Finding Focus: A Simple Strategy to Build a Consistent Marketing Plan

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Finding Focus: A Simple Strategy to Build a Consistent Marketing Plan

Hello friends! Jen here, and today, I’ve got something super exciting to share with you, especially if you’ve ever felt like a hamster trapped on the marketing wheel. Many entrepreneurs struggle with keeping a consistent strategy—they hop from one idea to the next with no clear plan. But guess what? Finding focus and building a comprehensive marketing plan doesn’t have to be complicated. 

I’m going to walk you through a very simple strategy that I’ve used for years, helping me show up everywhere I want with the least amount of effort. If that sounds good to you, let’s dive in!

Step One: Create Core Content

First things first: start with one main piece of content each week. This could be a blog post, a video, or a podcast episode. Choose a topic that resonates with your audience and showcases your expertise. This core content will be the foundation for all your marketing efforts.

Believe me, focusing on one piece of core content saves a ton of time and ensures your message remains clear and cohesive across all channels.

Step Two: Repurpose Your Core Content

Once your core content is ready, it’s time to repurpose it into smaller pieces for different platforms. Here’s how:

  • Social Media Posts: Create three to five posts from your core content. These can be quotes, tips, or highlights. Tailor each post for the specific platform—what works for Instagram might not necessarily work for LinkedIn.
  • Infographics: Summarize key points into an eye-catching infographic. Tools like Canva make this a breeze, even if you’re not a design pro.
  • Email Newsletter: Write a brief summary of your core content for your weekly email newsletter. Include a call-to-action button directing readers to your full blog post, video, or podcast. This way, you’re using your email list to drive traffic to your core content.
  • Pinterest Pins: Create graphic or video pins linking back to your blog, video, or podcast. Pinterest is fantastic for driving traffic to your core content. The more traffic you drive, the more Google will help boost your content’s visibility.

Step Three: Drive Traffic with Consistent Calls to Action

Including a call to action (CTA) at the end of each repurposed piece of content is crucial. Direct your audience to your core content, whether it’s a blog post, video, or podcast. Make sure your CTA is clear and engaging. This creates a consistent flow of traffic and keeps your audience connected across multiple platforms.

Step Four: Measure and Adjust

Implementing the strategy is one thing, but keeping an eye on your analytics is where the magic happens. See which types of posts and platforms drive the most engaged traffic. Use this data to tweak your strategy and focus more on what works best for your audience.

Step Five: Batch Your Work

When you group similar tasks together, you get more done. For instance, if you’re creating videos, try to record two to three (or even four) at one time. This means you can potentially handle a month’s worth of content in just one session.

The same goes for writing: designate a specific block of time for writing multiple blog posts. This method is not only efficient but also helps you get better and faster with practice.

Bottom Line

Creating one core piece of content each week and repurposing it across your platforms can help you streamline your marketing, stay consistent, and save time. This approach ensures your messaging is clear and cohesive, making your marketing efforts more impactful.

Ready to take your content to the next level? Start planning your next blog post, video, or podcast, and see how easy it becomes to create a consistent and effective marketing plan.

If you’d like more personalized help with your strategy or marketing workflow, check out my Pinterest Strategy Club! We offer not just Pinterest education but also focus heavily on time management and smart workflows.

Until next time, work smarter, not harder, and let’s make your marketing plan as impactful as it can be!

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Would you LOVE a formula to own your time with Alejandra Marqués of Your Plan A

Would you LOVE a formula to own your time with Alejandra Marqués of Your Plan A

Would you LOVE a formula to own your time? with Alejandra Marqués of Your Plan A

Today we are chatting about if you’d LOVE a formula to own your time?  If so, my guest today will be sharing the four pillars everyone can follow to To Leverage Our Most Precious And Limited Resource.

Alejandra Marqués Méndez is a former criminal law professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and project manager turned founder of Your Plan A. She is the go-to Time & Lean Systems Strategist for full-time entrepreneurs, side-hustlers and busy corporate employees alike. Alejandra’s expertise has been featured in publications including Entrepreneur, Inc Magazine, Yahoo Finances, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Medium, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and more.

These were some of the questions she answered. 

  1. I always love to hear origin stories so to get started, tell me about your business and how you got started.
  2. So let’s dive in, and tell my listeners about the four pillars.  I of course have my ears open too! What’s the first Pillar?
  3. What do you think is the main thing that prevents people from achieving their goals?
  4. What’s the #1 advice you’d give to someone who’s struggling with their time management?
  5. Tell us about your best-seller book
  6. What 3 things have helped you grow your business? This could be tools, advice, etc.

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SPEAKERS: Jen Vazquez, Alejandra Marqués

Jen Vazquez  00:24

Would you love a formula to own your time with Allah hundra Marquez have your plan A? Actually, I didn’t mean to do that. Let me start over. Delete that part. Okay, here we go. Would you love a formula to own your time if so, my guest today will be sharing four pillars everyone can follow to leverage our most precious and limited resource. Welcome back. If you’re new here, I’m Jen Vazquez, a Pinterest marketing strategist who brings in experts on all things marketing so that you can take action and grow your business. If that sounds like something you’re interested, definitely subscribe. Let me know if that’s information that you’d love and also comment if you’d like to see somebody else also on the show. I will be deleting that awesome today. I am excited to be chatting with 100 Marquez Mendez of your plan a Allah hundra is a former criminal law professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and project manager turned founder of your plan a she is the go to time and lean systems strategist for full time entrepreneurs, side hustlers and busy corporate employees alike. Allah hundreds experience has been featured in publications, including entrepreneur, Inc Magazine, Yahoo, finance, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, medium authority magazine, thrive Gold Global and so much more. I am so thrilled that she said yes to come on here and speak with us. Well Comala hundra



Thank you, Jana for having me here. It’s really a pleasure being here in the marketing strategy Academy podcast. And I’m really looking forward to share lots of things. We don’t I


Jen Vazquez  03:11

love it. I love it so much. I always I know it’s probably boring at this point. But I always like to ask my guests sort of their origin story, like, how did you get to doing what you’re doing today? And looking at all of the things that you’ve done in the past? Of course, it’s kind of a windy route, and I would love to hear more of that. So can you go ahead and let us know how you got to where you are today?



Yes, no, absolutely. I mean, I never get bored of sharing in this story on how everything started. To be honest, I always wanted to start my own business. So when I truly decided that I wanted to make it a reality, the first thing that came to my mind was like, Okay, what do I want to offer? Like how do I want to help others? There are so many things that I love. I’m a multi passionate if you’re into human design, I’m a manifesting generator. So multi passionate, completely. So it was really something that I just keep thinking, keep typing. And then there was a question that one of my mentor ask that it just clicked. It was like, Okay, what’s that thing that people always ask your advice for? What’s the thing that everybody asks and it just keeps resonating in my head over and over again, how you managed to do it all, like how you find where you find the time to do everything in your life. So I knew I knew that data was exactly what I needed to help people with, with time management with really allowing them to achieve everything they wanted. Just for you to get a little like the big picture on why people were asking me that because if you don’t know me that that might be like, okay, yeah, I’m there. We’re asking your advice on that. But why? So when I was studying at the university I was studying for two degrees at the same time Business Management Ella, while also working on two to three part time jobs at the same time, and not your average part time jobs. It was actually in notary offices in law firms in our research center and also working with my parents or their restaurant. I was it wasn’t enough. I really love languages. And I was learning my fifth and sixth language at the same time. Really having a lot of time with my boyfriend with my family with my friends. And yeah, you might feel like okay, yeah, at university. It was a couple years, six years trying to juggling all the things, but then I wanted more. So I studied two masters at the same time, the both of them in law, and I was being a criminal law professor and a project manager while I was starting my own business. So as you can see, yeah, that that’s why everybody just asked all the time, how I managed to do it all. And that was when it click, I knew that this is exactly what I wanted to help people with. And if there’s something that really was on my mind is that I just didn’t want them to just be a high achiever, overachievers, and just keep doing like this togo mindset, because I know 100% sure that you reach burnout when you’re following that mindset. So I wanted to really incorporate more balance to have you enjoy in both your personal and professional life by leveraging your most precious asset, like your time, it’s limited and it’s precious. So I really wanted for everyone to feel good and start creating that time for the things that matter the most of them and not just overworking.


Jen Vazquez  06:57

That is amazing. That is that is a lot. I thought I do a lot that is insane. Insanely a lot, but I’m sure that it really allowed you to figure out your deep passion. And I have been the recipient recipient of your education and it is phenomenal. It you are literally my go to person for anything that has to do with time management. So let’s dive in right now because I know everyone is really curious. Tell my followers and listeners about the four pillars. I of course will have my ears open to so what’s the first pillar?



Yeah, no before really diving into the pillars. It’s there’s something that I really want to make sure I address because yeah, I love talking about the pillars. But there’s one thing that I need to make sure you understand and it’s that probably you’ve tried at some point in your in your life, many different things in a random order to improve your time management because if there is something that people always complain about, it’s not having time. So you probably have tried a lot of things and for some reason, they never click. They never match your lifestyle. So that’s why I created my own signature time method. Well right now it’s called a time protocol. And it’s based on these four main pillars that you’re here to learn. And this will not only allow you to manage your time because I really want you to go way beyond that I want you to own your time. So the first pillar is tracking. This pillar is all about analyzing and gaining awareness, because that’s where everything starts. Everything starts with awareness. If you don’t know where you’re standing, if you don’t know we’re point A is there’s no way you can reach your goal. There’s no way you reach that point B point z, because you don’t know what’s what’s happening. So really by tracking, analyzing everything that’s going on in your life right now, it’s how you can start projecting your life and achieving your goals with this. So on this first pillar, what I normally focus on is those things that are happening in your daily life. It can be your distractions, things that you’re procrastinating, how to really plan because most people don’t really know how to plan. It’s just an endless to do list that you never know where to start, and really establishing these priorities so you can achieve your goal so this is pillar number one, the tracking in the Time Protocol.


Jen Vazquez  09:37

Awesome. I think you’re right like you don’t know where you’re maybe wasting time or where you have a plethora of time and you’re just taking your time within that time. The tracking part of when I worked with you the tracking part was the most shocking to me because I thought I was pretty good at time management. And I saw so many areas that I can improve upon. So don’t skip this first pillar. If you’re skipping this first pillar, it is going to be 10 times harder to really dive into this. Okay, on to the next pillar to pillar number two.



No, thank you so much for sharing that because I feel like everybody takes for granted that taking the time to reflect and it’s like let’s go let’s dive into action. But we really need to start looking around and see where you can improve so I love that you just share that. And then the second pillar is impact and this is one of my favorite ones. I mean, I love the fourth of them. The impact is so crucially key because you really want to create long lasting changes. You don’t want a quick fix that you apply today. And forget about it tomorrow because that’s not sustainable. You want to create something that really impacts your life today and the life you want to create. So we do that by really focusing in on on habits routines mindset is by really working on these key aspects that he will start changing your life in less than that you can imagine but really making it in a way that serves you and in a way that it will continue with you for the rest of your life. That’s that’s my goal to make something that really, really sustainable during time.



Amazing. Awesome. Okay, pillar three.



The pillar three is motivation. And this is for you to really become unstoppable. There’s no point in having a goal or a dream if you’re not motivated by it. If you really want to achieve something you first need to know why motivates you to do so? What beyond external factors because sometimes you just feel like there are so many things that I influence influencing your your thoughts, that you never know why you want to do it. It’s just because social pressure is because you’re following a social media trend or why why you really want to achieve this goal. So within this pillar, I focused really on the internal factors, the internal motivation. That’s the one that will really, really drive you forward. And in here when we started realizing what pulls you what pushes you what are those things that are really calling your name? What’s your why that vision, and that’s how you really start becoming unstoppable and going after goals. You never imagined you will have you never imagined it was possible but now with the right motivation. You know, you’re that’s there’s no way someone’s going to stop you.


Jen Vazquez  12:39

Yeah, I you know, working with you, I I’m more of a like big dreamer. And the step by step by steps to get there gets very mundane to me and then like you said, with Instagram or something else that comes along, I’m like, oh, I want to do that. Oh, I want to do that. And working with you. It’s really helped me to get those decide on those goals that are the most important to me. And putting those front and center in my plan for the week to make sure that I’m still taking those steps, even if they’re goals in the future, right. taking that step every time forward. All right, fourth,



yeah, no, absolutely. There are so many things happening. You just you never stop looking. So that’s why it’s very important to keep the goal your personal goal very clear. The fourth pillar is evolution. And this is obviously as I say to make this your new lifestyle. This is all about progress. It’s about you keep improving. You keep growing and making it your own. Because yes, I can give you many, many tools and many strategies. But if you’re not really putting your own touch to it, there’s no way you’re actually implementing it in your daily life. So in here, I show you how small changes can really create a huge impact in your life, where you can start readjusting, tweaking things going back to this reflecting base and this revision, where you can start creating the lifestyle that you really desire. Something that it’s really sustainable through time something that it’s evolving. Every single day. And there’s it’s your time to really take the leap and just making it your own becoming the owner of your time.


Jen Vazquez  14:30

Yeah, I for me, I think one thing that I have done, which is sort of in that pillar is I tend to what works best for me when you know what works best for you, you tend to to do things more, right? I found that habit stacking is the best way for me to ensure that I’m doing the things that I need to be doing. So right after I meditate in the morning the first thing I do is look at my goals for the day. It sets my day up to do well. And then at the last time before I turn on my computer in the evening, I identified the things I’m going to work on the next day and that way sometimes I’ll sleep on it, and then I’ll wake up and I’ll be like, You know what, I actually I actually want to make a few changes from what I thought of last night when I was tired. And this morning kind of what I really want to do. So those four pillars are so amazing and such a good base for people who are really wanting to do better with their time management, goal setting and goal achieving, right. So what do you think is the main thing that oftentimes will prevent people from achieving their goals?



This is this is a huge question. I mean, there are many things that normally gets into their way. But if I had to pick one, like the main thing that prevents people from really achieving their goals, it’s themselves I know it’s a hard truth to swallow. So good. That’s so good. It’s It’s It’s It’s true. I know it’s hard to hear, but the only thing that’s getting into our own ways it’s ourselves. So in here, what I really want to you to understand is that everything started with our mindset. And sadly the number one thing that people say or think when it comes to time management or when it comes basically to their time is I don’t have time. I will never have time for that. I’m too busy. There’s no way I do that. And you keep repeating all these different phrases that says the spec lead the same and I think guilty of that too. Like who hasn’t said that phrase. I use that. I use it as an excuse in the past so many times because I didn’t want it to really own my troops and saying, I don’t care about this party, for example, because I have my goals pretty clear in mind, but I didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings. So that was that was kind of my excuse. But when it comes to mindset people don’t realize how much farm this kind of phrase is calcine saying I don’t have time and the more you say it, the more you believe it. So that’s why inside the pillar, impact, the second pillar we work on. I really like focusing on the mindset and really breaking the limiting belief my clients might have, because that’s where you can start realizing how much power you actually have. You have way more power in your hands than you believe. And once you start just tweaking very small things, for example, stop saying I don’t have time because you do have we all have the same 24 hours so you do have time. That’s that’s the way you can really start improving and growing. So the number one thing standing in your way it’s yourself so let’s change that mindset.


Jen Vazquez  18:14

That sounds amazing. What I have a couple questions that have popped up since we are having this conversation. But what is the number one piece of advice that you would give someone who is struggling with time management



the number one the number one tip that I will share with anyone who’s struggling with time management is to really, really start paying attention to what you do daily. As I say tracking is the number one thing you really want to start implementing more into your life. So start looking around, what do you do daily and it’s really in the small things that keeps adding up. That creates a pattern. That’s where you can really start creating a big shift in your life. So if you if you really start paying attention to the small things I can assure you that you will be surprised on because you will find so much time that you can gain back in just a few couple of weeks. Most of my client actually see changes in the first week because they really start increasing increasing this awareness around everything they’re doing. So just by focusing on this, number one thing, increase your awareness. Sir looking at everything that’s happening around you and seriously, you will be surprised. You will start just you will start seeing so many chances and opportunity in your life that you never thought it was possible. And actually I will say and I probably getting ahead of time, but I will be sharing something by the end of the episode just to help you with this.


Jen Vazquez  19:55

I know her gift today you guys are is mind blowing. But I want to dive in a little bit deeper. Because tracking is so so important and sort of that number one piece of advice that you typically give to people. Let’s give them let’s get everyone who’s listening or watching on YouTube some a an action item, what’s something that they can do to time track? Like where do you start? Do you start at the beginning of a week? Do you do it in one day? Do you do it for a week like just a little bit of advice on the first step to tracking their time.



So the first step is don’t wait till Monday. Don’t wait and see new year.



I knew you were gonna say that. I totally set you up. Sorry, but



it’s the tool and I’m always like, Oh, I will start something new on Monday. I will start something new on your year. So don’t don’t just do it right now. If you really want to start paying attention to what’s going on by the end of this episode, stop what you’re doing and start really looking at what’s happening in your life. Sit down and start taking notes of everything that’s happening in your day. And my recommendation will really be take a look for a week and really start paying attention during a full week. And you will start already realizing patterns if you do it for a month. It’s incredible that the the number of things that you can really start looking at but start small like wrap up no notebook and a pen and start taking notes of everything that comes to your mind. The times you get distracted the things that you’re procrastinating all the things that come to your mind. You know how many thoughts you have per day. So start writing everything that’s the that’s the way that you will start realizing everything.


Jen Vazquez  21:44

And and I might give some advice in that area as well because I did this for a week. And I was like, I’m doing great. And by the way, I got way more work done in that one week where I was taking track of my time. So I extended it for another week. And I went back to my old habits. And then I saw all the surprises. So if you feel like you’ve got it down and everything’s great in that one week, try doing it just a little longer because you can only be you know, quote unquote perfect for so long until your sort of real real patterns and ways of doing things and getting distracted come into play. So now everyone should know that she is not only an expert who is sought after and has been all over everywhere, but she also has a best selling book. So tell us about a little bit about that book. I’ll make sure that it’s included in the notes below.



Thank you. Yeah, no seriously, thank you for mentioning that book. This is something that that really really excited me it was a project that was I made it with so much love. And I just wanted to put it out there to really be something that people can start implementing right away. It’s not it’s not a book that it’s only for you to read and forget about it. It’s very action driven. So my book is called from burnout to unstoppable. It is a Guide to Becoming your most productive and balanced self as I told you. This is for both increasing your productivity and finding that balance in your life. So that way you can really start enjoying everything. This this book is for everyone who really wants to achieve their goals with ease and not by burning out. But you can start enjoying more your life is for you to stop letting your schedule run you and I know you probably have that feeling. So it’s it’s really so running your schedule. So this book came to life after me hidden worn out a couple of times in my early 20s. And I realized that as I said my belief my limiting beliefs. And in this case, it was weird because it was my belief about success and hustling. These were the ones that weren’t working. I was very overachiever, perfectionist always with that gogogo mindset. So I really need to learn how to step back for a moment and dive deeper into data balance, dive deeper into the self care and just slowing down so I can speed up and really achieve my goals way more. Way more is. So this is where you can find in this book. It’s for you to become unstoppable with is it’s for you to increase your productivity, have more balance, get rid of the burnout, because we are not here to suffer. You’re here to really start enjoying in creating these long lasting changes. Again, there’s no point of start changing something if you’re going to quit tomorrow. So this is where you will really keep it to your whole life. It’s something that you will never waste the time that you’re spending invest in learning this skills.


Jen Vazquez  25:04

Yeah, and I will point out that I feel like we’ve sort of gotten in that wholesale court culture where everybody wants to see that they’re busy all the time. But I feel like embracing that side of taking care of yourself. What people aren’t releasing and you do in this book is that if you take care of yourself, your business will actually do better. And and it is hard to feel like that when you’re in the midst of all this work and all this crazy and overwhelm. Overwhelm is a big word that we hear all over the place. So obviously this book being a best seller, it has hit a nerve. People are very amazed and impressed by it. And again, I will have all those things below. But we’re going to be getting to all 100 gift in a second but first I always love to ask all my guests because I like to get these juicy details too. What are three things that helped you to grow your business? They could be tools, they could be advice, they could be anything, any three things?



Any three things? Probably the number one thing that comes to my mind when it’s when it comes to really growing my business or anything that you’re doing that I never stop learning. Like I’m a forever student, I will always say I will be I always call myself that I keep learning every single day. There’s no one day that I don’t dedicate some time to learn something new. And even even when it comes to time management. Like I really keep learning about it and improving and adding more stuff because there’s there’s so many things that you can really learn and especially when it comes to self development. That’s the number one thing that you really want to start paying more attention to because you’re the person handling the business. So you need to first work in yourself. So never stop learning. The only thing that I will say in here and this is a word of caution. Don’t let in procrastination stop you. And this is



that is so real.



It is a real thing. And I know how tempting it may be. Just keep learning and never apply in but you need to start taking the action and everything you learn. Apply at least a little bit of it. You don’t need to play the whole thing at the same time but start taking small steps because that will really drive well the whole thing forward. That will really make you hit home. Then the second thing that comes to my mind when it comes to to growing my business it’s always have a mentor that supports you, someone who already have the life that you want to have or who has the tools that you want to implement. Because that’s the fastest way that you will learn and let’s be honest, you don’t want to do this alone. Nobody wants to do the follow on a video if you feel like I can do it by myself. Yeah, you’re cool, but trust me you will spend so much more time you will invest so much more money because when someone teaches that the shortcuts and the things that they already tested and proven and what worked and what didn’t like you gain so much more out of it. mentors in my life has played a huge, huge role. I am here because of them. Otherwise, I will not be here. That’s 100% Sure. And by the way, if any of my incredible mentors that are listening, thank you again for everything. And by the way, I just did Jen’s challenge on how to start your Pinterest. It was amazing. So take a mentor. Like Dan, if you want to start learning about Pinterest. I’m serious. It was a game changer. So thank you, Jim. You’re obviously listening.



Thank you and what’s your third?



Yeah, so the third thing that I will 100% and recommend you to grow your businesses develop and create systems that can support the lifestyle that you currently have. And the life that you desire. Because sometimes you get so obsessed with the life that you have right now that you create something that’s huge, that’s massive that you think that will be the thing that will change everything. But if it’s not something that’s scalable, your business will really start feeling like this heavy weight in your shoulders. So it shouldn’t be heavy. It shouldn’t be complicated. That will cause more problems that actually it is fixing. So I always like to see systems as you were carrying a backpack and you want to start climbing a huge mountain. You want to have a light backpack. You want to have something that you can really keep bringing with you along the way. So that’s why I love creating sustainable and lean systems that support your business and this is definitely something that has changed. My business and my clients business in a way that you cannot imagine.


Jen Vazquez  30:20

That is that is amazing advice I want to touch on the second one that you talked about is like the always learning and one thing that I learned from you in the pitch Club, which I’m very proud to talk about. It is life changing, truly business changing, but life changing as well. And that’s how I met Alejandra. And one thing that she said in there that has I mean I have always said it but the way that she said it. It changed everything. She said to me for every hour and to everyone in the grip but every hour that you invest in education, you want to spend two hours implementing it in your business. And I have a lot of people listening now I know this because a lot of my clients are like this. We learn and we learn and we learn and we very rarely take time to implement and some unless something’s like overwhelming, right? And sometimes we can turn into little learning machines. And we’re not actually growing our business because all we’re doing is learning. So if you don’t have time to double the time that you’ve done in terms of education, by putting that on your calendar to take action on then maybe it’s not the night now the time to learn, right? I mean, I do I know myself. I took like three huge courses in one month and my business fell because of it. Yes, I learned but I didn’t have time to implement because I was trying to catch up on my all my work. And that has stuck with me Alejandra and I actually say this at the end of every podcast, not the one hour and two hours but the fact that the only way that education will really help us grow is if we implement part of it right. Now, before I get to the amazing, wonderful gift that Alejandra has truly generously offered to all of my listeners and watchers, tell everyone because I know right about now in a podcast, I would be listening to you and going How do I work with her like tell me so tell me a little bit about the services that you provide in case anyone listening or are watching is feeling the same?



Okay before that and I truly appreciate you dedicating this time for me to talk about how people can work with me. But what he just said about the implementation part, it’s really key. So if you were not listening to Jim, one hour of learning two hours of implementing, I love repeating it because it’s true. It’s something that you owe. So we change everything. It’s


Jen Vazquez  33:00

business changing, truly business changing.



Absolutely. So thank you again, and people who is listening to this or watching us if you are interested in just feel like hey, I really want to learn more about how to leverage my time I want to learn more how to achieve my goals with these without burning out and really create more time because that’s one of the things I can 100% do for you is create more time for the things that matter the most to you gaining back the time that you’re wasting on distractions on in procrastination, procrastination, many things that you are right now wasting your time on. I can give it back to you. And just a quick note in this on everything that we do it it’s not two hours to apply after one hour of learning.



Oh yes, yours is speedy isn’t really Yeah,



I know. It’s really learning it applying it in just two hours of learning. You’re already applying it already. So it’s something that you will really not you don’t need to invest lots of time to learn how to gain that time back. So the return on investment, both money wise and time wise is huge. I can assure you that and those there are two main ways that you can work with me if you’re really interested. One is, let’s say a long term type of work. I love working with my with my clients in one on one premium coaching. So this is really to leverage everything that you’re doing in your life will focus very deep on everything that you’re working on. Create the sustainable system, long lasting changes, and really make sure that you own your time and there’s no way you’re left behind. If we need to tweak something, we tweak it, it’s very, very personalized and I adapt to your needs. So this is my one on one premium coaching.


Jen Vazquez  34:55

And I’ll just pause for a second because the accountability when you work with a one on one coach versus a group coaching type situation, the one on one, accountability means that you double the learning and taking action when compared to maybe even working in a group so it is insanely good. Just wanted to point that out.



No, thank you so much and sometimes it’s even more than double. To be honest, when you’re having a mentor that it’s with you one on one. It’s in this case, it’s my complete attention and brain to everything that you need. And you know, I’ll be there for you if there’s anything you need. We have a private chat just you and me and it’s an ongoing thing. It’s not something that you just learn and if you apply by yourself that’s it no no, it’s it’s a lot of feedback and accountability in here. So there’s no way you’re left behind in a one on one setting. And the other way if you consider yourself, peers, you’re busy like I don’t have the time to learn how to make more time. First we need to talk maybe we need to talk but I do know and I work with really busy entrepreneurs and corporate employees don’t they just want to to hit it home in four hours. I have VIP days. And this is really strategic mapping sessions where we bind up absolutely everything that you need to do we plan on it. We really create something strategic to get it done. In less time that you can expect setting deadlines, making sure that you have the right tools to do so. Implementing stems if you don’t have an already in in place. So these are four hours. Again, full focus on you. These are one on one VIP days, and it’s for you to really just hit it. It’s for a quick, fast start. It’s a jumpstart it’s a skyrocket thing, and it’s a very low time commitment. If what you want is fast results in a short amount of time. This is for you. Like in both you will have results. The thing is what suits your needs right now. So that’s why I always love jumping on a call first or reading your application because that way I make sure what are your needs and how we can make sure there are met exactly otherwise there’s no point


Jen Vazquez  37:28

exactly. It’s yeah, I I’m the type of person who loves learning it in a day and taking action immediately versus sort of the long term coaching although just because I like that doesn’t mean that the long term coaching might not be for good for me. So I if you guys have any interest at all, definitely connect with her. I’m listing all of the information down below. She will literally talk you through both options and really help you to decide that. Okay, Alejandra, I’m so excited. She has generally generously offered an actual mini course today and the mini course is overcoming distractions and procrastination and she’s offering it completely free. I was shocked and excited. So why don’t you tell everyone a little bit about what is in in in that?



Yeah, no. I mean, I know for sure that one of the first things that people always find my way to is, I’m too distracted. I’m pretty busy. I’m too distracted. I procrastinate a lot. And sometimes they don’t see they don’t say with those words. But that’s where I can read. It’s like I don’t have time for these because blah blah blah blah, then I know what’s going on behind that. So that’s why I wanted to really start promoting more this mini course this free mini course. Because distractions and procrastination are the two biggest things that are really consuming your time and you’re not even realizing it. You might feel like no I don’t get that distracted. Believe me. Watch the mini course. Again. It’s mainly I make it very short and sweet delivering all the value. Listen to it. Have it a lot. Let me know afterwards if you get distracted or not. Because there are many things happening in your life that you might not realize right now. Again, we are gaining that awareness that tracking. So I wanted I wanted to share part of my tracking pillar with all of you so actually this overcoming and distractions, this overcoming distractions and procrastination is a part of my time protocol. So that way you can also get a taste of it and really start making sure that there’s nothing that’s preventing you from achieving everything you want the number one barriers there is distractions and procrastination. So once you title it, you gain time like this.


Jen Vazquez  39:58

And it’s a nice sweet peek into how you educate and if I know it will blow you away. So thank you so so much for your valuable time today and your advice I could literally talk to you all day, but we’re gonna be thoughtful in our time. What is the best way to get in contact with you in case anyone want to take this conversation further? I’m going to put all of your links down below but what is the best way to get in contact with you?



Yeah, so the best way it’s actually on LinkedIn. I’m very active in there and I really like building the relationship and connection. If you’re more on Instagram person, go ahead connect with me there. The idea is really just to start chatting with you because I want to make sure that if you had any doubts on these about these podcasts or anything that you see out outside, that’s from me, I want to make sure that I can address those doubts that you have. I don’t want you to listen to this and saying okay, now what? How can I just keep keep applying it so please just reach out. And if you listen or watch this episode, just say hi and say that you came you came here that you’re worrying here that will make me really really excited and yeah, just let’s connect. I will love to really get to know you and see if I can help you anyway. And if you just like to follow for content, you will get tons of it.


Jen Vazquez  41:21

Yes, for sure. Now, I know from listening or watching this that you have probably identified some ideas and some tips and some things that you’re excited to try to implement as you move forward. And if so, we would love for you first to leave a review on our podcast. We are building our podcasts and we’d love to have that or even comments in YouTube letting us know one takeaway that you thought was really exciting about this episode. And I always like to end by telling you to take one or two things that you learned on here and actually going to your calendar right now and putting some time aside next week to implement what you learned today, and one of those things can actually be 100 gift of that free mini course. So put some time on your calendar. To take advantage of this free offer. And I really appreciate your time today as always have a good time and go out there and do something good for your business by recording stopped.



I wanted to say thank you but I wasn’t sure if I can talk. That’s right. And I was like Okay,


Jen Vazquez  42:40

thank you so much. I know thank you is the gift is so amazingly generous of you and will really help to change people’s lives, but also potentially will be driving you some business. So that’s my hope for this brochure. And I really do I appreciate everything you’ve done for me personally as well.



Thank you. No, it was it was really nice being here with you. Oh, we totally nailed the time. I also like keeping it short and sweet.


Jen Vazquez  43:13

Yep, exactly. exactly correct.



And I feel it was very, very not natural as you say it was like okay, you got a random question. I was like okay, let’s do it.


Jen Vazquez  43:24

And you did you did you know you did? amazingly well to it very much didn’t feel planned as it was planned. But I like to have like, you know, Rebecca talks about I like to have a roadmap, because having a roadmap allows me to go off a little bit but get right back on. Take those little sites needed. Yeah. All right. Thank you so much.



Thank you for inviting me again and keep me updated with with


Jen Vazquez  43:52

well, you’ll know from our call and I’ll know I know. I’m working on it today. So thank you so much.



Awesome two hours to implement I know I know. Thank you so much. Have a good day on amazing long weekend.



Yes. You too. Bye.