Pinterest 101 in 2023: Keywords for Pinterest Marketing (Part 2)

PinterestMarketing 101-Keywords by Jen Vazquez Media

Pinterest 101 for 2023: Using Keywords

Welcome to Blog #2 of the Pinterest 101 Series. 

Welcome to the ultimate guide on finding and using keywords on Pinterest! It may be surprising that the first step is to find keywords, but keywords are the secret sauce for getting found on Pinterest and having Pinterest serve your information up to your ideal clients.

In this post, you’ll learn how to:

  • how to find your keywords using Pinterest
  • the different types of pins + how to find them
  • what keywords work well (+ don’t) on Pinterest
  • tips on how to optimize your pins for better results

What Are Keywords

Keywords are the words or phrases that your ideal audience types into the Pinterest search bar to find the content they’re interested in. By using relevant keywords in your pins, boards, and in your profile, you increase your chances of getting found by your target audience and getting more engagement on your content.

Try to Avoid:

  • An Instagram strategy for hashtags
  • Industry-specific keywords
  • Just single words
  • Keywords that aren’t about the content

Definitely DO the following:

  • Find keywords that are popular on Pinterest
  • Use keywords that solve your ideal client’s problem

Why do Keyword Research for Pinterest

Before we start going into details on your Pinterest keyword research process, you need to understand why Pinterest keywords are so important! So let’s start with…

Is Pinterest a social media platform?

It’s considered a social media platform in google analytics, but it’s actually a search platform (and a REALLY good search engine just like Youtube and Google). Search engines are designed to give users the best possible search results based on their query.

As a user of Pinterest, you can help to improve search results by providing accurate and concise information when creating pins and boards and by tagging your pins with relevant keywords. 

If you’re a content creator on Pinterest, you know that your pins can appear in multiple places on the platform. While the home feed results are usually determined by the recent search and interests of a user, if your pins don’t appear in the search results, they won’t be engaged with and have fewer chances to be introduced in the home feed.

That’s why it’s important to optimize your pins, boards, and your profile with keywords for the search engine.

By using keywords, you can make sure your pins appear in the search results and get seen by more people. As a result, you’ll get more engagement and followers on Pinterest. So start optimizing your pins today!

Keywords Pinterest 101 in 2023 by Jen Vazquez Media 1

How to do Keyword Research on Pinterest

Pinterest is the only social media platform that actually tells you what’s being searched…. I know it’s crazy!  So let’s get started now that you know you need to find Keywords for you and your Business.  

It’s important to note that while you do this research, you should keep track of these keywords.  I have created a Keyword Builder just for you.  You can download it from my FREE Pinterest Resources. That way when you go to pin on Pinterest, you’ll have this Keyword Builder to help you quickly pin and get back to working on other things in your business.

Today we will be looking at the Pinterest tools as well as other tools that can also help you to build a beefy list of keywords! Alright, get that keyword builder ready and go to Pinterest. Look for the search bar at the top of the page.

Search Bar | Drop-Down Menu

One of the areas to search is the drop-down menu. When you type something into the search bar, Pinterest will suggest a variety of different options for you to choose from, just like Google does. This can be helpful to share different keywords (the popular ones) that people are searching for right now.  Write all of the keywords on your keyword builder that make sense for your business.

Be sure to check the “all Pins” option to the right of the search bar as it defaults to “your pins” and that won’t be helpful at all to finding new keywords.

Search Bar | Guided Search Bubbles

Not all people depending upon where you live have access.  If you’re one of the lucky pinners who still have access to the guided search then you can use the suggested keywords there as well. 

Guided search bubbles are the keywords in colored bubbles just under the search.  These tiles are refined keywords based on the base keyword you searched.

BONUS POINTS:  If you click on one of the guided search bubbles, you’ll be able to drill down to get even more.  You’ll basically be starting the whole process over again with the drop-down menu and guide search bubbles.  Below I clicked on Dress under the search Summer Wedding and got these new keywords.

Keywords Pinterest 101 in 2023 by Jen Vazquez Media

Pinterest Ads (without paying for the Ads)

Another way of finding keywords on Pinterest is to use the Keyword Planner Tool which is located under “create ad” function under the Ads Menu on Pinterest.  You aren’t actually creating an ad, just using that button to get more keywords.  Here are the steps:

Click on “Ads” in the Menu and click the “create ad” button.

Notice the “drive consideration” column? Click on Consideration (formerly traffic).  Ignore all the other options and scroll down to click “continue”.  

Now click “find new customers” toward the bottom as the targeting strategy.  Now scroll down again to the area that says “keywords and interests” and click on it.

Select “add keywords”.  You’ll type in the main keyword you want to do research for, then the keyword planner tool will give you related keywords that may fit your business needs.  Again as always, write them down (or type them) into your keyword builder.  

Keywords Pinterest 101 in 2023 by Jen Vazquez Media

Pinterest Trends

There are a few ways to access Pinterest Trends.  You can click “analytics” in the menu on Pinterest and select Trends or you can go to

Now Pinterest Trends isn’t as robust as we business entrepreneurs would like and you can’t find all of the keywords you search, but Pinterest is consistently updating this area as more keywords are searched. This tool helps you to see the height of the year for different keywords and you can compare up to 4 keywords.  It will share the search volume for each of the four so you know which of the 4 keywords are the best.  

First step is to select your country.  Then, type in a keyword.  A drop down menu will appear, just like when you search for a keyword in the search bar.  You’ll find additional keywords that you should write down on your Keyword Builder, provided it fits your business.

In this example I searched for summer wedding.  I clicked on summer wedding the first result in the drop down menu and this is what I found.

Note that the height of popularity is around December 20th for the last year.  It may be surprising as that winter, but this is actually typical.  Most wedding searches happen during engagement season between Thanksgiving and New Years.  People get engaged as start searching on Pinterest for #allthethings.

Now under this result you see related trends and popular pins. 

Next we’ll compare keywords to see which is most popular by searches on Pinterest.  You can do that by clicking on the related trends buttons. 

In this trend search, summer wedding colors is the most popular.  Again, write down the keywords on your keyword builder, not just the most popular as you want to utilize a variety of keywords when you make pins so you have a better chance at getting in found.

How To Find Keywords Off Pinterest

Here are some places you can find keywords for free off of Pinterest:

Write Your Research Down

So you know keywords are important and I’ve shared many areas that you can research to find keywords for your business, now I’ll show you how to log them.

My gift to you: Get Your Keyword Builder Here. Use this to keep track of your keywords so when you pin, it’s super easy to look at all the keywords and chose multiple for pins that are for the same blog but using different keywords to get better reach and results on Pinterest.

On the Keyword Builder, you’ll find a header and a column underneath. The goal is to look at your blog categories and/or your pillars of content in those headers. 

In the example here, I share a tiny snapshot of our agency’s client who’s a brand photographer Keyword Builder. (note not all keywords are on the snapshot and the most important keywords are local based keywords!) 

keyword builder partially filled out by Jen Vazquez Media

When To Do This Research

I’m covering this in the second blog in the series because I recommend everyone start with a researching when you start using Pinterest.  But I also recommend doing another session of researching every 6 months or so to be sure to capture new keywords as searches can change.

Note: Avoid using industry specific keywords as they will just draw the attention of others in your industry. 

PinterestMarketing 101-Keywords by Jen Vazquez Media

Where To Use Keywords On Pinterest

As you’ve learned, keywords are the bread and butter of any Pinterest marketing strategy – without them, you’re likely to get lost in the shuffle and miss out on valuable exposure. But as with all things in life, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about using keywords on Pinterest. The golden rule? Never keyword stuff! This means sprinkling your keywords in haphazardly, in a bulk list, or stuffing them into sentences where they don’t naturally belong. 

Not only will this make your content difficult to read, but it will also flag your account as spammy which could hurt your chances of being found in search. Instead, use your keywords thoughtfully and sparingly, making sure that they always flow naturally within the context of your sentence. following this simple rule will make a world of difference for your Pinterest marketing efforts!

Keywords Pinterest 101 in 2023 by Jen Vazquez Media an image with places to share keywords on an image of a computer screen with Pinterest on it.

Where To Put Keywords

Here are the places to use keywords on Pinterest.  All of these area are searchable on Pinterest.  Pinterest considers all of these area to learn what your content is about and serve your content up to your ideal clients:

  • Your profile name: Choose a main keyword that describe your content or your business.
  • Your profile description: Using keywords, describe the transformation you offer clients.
  • Your board titles: Use main keywords name your boards. Avoid using cutsy names as they won’t be found by your ideal clients. 
  • Your board descriptions: You can use keywords in your descriptions to Pinterest and your ideal clients what they will find on your board.
  • Your pin overlay: Pinterest can “see” your image to take that along with the other areas to match with people that will find that content valuable. Choose a main keyword that describes what they will learn when they click on your pin and go to the content (blog, youtube, podcast, etc.).
  • Your pin titles: Pin titles are considered by Pinterest to categorize your content.
  • Pin descriptions: You can use alternatives to your keyword on your pin title or text overlay in sentences to get the best opportunity to get found.

Bonus Areas To Use Keywords

  • Add keywords in the URL of the content attached to the pin
  • In the title and subtitle of your content
  • Use keywords in your content
Pinterest Strategy Academy by Jen Vazquez Media image of laptop, ipad, cell phone and sheets of paper showing all that's included


So you’ve learned all about keywords!  Why you should use keywords, how to use keywords, where to use keywords and how to log them on my free Keyword Builder.

You know you should do this research when you first start using Pinterest for your business and that you should repeat it every 6-12 months to stay updated.

I’d love to share something that can really help you when you have Pinterest questions but also as accountability to get that pinning done!!  It’s my DIY service (with your friendly Pinterest experts along to help!). 

Pinterest Strategy Academy

Pinterest Strategy Academy Group Coaching Means…

…lose the overwhelm when marketing your business. Learn easy and simple systems to spend less time and book more clients.  What’s included?

  • Weekly LIVE Q+A Sessions where you can ask questions
  • Weekly LIVE Pinning Sessions where you’ll pin to Pinterest (excellent accountability)
  • Monthly LIVE Masterminds – Diving deep into different skills
  • Guest Speaker
  • Monthly Pin Templates via Canva and Downloads

These bonuses make Pinterest Strategy Academy unlike any other Pinterest offer.

01: Access To Me (Your Personal Expert)

As sessions are live, you have access to me to ask all sorts of questions about how you like to work to your specific business and it’s needs

02: Guest Speakers

I have incredibly talented friends in the Marketing space. I invite them to come and teach their specific expertise like Pinterest Ads and Instagram.

03: Replays

Each Mastermind is recorded so you can access it if you aren’t available at that time/date. Q&A Sessions + Pinning Session are also recorded, if there is any education on the call

04: Downloads

There are a ton of downloads that make your marketing so much easier like an 80 Calls to Action cheat sheet, My Marketing System Check List, Pinterest Analyzer and so much more

05: Private Facebook Group

I have a private Facebook group where you can chat with me and the other members to share your pin, blog post or anything else

06: Tailwind

I offer a Tailwind Trial and education on how to use this valuable 3rd party tool to make Pinterest EVEN EASIER. 

If you have any questions, send me a DM on IG or send me an email.

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PinterestMarketing 101-Keywords by Jen Vazquez Media
PinterestMarketing 101-Keywords by Jen Vazquez Media
PinterestMarketing 101-Keywords by Jen Vazquez Media
PinterestMarketing 101-Keywords by Jen Vazquez Media

Three ways to do keyword research on Pinterest THE LAST ONE IS MY FAVORITE

pinterest pin with 3 Ways to do keyword research on Pinterest  THE LAST ONE IS MY FAVORITE

3 ways to do keyword research on Pinterest THE LAST ONE IS MY FAVORITE

Here are the best ways to do keyword research on Pinterest!

Do you need help with keyword research on Pinterest? Today we will talk about the best ways to do keyword research on Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual search engine, and using keywords is essential for getting your content in front of the right people.

How often do you need to do keyword research on Pinterest?

If you have your content pillars set up and your content is all related to a niche audience and a few content pillar topics, then you can create a keyword bank document and just add to it as needed. If your account is new, keyword research is essential for your Pinterest profile optimization and board optimization.

However, if you write about a new topic, you might want to do additional keyword research that is more specific to the content for writing an optimized pin description.

So here are the three ways to do keyword research on Pinterest and the last one is my New Favorite!

Manual Research

The first method for doing keyword research is using the Pinterest search bar directly and seeing what drops down. Start typing keywords and see what shows up in the drop-down menu. Write down or note any keywords or keyword phrases that will be relevant to your audience and content.

You can also do the alphabet soup method for additional recommendations. For example, if you are a wedding photographer and write about wedding photography, type ‘wedding photography a’ to see what auto-completes, then type ‘wedding photography b’ and continue through the whole alphabet. The downside to this method is that super time-consuming as you are doing things manually.

Pinterest Trends Tool

The Pinterest Trends Tool is an excellent tool for seeing how your keywords are currently trending on Pinterest and if there are any other relevant trending keywords you can use.

Combine this tool with the manual type of research to figure out great keywords to use. You can also use this tool to determine the best time of year for some keywords.

Pin Inspector

The Pin Inspector software is a powerful app that has six amazing features to help you find keywords and so much more. This app has a keyword generator, a trends generator, a pin analyzer, a browse, and scrape tool, a boards analyzer, and a pinner analyzer. They are all amazing tools, but what I use the most to help me determine what the best keywords are for my clients is the keyword generator.

The keyword generator does all the work for you that you would do in a manual search, including the alphabet soup method. All you have to do is enter a keyword or phrase, hit enter, and wait for the magic to reveal all the words you could possibly want and need. Pin Inspector also has a trends tool based on the Pinterest Trends Tool.

Pin Inspector has so much to offer and the price is amazing! Normally $67, you can get this powerful tool now for only $47 with the code PIN20.


There is a reason why all of these methods are specific to Pinterest. Pinterest is its own search engine, which is why it’s important to do your research on Pinterest not google or use the Pin Inspector software. How pinners search for things can be entirely different than how people search Google.

I hope that these tips and tools will help you grow your Pinterest account and bring more traffic to your website. Which tool will you try?

Just a Note: This link contains an affiliate link (down in the P.S. ). If you use it to make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my business! 

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3 ways to do keyword research on Pinterest THE LAST ONE IS MY FAVORITE
3 ways to do keyword research on Pinterest THE LAST ONE IS MY FAVORITE
3 ways to do keyword research on Pinterest THE LAST ONE IS MY FAVORITE
3 ways to do keyword research on Pinterest THE LAST ONE IS MY FAVORITE