7 Highlights from Canva Create 2022

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7 Highlights from Canva Create 2022

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On September 14, 2022, Canva revealed some of the exciting ways they are evolving their products and programs to help you unlock your creativity and achieve your goals.  

I know that you want to be a smart entrepreneur, so you’ll want to have the best tools that save you time, are easy, and let you shine with a polished look.  Canva is that tool for me.  

To stand out in a crowd of other entrepreneurs, creating a dazzling social media post, it’s never been more critical to let your visuals do the talking. And this trend isn’t slowing down.

In the Canva Create 2022: The Future is Visual Event, they shared with us so many new tools and I can’t wait to share with you a peek at the ones that I am super excited about.  I’m all about working smarter not harder and these new tools will do just that.

Surprisingly, all of the new tools and products they unveiled and the bulk of them are available for free within Canva.  Build to empower you and your team to succeed.  Canva can help you communicate visually to drive impact.

Here are 7 highlights that I’m excited about from the Canva Create 2022.

Canva Docs

They unveiled a brand new way to create visually compelling documents. With Canva Docs, launching in Beta later this year, you’ll find all the Canva tools you know and love, combined with familiar text editing and formatting options, plus a range of new features designed to maximize productivity and collaboration.  

They are launching it soon, so definitely go add yourself to the waitlist.  

You can use Canva Docs as a place to house all of your plans, designs, and other communications. While there, you’ll be able to access our content library of more than 100 million design assets or add in any of your other designs such as Presentations, Videos, Charts, or Whiteboards so everything’s in one place.

You can also add to-do lists, and share comments and actions, all while collaborating with your team in real-time. And with one click, you can turn a Canva Doc into a fully-fledged Presentation and share it online as a branded link, and even get view and engagement insights.

Click here to join the waitlist to try Docs when it launches.

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Infinite Whiteboards

Whiteboards product lets you collaboratively shape and explore your ideas, and gives you an infinite canvas to do it on.

Just like a real-life whiteboard, Canva Whiteboards are made for people to jump in and add their thoughts.  This means instead of a couple of people with markers, you can invite your whole team to brainstorm with you no matter where they are.

They have access to Canva’s 100 million photos, illustrations, and videos to help map your ideas visually (talk about a vision board for your business). And to simulate but also enhance real-life whiteboarding, we provide sticky notes, synced timers, diagramming and flowchart tools, name-displaying cursors, and new workshop templates.

Remove a Background in Video with Just One Click

Since launching Video back in 2021, more than 1 billion videos have been created using Canva.  So it’s popular!  Haven’t you made video pins for Pinterest?? 😜

Canva Create unveiled a brand new, one-click Video Background Remover to all Pro Users and Teams – making it faster, easier and more fun than ever to create professional-looking content, effortlessly. 

They also added even more features and customizable elements to make your videos stand out – including soon being able to turn any design into a video with just a few clicks!

Plus the incredible new animation features that can be used across video and presentations, with more features coming soon to level up your animations.

Presentations just got more cinematic

They introduced a range of new Presentations features to make them as beautiful, compelling and engaging as possible.

Start with either one of our thousands of templates, and import any PDF, Powerpoint, or Illustrator file to automatically re-create your existing content in Canva! 

You’ll also soon be able to switch between storyboard-like thumbnails – which are perfect for creating designs, presentations, or simply looking at your video from a bird’s eye view – and just like that, into a timeline video editor. That way, your music can be synced and everything is timed perfectly. You’ll have all of the power of animations, transitions, and audio in your presentation.

Present collaboratively from anywhere with the new Remote Control feature (trying to fumble for that button while speaking”), or asynchronously with a recorded Talking Presentation. 

Plus, you can also embed stunning advanced data visualizations, expand a slide into a Whiteboard to more extensively map out your ideas, and monitor your presentation’s engagement through new design insights.

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Print more items, have them delivered or pick-up in-store

Want to print client welcome guides to print to impress but running out of time, you can now pick them up in-store pick up at a local FedEx Office store for the US or Staples for Canadian-based users, both for free.

You can also go to Canva Print to print business cards to photo books, posters, stickers, hoodies, and more.  I’m starting to imagen some Jen Vazquez Pinterest Merch coming….

But it gets even better!  You’ll automatically be alerted to elements that might be cut off or images that have low resolution, ensuring a perfect print every time. 

Canva is all about sustainability, so they partner with printers around the world who are committed to sustainability also.  Bonus, they plant a tree for every print order placed through their One Print, One Tree reforestation program. 

Through the reforestation program, more than 2.4 million trees have been planted, with an additional 5 million trees planned for the rest of 2022 – that’s about the same as the number of trees as in New York City.

Instantly generate the image you’re imagining, in Canva

The Text to Image app powered by Stable Diffusion into Canva is the thing that really excited me more than all the rest, and they are amazing! 

Canva is letting you create unique images from a simple description in seconds. Grab something straight from your imagination and turn it into a professional photo, make a 3D image without having to learn any difficult software, or create an image of something that you could never even take a photo of.

The photos throughout this blog are created with Text to Image by Canva.  Here is what I typed and the photos are scattered through this blog.  Can you guess which image was created with which text below:

  • glitter ball on hot pink background
  • elephant on the street 
  • magical city in the future with pink 
  • typing on a keyboard with pink nails
  • Pink desktop
  • Pink raincoat in the rain
hot pink glossy ball on glittered paper7 Things I'm Excited About from  Canva Create 2022 by Jen Vazquez Pinterest Marketing

A Marketplace for creators

They announced the Canva Creators program which empowers creatives everywhere to design and publish templates to Canva. More than 3,000 Beta Canva Creators are already helping to diversify our library while making an income from their work.

The Future Is Visual

Canva Create 2022 was all about the future is visual.  Canva truly believes that being visual shouldn’t be intimidating!   

It’s always been their mission to empower anyone to design anything, and with their Visual Worksuite of enterprise-grade visual communication products built with everyone in mind, they are ever so closer so the future begins now!

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Graphic with pink text saying 7 Things I'm Excited About from  Canva Create 2022 by Jen Vazquez Pinterest Marketing
graphic with pink text saying 7 Things I'm Excited About from  Canva Create 2022 by Jen Vazquez Pinterest Marketing
graphic with pink text saying 7 Things I'm Excited About from  Canva Create 2022 by Jen Vazquez Pinterest Marketing
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