What the heck is going on with Pinterest Analytics: 2 Reasons Your Stats May Be Down

 2 Reasons Why Your Pinterest Analytics Are Down in 2023 by Jen Vazquez Media

Pinterest Analytics Down? This is Why

You may be wondering, What the heck is going on with Pinterest analytics?

So, let’s jump right in!  There are a few things going on! 

Reason number 1

In May Pinterest announced an easier way to create and inspire on Pinterest.  They boiled down all organic pins into one category.  Instead of idea pins, video pins, and standard pins, they are calling them “organic pins”.  This means that you can create an organic pin with static graphics, videos, or a combination of the two.  

They also streamlined the creative process to be much easier than how idea pins were created with slides and such.

As a bonus, they also are providing links to these organic pins.  Plus, you can use all the bells and whistles (think text overlay, stickers, tagging, and all the other fun stuff from idea pins to organic pins, meaning all pins. There are other things like emoji reactions and new analytics.  

This is all fantastic news as it will cut down the time it takes to get a pin on Pinterest (one of the complaints people had about idea pins).  

They still show idea pins when creating a pin, not sure if that look will go away or change, but all my Pinterest management clients now have links so it seems they are pushing that out quickly.

Now, one thing you’ll ALWAYS notice when Pinterest makes changes is that we see those changes via what I call analytic blips.  Meaning our analytics get wacky.

And wacky they are!  I’m part of a Pinterest Manager Mastermind of sorts where a bunch of experts meet twice a month virtually and chat about our agencies and what may be happening and most all of our clients have seen a slump in analytics.

This can be frustrating – I hear you!  But, it’s just part of utilizing Pinterest as a free marketing platform – so it’s not something to freak out about.  As long as you consistently post to Pinterest and use keywords, you’re analytics will grow over time.  So don’t use this as an excuse to give up on such an amazing search marketing platform!

Pinterest Marketing Resources

I have something special for you today (and free I might add), I have some amazing free resources (you can click the link below).  One of those resources is my Pinterest Analyzer which will have you actively track the metrics that will help you see growth for using Pinterest to grow your business not just grow your Pinterest account.  Plus you can watch the next video that Youtube recommends for you here!

Reason Number 2

Now the double whammy comes in because Q2 is typically a slump for most accounts.  Why? Well, think about it.  What are people doing during Q2? Is it popping in your head yet?  Think summertime.  People aren’t home or even on their cell as much as they are taking vacations, or having adventures outdoors.  

This is a very typical down-season on Pinterest.  You can view this month from last year and see it may also be down.

What I advise my clients to consider is to look back a year and see what was happening then.  Most people will see a slump, but what you should also consider is how much growth you’ve had over the last year!

I provide analytics for my Pinterest management clients that show percentage growth since we first started working with them, and it’s typically a tremendous amount of growth.  

The things to focus on when it comes to analytics are consistent growth over time that comes from using keywords found on Pinterest that your clients use to find your type of content and consistent daily pinning – even if it’s just one pin a day!

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What the heck is going on with Pinterest Analytics: TWO REASONS WHY YOUR STATS ARE DOWN
Pinterest Analytics Down in 2023? This is Why by Jen Vazquez Media
What the heck is going on with Pinterest Analytics by Jen Vazquez Media
What the heck is going on with Pinterest Analytics by Jen Vazquez Media
What the heck is going on with Pinterest Analytics by Jen Vazquez Media