Creating a personality-packed website to turn casual visitors into raving fans with Katelyn Dekle

Creating a personality-packed website to turn casual visitors into raving fans with Katelyn Dekle

Creating a personality-packed website: Turning casual visitors into raving fans with Katelyn Dekle of Launch The Damn Thing

Are you ready to transform your online presence into a magnetic force? In this episode, we dive into the vibrant world of bold, sassy, and uniquely designed websites. We’re here to answer the question: How can a personality-packed website be the secret sauce to turning casual visitors into raving fans? I’m Jen Vazquez, your host, and today, I am thrilled to be joined by Katelyn Dekle, the CEO of Launch The Damn Thing. Katelyn is a Squarespace web designer and educator known for cranking out personality-driven designs. Her passion lies in helping people find success in the online space by sharing the tools and expertise she’s gained since she started side hustling in 2015.

Transcript (polished from our convo)

Jen Vazquez: Welcome, Katelyn!

Katelyn Dekle: Thank you so much for having me.

Jen Vazquez: I’m excited to dive into your journey and expertise. So let’s start with your transition from a toxic work environment to becoming the CEO of Launch The Damn Thing. Can you share more about that winding journey?

Katelyn Dekle: Absolutely. It was a winding journey indeed. I side-hustled for five years before taking the leap into running my own business full-time in 2020. I was tired of the toxicity, the low pay, and no benefits in my previous work environments. Despite facing challenges, I took a furlough mid-pandemic, and within six months, I was off unemployment and running my business full-time.

Jen Vazquez: That’s quite a journey. Now, you’re known for creating personality-packed websites. How do you infuse the unique essence of your clients into their web designs?

Katelyn Dekle: It’s all about asking the right questions and diving deep into who they are. I inquire about their preferences, behaviors, favorite things, and the type of clients they want to attract. By understanding them on a personal level, I can craft a design that truly represents their personality on the page.

Jen Vazquez: That’s a fantastic approach. Can you share a memorable success story where a client’s website transformation had a significant impact on their business or personal brand?

Katelyn Dekle: Certainly. One notable success was with a client named Fred’s Oral Prep, an educational training program for super yacht crew members. Despite the challenging and dry nature of the content, within 12 hours of launching their new site, they saw an influx of two new students and a remarkable month of growth. The revamped website played a crucial role in this success.

Jen Vazquez: That’s impressive. Now, let’s talk about the intersection of personality and design. How does the personality of a brand influence the design process, especially when working with bold and sassy clients?

Katelyn Dekle: The brand’s personality is a guiding force in the design process. It helps build authenticity and fosters a sense of know, like, and trust. By aligning the design with the client’s personality, we create an engaging and relatable experience for the audience, attracting the right kind of people to the brand.

Jen Vazquez: Excellent. Now, in terms of user experience, how do you ensure that a website not only looks fantastic but also provides an intuitive and enjoyable experience that drives conversions?

Katelyn Dekle: User experience is crucial. I give my clients homework to gather essential content and guide them through the process. Using custom code and design plugins, I create an engaging experience tailored to their business model. Clear organization and structuring of content ensure a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Jen Vazquez: Your approach to user experience is comprehensive. Now, for those with a limited budget, what DIY tips can you offer to revamp their website effectively?

Katelyn Dekle: Start with clear and concise information. Chunk out your content, making it bite-sized and skimmable. Organize it with accordions, bullet points, and headings to make it easily digestible. Focus on creating a clean and organized structure that helps visitors navigate your site effortlessly.

Jen Vazquez: Great advice! Now, when it comes to the homepage, what key elements or essentials do you believe every effective, engaging website should have?

Katelyn Dekle: The homepage should act as a signpost, guiding visitors to relevant sections of your site. Create a decision flow chart to determine the ultimate goal and branch off from there. Clearly, place buttons or links above the fold to direct visitors to key pages like About, Services, or Contact. The homepage is a strategic starting point for user navigation.

Jen Vazquez: Excellent tips for optimizing the homepage. Now, you’ve embraced video content on your website and blog. How does incorporating video help improve visibility and engagement?

Katelyn Dekle: Video content enhances engagement and provides an alternative to written content. I started incorporating videos based on audience requests and found that it significantly increased engagement. I film the video first, transcribe it for accessibility, and then edit the transcription to cater to both video and non-video audiences. This multi-faceted approach has led to increased visibility and even client acquisition through YouTube.

Jen Vazquez: That’s a smart strategy. Now, reflecting on your journey, what three things have helped you grow your business?

Katelyn Dekle: Firstly, finding a mentor or learning from someone one or two steps ahead has been invaluable. Secondly, taking the emotion out of situations and analyzing data objectively allows for more effective decision-making. Lastly, avoiding the “do all the things” marketing strategy and focusing on one or two key platforms has been key to sustainable growth.

Jen Vazquez: Those are insightful lessons. Finally, could you share more about the services you offer to our audience?

Katelyn Dekle: I offer one-on-one services for from-scratch Squarespace websites, as well as design days or day rates for those looking to enhance existing sites. Additionally, I provide one-to-one strategy sessions and run a Club membership where members can engage with me at different levels. The Club includes Q&A sessions and exclusive content.

Jen Vazquez: Wonderful. Now, Katelyn, you have a special gift for our audience. Could you tell us more about it?

Katelyn Dekle: Absolutely! I’m offering a two-week free trial to the Launch The Damn Thing Club, where members can experience the benefits and engage with the community. Additionally, I have a discount code for the shop, including upcoming content guides for website improvement. It’s a great opportunity to explore and enhance your online presence.

Jen Vazquez: That’s a fantastic gift! Thank you so much, Katelyn, for sharing your valuable insights and offering this generous gift to our audience. It’s been a pleasure having you on the podcast.

Katelyn Dekle: Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasure!

Jen Vazquez: And to our listeners, if you found today’s episode helpful, don’t forget to leave a review. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Now, go out there and transform your online presence! Until next time, take care.

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Katelyn’s Gift:  A Free trial to the Club (includes 14 days of the $50/mo ‘All-Access’ plan free, –no credit card info required) OR Join The Freeloader’s Plan for as long as you want.  Shop Discount code: HOLIDAZE20 = 20% off anything in my shop

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Creating a personality-packed website to turn casual visitors into raving fans with Katelyn Dekle
Creating a personality-packed website to turn casual visitors into raving fans with Katelyn Dekle
Creating a personality-packed website to turn casual visitors into raving fans with Katelyn Dekle
Creating a personality-packed website to turn casual visitors into raving fans with Katelyn Dekle
Creating a personality-packed website to turn casual visitors into raving fans with Katelyn Dekle