Top 10 Videos of 2023: Your Video Guide to Pinterest + Marketing

My Top 10 Videos of 2023 Your visual guide to business growth jen vazquez media

My Top 10 Videos of 2023

Hello, brilliant achievers! 🎬 Want to visually amplify your business growth? I’ve handpicked the Top 5 Videos of 2023 that every female service provider should watch. These videos are packed with actionable advice, cutting-edge strategies, and a dash of fun to keep you engaged and empowered. Let’s hit play and step into a world of visual learning!

Video #1


In this video, I’m sharing Tailwind’s Ghostwriter Review and Tutorial. It saved me 4 Hours of work and continues to do so.

If you are you struggling to come up with engaging content that resonates with your audience or you are challenged by the hours it takes to create content, this video will help!

Try Tailwind out with the forever free plan —

Video # 2


In this video I’m sharing GA4 + Pinterest Analytics Made Easy.  Learn how To Find Your Website Traffic Stats from Pinterest.

I struggled so much to find this information and I finally figured it out and thought I’d make a video for you.  Well my audience loved it as it’s the 2nd most popular video on my account.

Being able to find this information and track growth helps you to know what content on your blog is resonating and to create more content like that!


Video #3

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FROM 2020. It’s pretty outdated but still has some good information for creating pins in Canva.

In this video, discussed how I created a bunch of Pinterest Pins in Canva for one blog post.

A couple of tips:

  • You don’t want to pin the same URL more than every 7 days or so – even with new images.
  • I don’t use handwriting type font for the main keywords to ensure that Pinterest can read it and also people visiting Pinterest on their cell phones.

Video #4

In this video I share about affiliate links.  You may also want to see the newest video I created on this subject.


Bonus Video

Are you ready to harness the immense potential of Pinterest and transform your pins into profit-generating tools? Welcome to a comprehensive guide that will delve deep into the world of monetizing Pinterest through organic affiliate marketing.

We’ll equip you with strategic insights and actionable tips, empowering you to leverage Pinterest’s unique features to maximize your affiliate conversions. From pinpointing your ideal audience to optimizing every aspect of your pins for maximum engagement, this guide will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to transform your Pinterest presence into a lucrative affiliate marketing platform.

Get prepared to unlock the full power of Pinterest and elevate your affiliate marketing game to new heights.


Video #5

In this video, we’ll be discussing How to Claim your Website for Pinterest in a SIMPLE WAY!

Many people initially face challenges with this task, but once they complete it, they often share that it was easier than they initially thought.


Video #6

In this video, I’ll be exploring the reasons behind utilizing Pinterest for your service-oriented business in 2023: A Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest.


Video #7

This is a video about What is a Pin Code and How Can You Use It Marketing Your Business.

Alright, Pinners! Ready to take your Pinterest game to the next level? Say hello to Pincodes, a little-known hack provided to us by Pinterest to share your Pinterest profile and boards in the real world.

So, what exactly are Pincodes? Well, think of them as special codes that act as gateways to your Pinterest wonderland. When someone spots your Pincode, they can simply whip out their Pinterest Lens and give it a scan. It’s like opening a door to a world of inspiration and ideas!


Video #8

Wanna know 6 things to focus on for Pinterest marketing going into 2024? Pinterest is the top social media referrer to my website, according to Google Analytics. And here’s an exciting fact – it surpasses even Instagram!

Pinterest has changed quite a bit in the past six months, but it’s all for the better! You no longer have to post 20-30 times a day and sharing mostly other people’s content won’t be the key to growing your business. It’s a positive shift toward a more manageable and effective approach.


Video #9

In this video, I’m sharing all about why your Pinterest analytics may have dropped. There are two main reasons why this may be happening and we’re covering both in this video today. Pinterest marketing is amazing so don’t let these analytic drops get you down.

Pinterest can really grow your business if you are consistent and using keywords that work well.


Video #10

In this video, I’m sharing Marketing Strategies Every Female Service Business Owner Needs to Know. Below are the links I mentioned in the video:


With these top 10 videos, you’re not just watching – you’re evolving and growing. Each one is a building block in your journey to digital excellence.

I’d love to invite you to subscribe to the channel.  You can follow along, learn, and transform your strategies into successes. Let’s make your business shine brighter than ever this year!

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Top 10 rated youtube videos in 2023 helping with Pinterest and Marketing - Jen Vazquez Media
Top 10 rated youtube videos in 2023 helping with Pinterest and Marketing - Jen Vazquez Media
Top 10 rated youtube videos in 2023 helping with Pinterest and Marketing - Jen Vazquez Media
Top 10 rated youtube videos in 2023 helping with Pinterest and Marketing - Jen Vazquez Media
Top 10 rated youtube videos in 2023 helping with Pinterest and Marketing - Jen Vazquez Media