Get More Clients with Pinterest

I’m having free Pinterest training!

I need to share a marketing secret with you.  Pinterest is the most underutilized social media site for businesses!!  It’s crazy to think about right?

But since so many people don’t know why they should use Pinterest or how I’m going to do some free classes every Wednesday in October!

Do you spend a lot of time on Instagram?

Why spend so much time on Instagram when it gets so little life?   I have often thought, “I’m so over Instagram today”.

LIFESPAN OF A POST by Wed Photography Coach

Pinterest is the #1 way I drive traffic to my content

Just look at these stats to see why I love Pinterest.  I spend the most time on Instagram, but Pinterest drives way more traffic!  It goes to show that the time spent on Pinterest has more of a return than the time spent on Instagram.

In fact, one of my Pinterest Strategy Academy clients (a membership to get Pinterest work done) found that Pinterest kept traffic driving to her website.  And, after 3 months, Pinterest was the highest driver of traffic to her website, even while she didn’t touch it for those three months.

This is a Screen shot of my analytics of which social media referrals to my website

Are these free classes for you? Should you sign up?

Answer the questions below:

  • Do you have a Pinterest account?
  • Wish your content lasted longer on social media?
  • Are you a content creator?
  • Do you wish you had a bigger email list?
  • Curious how Pinterest could actually bring you more business?
  • Do you have a website, Podcast, youtube channel, freebie lead magnet, Instagram account, online course, products, or affiliate page?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, these free Pinterest classes are for you!

Here’s what I’ll be teaching you on this FREE training…

  • Why use Pinterest for Marketing? Three things to make sure you have on your Pinterest profile.
  • What are fresh images, why should I care, and how to do it easily?
  • How to use Lead Magnets and Pinterest to grow your list… and thus your clients
  • How to repurpose IG and FB content to get the most out of what you create
  • How to spend 30 minutes once a week to drive more traffic to your content

If you need help with Pinterest, shoot me an email HERE.