, right. I am obsessed with her. I’m so happy. I found someone else that feels the same.

[00:28:45] Adina Kroll: Yeah. And by the way, this Turkey has to come up in a Christmas trivia for you. It’s just like who is who or what is someone that my husband didn’t want to have in the same bedroom?

[00:28:55] jen_vazquez: oh, that’s so good. I’m totally gonna use that. That is [00:29:00] hysterical. Well now I, now I feel like everyone has fallen in love with you and fallen in love with. you can provide in terms of human design. So I would love for you to tell us what kind of services do you offer so that anyone watching on YouTube or listening on the podcast can go ahead and, and make, you know, take action.

[00:29:27] Adina Kroll: That’s so sweet. Thank you. I just love talking about

[00:29:33] jen_vazquez: I’m obsessed with Pinterest like that. So I think we’re very similar in that way.

[00:29:39] Adina Kroll: Yeah, I love it. Um, so basically, what was the question? What services.

[00:29:46] jen_vazquez: Yeah. What type of services do you offer with regards to human design so that anybody, how do they dip their toe in? How do they take it to the next level? What kind of services do you.

[00:29:57] Adina Kroll: right. Thank you. I was so excited [00:30:00] that you just said that you talk about it. That somehow the question I had it, but it was no.

[00:30:06] jen_vazquez: know the feeling.

[00:30:08] Adina Kroll: I’m so glad I do do human design readings for business, especially. So if anyone wanted to, like, you don’t need to know anything, I will literally start from the beginning or if you do know something, I can make it a little bit more advanced, which is quite tailored.

[00:30:23] Adina Kroll: Um, and I do do my entire coaching practice for teams for your business, for your offers in anything. Um, human design is a very integral part of what I use. In that series, because I like what works for me may not work for you. Right. And so who am I to tell you what to do? We’re using your design to shape your own individual success.

[00:30:51] Adina Kroll: And, um, yeah, I’ve had some really, really great results with this from clients. Um, and I mean, you, you, thank you for sharing your experience with this. It’s it’s I, I [00:31:00] love hearing these variances because it’s just so valuable to hear.

[00:31:04] jen_vazquez: Yeah, I, I shared with you what I knew from, you know, doing, going on online and figuring it out. But you went in such a short period of time. You like knew my inner workings, my mind, like what, w w how I felt, how I moved right through the universe or through business. Um, and it is, I. Definitely feel like every single person that is interested should absolutely contact you.

[00:31:34] jen_vazquez: This has been invaluable and, um, and surprise, uh, Dina has brought us a gift today. So she has a webinar on how to scale your business and have more sales without doing more. Fabulous. And she’s giving it away for free. I will have all the information down below, so you can just check all that information.

[00:31:56] jen_vazquez: Uh, Deena, thank you so much for your valuable [00:32:00] advice and for your time today, especially because you’re in England and, um, you know, I’m over here in California. So finding a time on the schedule, I really, really appreciate it. What is the best way for people to get in contact with you in case they do want to take this conversation?

[00:32:17] Adina Kroll: That’s so sweet. It’s been such a pleasure to be here. I just love you. You’re

[00:32:21] jen_vazquez: I love you too. I will be working with you. So everyone out there can hear. I absolutely am going to dive in deeper with Edina for.

[00:32:29] Adina Kroll: I love it. Oh wait. So one of the best ways to reach me is either on my website, um, Edina with a K, um, and Instagram, if I’m very honest, like I hang out a lot on Instagram. So if you just DME there. Throw me an emoji. That’s really cool. Recently rebranded my free Facebook group, where I will also be sharing a lot of human design tips as well.

[00:32:53] Adina Kroll: But yeah, those are like the three places you can, you can find me the groups called the wealth rebellion. So if you want it to look at it, [00:33:00] um, that’s, that’s just happened yesterday because as per my design, I was waiting for clarity or.

[00:33:06] jen_vazquez: That is so perfect. Cause that’s one link that I didn’t have and I just wrote it down. So I’ll be able to share it with everyone in the notes here, um, and including the place where you can go ahead and view that webinars. So I always love to end my, my podcasts was saying, go out there and do something good for your brain.

[00:33:25] jen_vazquez: By checking out a Dina’s gift, uh, which is that webinar, how to scale your business and have more sales without doing more, because let’s be honest. We all need a little bit of that, but also I find that I listen to podcasts in my car or when I’m working out. And the thing is, is if you take all of the learning that you have, and you don’t take at least one action from what you’ve learned, then.

[00:33:49] jen_vazquez: Haven’t really improved your business much. You’ve just been listening. So I really hope that you go out there and take the human design and information. Go [00:34:00] watch a Dina’s gift of her webinar and do something good for your business so that you can actually grow your business. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.



LATEST PINTEREST NEWS inspire holiday shoppers with Pinterest (webinar) by Jen Vazquez Pinterest Marketing Strategist



The webinar was designed to give us an introduction to crafting the perfect holiday campaign for your brand as early as possible. 

They reflected and noted that it’s been quite a start to the 2020s with going through unprecedented times of global pandemic, political unrest, as well as poor and mixed the sobering realities 

Adults are spending 50% of their waking hours online. And more than ever, people are saying that being online makes them feel disconnected. From themselves and their interests. People feel sucked in, burned out, anxious from social comparison. Given the realities of a heavy news cycle, and negative messaging on many platforms, people often turn to Pinterest for a much-needed break from scrolling through not-so-good news. 

Pinterest is viewed as a place to discover and be inspired. Pinterest wanted to learn why people turn to Pinterest and what specifically feels good about the platform? 

What they found was that Pinterest is a different social media platform building a more positive place on the internet, where you can find things you actually love. Where creators can be known for expertise, non celebrity and where you can plan for an amazing holiday celebrating with your friends and family. 

A recent study by Nielsen shows that Pinterest is the number one place people go for inspiration online and off.  So Pinterest decided to take a look at how to move people towards decisions on the platform. 

They found on Pinterest that 97% of searches are unbranded people come to Pinterest to plan and do without even making up their mind about what to buy.  

Pinterest drives 10x Higher branded searches off platform. That's a trigger moment that happens on Pinterest. Inspirational environments actually help people make up their mind. We call this decision making behavior, the NEW ROI a return on inspiration. 

So how does this impact the way you should be thinking about the holidays this year? 

2022 Holiday Research

Pinterest shared what they learned from 2022 holiday research that highlighted one important thing.  —- the holidays will be different this year. The holidays will be more expansive, more personalized and more dynamic than ever.  Because the past two years have forced people to reinvent the way they plan for and celebrate the holidays, they have expanded their definition of what the holidays mean. 

People are looking for new ways to bring fresh joy to their traditions, and personalize their holiday plans to suit their needs. While all of this reinvention may have started as a necessity, it's now become the norm and people like it giving them permission to design plan and celebrate their holidays in the best way for them. 

All of that means the need for holiday inspiration has never been greater. Pinterest shared a video of pinners and what they have to say about planning the holidays.  They shared things like:

Pinterest allows me to visualize ideas that I have in my head.”

“I have categories for Christmas baking, Christmas dinner ideas, Christmas party ideas, Christmas outfit ideas for those days where I'm going to events

Pinterest offers some more environmentally conscious and budget friendly opportunities to decorate your home for the holidays without actually breaking the bank.”

without Pinterest I also wouldn't have been able to do things like hold my annual friend Miss at my new place. And I think in a way it kind of helps me get a bigger view of what's possible for home decor. Secret Santa gifts and even holiday snacks and meals.”

Pinterest really inspires me to not only find great gift ideas and try new brands, but I also feel that I'm just becoming a better host go on there and I see something I'm like yes, it's exactly what I've been looking for.”

“I was inspired to get a Black Christmas tree and who would have thought it would look so kind of neutral, but yet something unique. And it's a way that I can also use it for Halloween so it's dual purpose and create a specific for each of my best friends and just start adding things to it whether


More Research

What pinners shared about Pinterest is that they are really excited to celebrate more holiday moments of all sizes like big moments and a lot more of the small moments. And they've already started planning many of those moments and celebrations on Pinterest, which means there are even more opportunities for you to reach them and boost your holiday sales. 

Pinterest’s research shows that shoppers on Pinterest are optimistic about the 2022 holiday season. They're excited to get back out into the world and they look forward to the return of the larger and more traditional celebrations that they've always enjoyed. They also really like their newer traditions and the smaller mini moments they created over the past two years and they plan to keep them and they'll add even more.

 82% say they expect to create and celebrate more smaller moments this holiday season

Pinterest’s research also validated that New traditions have taken hold of the past two years as the pandemic gave people permission to design and celebrate the holidays their own way – which people on Pinterest really embraced.  And it showed that pinners were 60% more likely to create a new holiday tradition with close friends and family which has cause an explosion of smaller unique holiday moments on Pinterest. And while the traditional holidays make the season memorable. It's these many small moments that make the season truly special. 

Those smaller moments range from seasonal traditions like parties with friends or coworkers to tree decorating or holiday. There are culturally meaningful celebrations and important personal moments like a holiday engagement or baby gender reveal.

If you have services or products that can help people celebrate small as well as large and traditional celebrations, ensure you are marketing those on Pinterest.  Including Pinterest in your marketing is a no brainer and provides amazing return on your investment of time - far better than other social media platforms.   

Pinterest helps you connect with customers in a hyper relevant way. It's also a great opportunity to expand on traditional audiences and lean into adjacent categories.  

Pinterest is the number one destination when it comes to holiday inspiration. And inspiration is indeed the new influence. Holiday shoppers say that their top place for inspiration and motivation during the holidays is Pinterest. This translates into purchase influence. One in five holiday shoppers say the content on Pinterest inspired at least half of their holiday purchases last year. Yes that’s right! 

Pinners Are Inspired 

Pinterest inspired at least half of their purchases.  Pinners rely on Pinterest to find what's new or new to them. 

Pinterest then went into a little more in depth on shoppers on Pinterest. First thing they mentioned is how Pinterst shoppers are different from shoppers than on other platforms. 

They're always shopping. And what's really noticeable is that they spend more twice is more compared to other platforms. Basically they are super shoppers. Plus, they buy more each time they shop. 

Shoppers on Pinterest had 85% larger baskets at checkout, which is a pretty incredible stat. And last but not least Pinterest is the most efficient channel overall for generating incremental conversions.  How efficient you might ask? Well 30% more so than other social platforms. 

Pinterest heard from shoppers that Pinterest brings the best of offline shopping online, which is nearly twice as high as the number of people who use other social platforms.

What's really interesting is that a lot of early industry forecasts are predicting a return to brick and mortar shopping. 87% of shoppers who use Pinterest say it's a valuable compliment to in store shopping. And that's 85% higher than what people say about other platforms. 


Another area where Pinterest beats out the competition is personalization. Personalization matters more than anything when it comes to shopping. 

When Pinterest looked at shopping data through the holiday lens, what they noticed about people on Pinterest is that not only do they love to shop but they also love to gift.  Turns out 90% Use it for gift-giving ideas

He’s a big note that not many people realize.  Research shows people on Pinterest start holiday shopping early. The majority of pinners start their holiday shopping including for gifting purposes before Thanksgiving. 

More Shopper Data

Pinterest looked at the data we found that interest shoppers are pretty unique. They go to Pinterest to find gifts based on who they're shopping for. Notably, they are open minded about brands or products. 

So for brands this is really the perfect opportunity to reach active gift shoppers while they're undecided. All this in mind, they’ve been working hard to create a wide range of surfaces that allow brands to reach pinners at different points of their shopping journey. 

  • There’s the shop tab from search, helping Pinners to go right into shop mode as they search for ideas. 
  • There is product tagging on standard pins (via the Pinterest app on cell phones) helping to make any pin instantly shopable content and move Pinterest inspiration to action. 
  • Try-On, which gives Pinners the ability to virtually try on makeup such as lipstick and eyeshadow from the comfort of the couch. 

Pinterest is also continuing to introduce new products with feedback from partners. Recent examples of a product that they just launched is shopping list. People are already saving ideas and products they love on Pinterest and we know that there are over seven times more likely to purchase products they've saved with shopping lists.

This allows Pinners to save product pins automatically in one place, making it easier for them to come back and shop the item.

And exciting news, there is the integration app for WooCommerce. 

Pinterest shared how to create your media plan as you prepare for the holiday season. Something you should always remember is that pinners are planners, in fact pinners start planning shopping and buying early for the holiday. The holiday gifting searches on Pinterest start picking up between July and September. 

So, you should start pinning products and services for the holiday season NOW!  


To summarize,  by now you've heard loud and clear that the holidays will be different this year. There'll be more expansive, more personalized and more dynamic than ever, which means the need for holiday inspiration has never been greater. 

And here are four takeaways:

  • People come to Pinterest open minded and they leave decided
  • Pinterest is 10 times more efficient at driving consideration. 
  • In 2022 We'll have more holiday celebrations big and small which means there are more opportunities for you to reach shoppers on Pinterest and boost your holiday sales. 
  • Pinners start planning their holidays early on Pinterest and they're buying gifts for everyone in their life. We've seen planning move into high gear and brands between July and September the last couple of years so start pinning now!

Pinterest Strategy Academy

If you want help getting your business on Pinterest, or finding a strategy to include pinterest in your marketing, my Pinterest Strategy Academy is perfect for you.  

Don't Forget to Pin It!

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