Your Ideal Client is the Missing Piece to Boost Your Pinterest Performance

Boost Your Pinterest Performance Your Ideal Client is the Missing Piece

Your Ideal Client is the Missing Piece to Boost Your Pinterest Performance

All right, Pinterest people, let’s get real. Do you want to take your strategy from meh to mind-blowing results? It is truly all about knowing your perfect client inside and out.

Think of it like a superpower.  Understand them and bam, you’ve got content that actually converts people into clients.

Let’s jump right into it.

Step 1: Who You Talkin’ To?

Who are you talking to?  Forget generic targets. We are going to go super deep. What lights your ideal client up? What problems keep them awake at night not being able to sleep on their pillow? Knowing what that is, is where your Pinterest magic starts.

Step 2: Make It Personal

 Think of their interests. like hidden treasures. Dig into their passions, the trends that they follow, what they’re obsessed with. That’s how you know you can craft a pen that makes them go, OMG, that is legitimately for me, or OMG, that’s exactly what I need.

Step 3: Speak Their Language

 It’s time to translate all of those insights that you’ve captured into captivating pins, visuals that pop and descriptions that sizzle and attract your client like a little worm on a lure,  all tailored to make your ideal client. Tick. This is how you turn scrollers into website visitors, which is obviously the key.

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Step 4: Results Don’t Lie

Pinterest is all about the data. Oh, analyze those numbers. I can’t tell you how many people think they’re not doing well. And then I audit their Pinterest account and their numbers are actually great, but they’re focused on numbers that might be like impressions.

When I’m going to be looking at those outbound clicks, you want to find what is working, what is not working. Cause it tells you exactly how to refine your content for maximum impact.

Step 5: Level Up Time

Ready to kick it into high gear? Optimize those pins. Stunning images, those perfect keywords, these little details that make a really big difference, not just on Pinterest, but in all of your marketing and all of your copy.

Schedule strategically those pins at times that your ideal clients are going to be there.   Tailwind is great for that, by the way.  And remember, quality is so much more important than quantity on Pinterest.

All of those steps are amazing, but how do you get this information? What do you do?  

Here are some effective ways to gather information about your ideal clients:

  • Instagram Stories: Take advantage of interactive stickers like questions and polls to engage your audience directly on Instagram.
  • Weekly emails: Include a thought-provoking question in your weekly emails to encourage responses that offer valuable insights.
  • Dedicated research email:  Send a dedicated email focused on collecting information about your ideal clients. Be upfront and transparent about your intentions.
  • Direct contact with your favorite clients: Reach out to your most valued current or past clients – those who embody your ideal client profile. 

Schedule a Zoom or phone call and ask them about their journey:

  • How did you find me initially? If referral who?
  • What challenges were they facing before working with you?
  • What were their initial goals and expectations?
  • How has working with you transformed their experience?
  • What words would you search in a browser bar? Or Pinterest to find me or find my type of services. What are the words that you would use? Because oftentimes they will not be the words that we think we should be using as keywords.

Remember, the specific words and phrases your ideal clients use will become a powerful marketing tool sharing keywords you should use everywhere!

Bottom line

Get to know your ideal client, tailor that content, and watch the statistics of your analytics. Just skyrocket. That’s called targeted marketing, and that is how you win on Pinterest.

Here is more information that may be helpful!

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