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Pinterest Analytics: Your Secret Weapon for Explosive Growth (and How to Use It Like a Pro!)

Ready to unleash the full potential of your Pinterest marketing? We’re diving deep into Pinterest analytics – your golden ticket to understanding what makes your audience tick.

Forget the “just post pretty pictures and hope for the best” approach. We’re talking about strategic moves that’ll turn your Pinterest into a lead-generating machine.

Why Pinterest Analytics Matter (Like, Really Matter)

Think of Pinterest analytics as your crystal ball. They show you:

  • Who’s vibing with your brand: Discover the demographics, interests, and even the devices your ideal clients use.
  • What content makes them swoon: Uncover the pins and topics that are sparking the most engagement.
  • How they’re interacting with your pins: Are they clicking through to your website? Are they saving your pins for later?

Armed with this intel, you can tailor your Pinterest strategy to perfection, serving up content that resonates like a love song.

Pinterest Membership

Pinterest Strategy Club

A community membership that helps you to learn Pinterest live.  There's a mini course to optimize your Pinterest to have it help you grow your business.  There are two live calls a month, a Pinning Session for accountability and a Q+A session. Also, Pin templates each month to download.

Your Pinterest Analytics Cheat Sheet

Don’t get overwhelmed by the data overload! Here are the most important metrics for service-based businesses like yours:


How many times your pins have appeared in feeds, searches, and category pages.

Pin Clicks

How often people click on your pins to get a closer look.

Outbound Clicks

The holy grail! This is how many people click through to your website from your pins.

Total Sessions from Pinterest (Google Analytics)

How many website visits you’re getting from Pinterest traffic.

Pin Clicks vs. Outbound Clicks: Your Dynamic Duo

Think of Pin Clicks as the initial spark – someone’s intrigued! Outbound Clicks are where the magic happens – they’re the people who are genuinely interested in your services and are taking that next step to learn more.

By tracking these two metrics, you can pinpoint the content that’s not only catching eyes but also driving real, potential-client traffic to your site.

How to Use Your Pinterest Data Like a Boss

  1. Spot the Winners: Which pins are getting the most clicks and driving traffic? Make more of that kind of content!
  2. Ditch the Duds: If a pin isn’t performing, don’t be afraid to give it a refresh or try a different approach.
  3. Plan Ahead with Pinterest Trends: See what’s trending and create content that aligns with those hot topics.
  4. Refine and Repeat: Pinterest is always evolving. Keep checking your analytics regularly to adjust your strategy and stay ahead of the game.

The Bottom Line

Remember, Pinterest isn’t just about pretty pictures – it’s about connecting with your dream clients and growing your business. Let’s make Pinterest magic happen! ✨

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The Power of Pinterest Funnels for Service-Based Business Owners

The Power of Pinterest Funnels for Service-Based Business Owners by Jen Vazquez Media

The Power of Pinterest Funnels for Service-Based Business Owners

Ever given your all to Pinterest and felt like the results weren’t stacking up? Or perhaps you’ve conquered Instagram and are ready for the next frontier with an epic Pinterest marketing strategy? Welcome to the power of Pinterest funnels tailored for service-based businesses.

Understanding the Pinterest Funnel

Imagine your Pinterest funnel as a crafted journey – a roadmap guiding someone from casually discovering your content to becoming a loyal client. It’s more than a concept; it’s the magic that turns curious browsers into devoted clients.

Stage 1: Discovery

At the top of the funnel lies the Discovery Stage. Picture potential clients stumbling upon your content on Pinterest – the initial spark, the first encounter in the vast sea of inspiration.

Stage 2: Awareness

Moving down, we enter the Awareness Stage. Now they know you exist, and it’s time to create brand awareness. Inject your unique vibe, your positive and cheerleader-like energy, leaving a lasting impression beyond being just another pin on their feed.

Stage 3: Consideration

Deeper into the funnel, the Consideration Stage is reached. Here, potential clients aren’t just aware; they’re considering what you offer. Your content transitions from inspirational to valuable, making them think, “Could this be the solution to my challenges?”

Stage 4: Conversion

Finally, at the bottom, the Conversion Stage awaits. This is the sweet spot where potential clients transform into actual clients. Your carefully crafted Pinterest journey has primed them to take action, book your services, and become part of your business journey.

Optimizing Each Funnel Stage

Understanding the stages is crucial, but the real magic happens in optimizing each step. Here’s your quick guide:

Discovery: Grab Attention

Create eye-catching pins and compelling content that stops them mid-scroll. Use vibrant visuals and headlines that scream, “You need to see this!”

Awareness: Showcase Your Vibe

Inject your positivity and cheerleader vibe into your pins. Let them know there’s a real person behind the content – someone they’d love to work with.

Consideration: Provide Value

Share content that goes beyond inspiration. Offer valuable insights, tips, and solutions related to your services. Show them you understand their challenges.

Conversion: Call to Action

When they’re primed and ready, make the transition easy. Include clear calls to action in your pins, directing them to your website or a booking page. Make the conversion process seamless.

The Pinterest Funnel in Action

To illustrate, imagine a potential client stumbling upon your pin about “Effortless Marketing on Pinterest.” They explore your content, becoming aware of your positive and supportive brand vibe. Delving deeper, they find valuable tips on optimizing their marketing strategy. Finally, convinced of your expertise, they convert by booking your services for business growth.


Ready to supercharge your service-based business using Pinterest, the ultimate traffic booster?

Pinterest reigns as the top traffic source for countless creators and service providers! If you haven’t tapped into its potential yet, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Schedule a complimentary discovery call with Pinterest Expert Jen Vazquez, and let’s chart your course to success.

Crafting Content for Chilly Day Seekers

Your Pinterest audience, unlike your familiar Instagram crew, is actively seeking inspiration. Craft content for them like preparing for a chilly day – building brand trust, creating super fans, and guiding them to your website.

Promoting Your Pinterest Magic

How do you get eyes on your fantastic content? Time for some Pinterest promotion magic:

  • Set up and Optimize: Your Pinterest Business account.
  • Sprinkle Keywords: In your pin titles and descriptions.
  • Add Compelling Calls to Action: In your pin graphics and descriptions.
  • Consistently Share: New pins for your content.

Congratulations, Your Content Led Them Here!

And congrats, your Pinterest-worthy content has led your ideal client to your blog post. Now, seize the moment! Capture that lead with strategic opportunities for readers to join your list. Make it crystal clear how they can access more valuable info from you.

Don’t Forget to Nurture: The Email Subscribers

Oh, and don’t forget to nurture those email subscribers! They’ve given you their address, so let’s keep the conversation going. Set up a welcome sequence that delivers value and keeps them engaged. And, hey, I even use Flodesk for my email marketing – use code SARAHB for 50% off your first year!

Consistency Is Key

Consistency is key, Jen. Stick to the promised communication frequency, and over time, your email subscribers will become your biggest fans. Ready to turn Pinterest users into devoted clients? Let’s make your Pinterest funnel a powerhouse for your service-based success!


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The Power of Pinterest Funnels for Service-Based Business Owners by Jen Vazquez Media
The Power of Pinterest Funnels for Service-Based Business Owners by Jen Vazquez Media
The Power of Pinterest Funnels for Service-Based Business Owners by Jen Vazquez Media
The Power of Pinterest Funnels for Service-Based Business Owners by Jen Vazquez Media
The Power of Pinterest Funnels for Service-Based Business Owners by Jen Vazquez Media