What Are People Searching For This Week on Pinterest in June

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What Are People Searching For This Week on Pinterest 6/5/24

Hey there, Pinterest peeps! It’s Jen here, back with another round of Pinterest Predicts Weekly—or as I like to call it: What are people searching for on Pinterest? 🧐 This week’s theme is Making a Splash, so hold onto your pool noodles and let’s dive right in!

Key Trends Making Waves

Pinterest has spotted some key trends that have been making a big splash recently. Here are the highlights:

  • Pool Day Searches: A whopping 150% increase! Looks like everyone’s getting ready to cool off.
  • Cute Swimsuits Up by 90%: Time to refresh your swimwear collection!
  • Lake Cottage: Searches have risen by 45%. Summer getaway, anyone?
  • Pool Workout: Increased by 140%. Fitness by the pool? Yes, please!
  • Betta Fish Tank Ideas: Up 65%. Even your fish wants a stylish home.

Water Balloon Games: Up by 110%. Fun for everyone!

Behind the Trends

Why all the water-themed searches, you ask? Well, Pinterest is a goldmine for predicting future trends, with over 518 million users looking for tomorrow’s ideas today. By following the breadcrumbs of what’s trending on Pinterest, you can get ahead in planning your next big move or marketing campaign.

Every week, Pinterest Predicts Weekly shines a spotlight on hot search trends from users across various categories, regions, and demographics. And guess what? All the search queries lead you to [trends.pinterest.com](http://trends.pinterest.com), where you can uncover more insights and craft campaigns around popular searches.

Let’s Go Play: Summer Fun in the Sun

Whether it’s poolside or lakeside, Pinterest users are on the hunt for exciting ways to spend their summer days by the water. Here are some fun insights:

  • Pool Day: Searches increased by 150%.
  • Lake Day: Up by 100%.
  • Boat Day: Up by 70%.
  • Water Park: Up by 65%.
  • Beach Vacation: Up by 30%.

Fashion Trends:

  • Cute Swimsuits: Increased by 90%.
  • Swim Dress: Up by 55%.
  • Island Vacation Outfits: Up by 40%.
  • Crochet Swim Cover-Up: Increased by 35%.
  • Swim Trunks: Up by 30%.

Home and Decor:

  • Lake Cottage: Searches increased by 45%.
  • Lake House Decorating Ideas: Up by 45%.
  • Swim Spa Backyard Ideas: Increased by 30%.
  • Swimming Pool Backyard: Up by 30%.
  • Lake House Decor: Up by 25%.


  • Pool Workout: Up by 140%.
  • Water Balloon Games: Up by 110%.
  • Tubing on The Lake: Searches increased by 95%.
  • Beach Activities: Up by 85%.
  • Splish Splash Birthday Party: Up by 30%.

Regional Trends: Water, Water Everywhere

From coast to coast, people are dreaming up fun ways to enjoy their summer. Here’s a regional roundup:


  • Kayak Storage: 2x increase.
  • DIY Water Fountain: Up by 150%.
  • Flowered Water Recipes: Up by 140%.
  • Pool Noodle Crafts: Increased by 135%.


  • Semi In-ground Pool Ideas: Up by 180%.
  • Last Toast on the Coast Bachelorette: Increased by 160%.
  • Beach Bag Essentials: Up by 160%.
  • Beach Wedding Guest Dress: Up by 130%.


  • Surfboard: Increased by 145%.
  • Beach Birthday Party: Up by 125%.
  • Swimming Hairstyles: Up by 125%.
  • Fruit and Water Aesthetic: Increased by 125%.


  • Beach Snack Ideas: Up by 185%.
  • Palm Beach Decor: Searches increased by 150%.
  • Ranch Water Cocktail: Up by 135%.
  • Swimming Pool Design: Increased by 120%.

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Pinterest Predicts Trend: Aquatexture

Aquariums are making quite the splash this week. Trending search terms include:

  • Betta Fish Tank Ideas: Up by 65%.
  • Minecraft Aquarium: Up by 40%.
  • Turtle Tank Ideas: Increased by 30%.
  • Aquarium Nails: Up by 25%.
  • Fish Tanks: Increased by 25%.

Featured Board: Vacation Style

Get ready for some sunshine, good vibes, and standout style in the Balearic Islands. Explore the Pinterest boards for all things summer style.

Upcoming Moments: Don’t Miss Out!

Stay ahead in your planning game with these upcoming events:

4th of July

Look out for trending keywords like “4th of July food” and anything related to the holiday.

Back to School

It’s never too early! Back-to-school haul searches will be ramping up in August.

Tips For Using These Keywords

Here’s the deal: Pinterest is basically handing you the keys to what’s trending, so you can create content that’s primed to go viral! 📈

Here’s your game plan:

  • Listen In: Catch our weekly episode to get the full list of trending topics. It’s like having a crystal ball for what’s hot!
  • Get Creative: Take these trends and brainstorm content ideas that align with them. Whether it’s a blog post, video, or pin, make sure it taps into what people are searching for.
  • Stay Relevant: By riding the wave of current trends, you’re setting yourself up for maximum reach and engagement. Pinterest is telling you exactly what’s working – use it to your advantage!
  • Visual Appeal: Make your pins stand out with eye-catching images and bold text overlays. High-quality visuals are a must!
  • Keywords: Don’t forget to include the trending search terms in your pin descriptions and titles. This helps your content get discovered more easily.
  • Consistency: Post regularly to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Consistency is key to staying top of mind.
  • Interactive Content: Create content that encourages interaction, like polls or questions. This boosts engagement and makes your pins more likely to be shared.

That’s a wrap for this week’s Pinterest Predicts Weekly! Tune in next week for more of the latest trends just for you. 🌟 Remember, use these search terms as keywords in your content to help you get more reach!

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