3 Steps to update your Pinterest Profile

Do you want to harness your Pinterest site to drive traffic to your website and thus gain more client, but you don’t know where to start? I’m here to help! Here are three easy steps to update your Pinterest profile.

ONE – Personal vs. Business:  This is obvious – if you are in business to make money, then make sure that you have a business Pinterest account.  If you don’t – change it now. Additionally, make sure to make all personal boards private or you can delete them and start again with a personal board.  TIP: Some people consider keeping their personal board and then creating a new business board. You can do that! However, I prefer to keep whatever followers and I have any pins if they are business. Need Help on How to Change Personal to Business or Create Business: Just go here https://help.pinterest.com/en/business/article/get-a-business-profile

TWO – Username and Profile Picture:  This should be your business name and typically whatever your social media sites use.  Sometimes you can’t use a long name, like with mine I had to choose jenvazquezphoto because jenvazquezphotography was too long.  Heads Up: My Women Who Execute Pinterest site is brand new and thus, it’s not where my wedding photography one is. I always have a client or two say, wow it’s sparse haha!  I’m working way harder on helping others than helping myself right now. Bottom Line:  You want to choose exactly what you have for other social media sites, unless it’s too long then you shorten it.  

You’re Profile Picture This should never be your logo or a picture that presents your business, it absolutely should be a picture of you.  You are the face of the company and you should use a picture of you. The picture should have great lighting (think photographing outside or in front of a window or lighting system and photographed on a blank background (so nothing detracts from your face).  It should also be a headshot or an image from the shoulders up. You want to be able to see your face upfront since it’s such a tiny photo anyway.

THREE – Profile Name and Description:  What I’ve seen from research and trial and error myself, is that you want to use this type of look.  COMPANY NAME | TOPIC. Here’s an example of mine: Jen Vazquez Photography | Wedding Photographer.

For your description, you only have 160 characters to describe what your business and the boards are about.  Make sure you are very descriptive because each word helps to be found on searches in Pinterest and other search engines.  It’s SEO for your Pinterest boards. Think of questions like, what do you do, who do you do it for, what you help with, what you provide, and anything that will help to drive traffic (think FREE tips to planning your wedding or bread recipes for people who have no time).

BONUS- Profile Cover:  Your profile cover is auto populated but you can choose what you want to populate.  You can choose what you want, but I always recommend to choose either the most popular board (you’ll find that in analytics) or Recent Activity which is Pins people saved from your claimed website and linked accounts. Why? Because if people are pinning them, then they found them compelling and chose to pin them (i.e. save them) to one of their boards. This is what you want to show to those visiting your profile.

Pinterest Cover Image Options by Women Who Execute

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