6 things to focus on for Pinterest marketing going into 2024 by Jen Vazquez Media

6 things to focus on for Pinterest marketing

Pinterest is the top social media referrer to my website, according to Google Analytics. And here’s an exciting fact – it surpasses even Instagram! As a Pinterest Manager, educator, and recognized Pinterest Pioneer, handpicked by Pinterest themselves as an expert in their Pinterest Business Community, I’ve had the privilege of guiding hundreds of individuals in mastering Pinterest. Moreover, I support businesses by managing their Pinterest accounts, enabling them to focus on what they do best – working in their zone of genius.

Pinterest has changed quite a bit in the past six months, but it’s all for the better! You no longer have to post 20-30 times a day and sharing mostly other people’s content won’t be the key to growing your business. It’s a positive shift toward a more manageable and effective approach.

Here are 6 important tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking about using Pinterest Marketing to grow your business in late 2023 and into 2024.

Patience Wins!

It does take consistent and fresh content to work.  So give it time.  this is the number one thing I hear about Pinterest, “I tried it and it didn’t work”. That’s from people who gave it a go for 30 days.   

Single Organic Pin Type

Pinterest has simplified things by introducing a single organic pin format. You can use graphics (formerly known as standard pins), videos (previously video pins), or a blend of both video and graphics (formerly idea pins). This change makes it much more user-friendly. Plus, every pin now includes links.

Analyze for Success

When it comes to analytics, all metrics on Pinterest are essential. While impressions, follows, and saves are significant, what truly reflects your business growth, not just your Pinterest account’s growth, are Pin clicks and Outbound Clicks. It’s about measuring the impact on your business

Pinterest Membership

Pinterest Strategy Club

A community membership that helps you to learn Pinterest live.  There's a mini course to optimize your Pinterest to have it help you grow your business.  There are two live calls a month, a Pinning Session for accountability and a Q+A session. Also, Pin templates each month to download.

Adapt Your Strategy

Your strategy should be a blend of three key elements: your business goals, Pinterest’s best practices, and the time you’re willing to invest.

Each month, by observing which pins receive the most attention, you can refine your strategy and make slight adjustments to create more of the content that Pinterest, guided by analytics, recommends. It’s about staying flexible and responsive to what works best for your goals.

Pinterest is a Search Engine (not social media)

Pinterest is the third-largest search engine globally, following Google and YouTube, and it’s worth noting that Google owns YouTube. I like to think of Pinterest as a close cousin to these giants. Its primary role is to attract fresh attention to your content.

However, it’s crucial to understand that rarely does someone sign up for a high-dollar coaching program after seeing just one pin. The key is to encourage engagement with your website and get them on your email list. This way, you can nurture their interest and build trust over time, eventually leading to them becoming your clients. It’s about creating a meaningful and sustained connection.

Client Journey Matters

When someone tells you they found you on Instagram, it’s a good idea not to jump to conclusions. Instead, kindly inquire, “How did you discover me on Instagram?” Did they use a specific hashtag (we’d love to know)? Or were they referred by someone (we’d like to express our gratitude)? Surprisingly, about 60% of the time (in my experience), they’ll pause and admit, “Oh, actually, I found you through a Google search or on Pinterest.

This is all part of the client journey. Your pin might have initially caught their interest, leading them to your content. Subsequently, they might have checked out your social media to learn more about you before making contact. They might say “Instagram” because that’s where they were when they decided to reach out. It’s about acknowledging the various touchpoints on their path to connecting with you.


To make the most of Pinterest in the year ahead, remember that Pinterest’s slower growth thrives on consistent, fresh content. Use the simplicity of the single organic pin type, now featuring graphics, videos, and links.

Keep a close eye on analytics, focusing on Pin clicks and Outbound Clicks for real business growth. Craft a strategy that blends your business goals, Pinterest best practices, and the time you can invest, with monthly adjustments based on performance.

Recognize Pinterest as a search engine, not just a social platform, to draw new eyes to your content. Don’t forget the client journey – many first find you on Google or Pinterest, then confirm their interest on social media.

These insights will help you maximize Pinterest’s potential for your business in the year ahead.

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6 things to focus on for Pinterest marketing going into 2024 by Jen Vazquez Media
6 things to focus on for Pinterest marketing going into 2024 by Jen Vazquez Media
6 things to focus on for Pinterest marketing going into 2024 by Jen Vazquez Media
6 things to focus on for Pinterest marketing going into 2024 by Jen Vazquez Media
6 things to focus on for Pinterest marketing going into 2024 by Jen Vazquez Media