Email Marketing for Wedding Pros

Email Marketing for Wedding Pros

Today we are going to talk about another piece of marketing besides blogs, social media and Pinterest

I know you’ve heard all about email marketing, but you may think email marketing doesn’t work for wedding pros because they are on and off the list in a year or so (sometimes even a few months these days).

While we know that email marketing strategies work to qualify and encourage sales for other businesses, why should I use it as a wedding pro?

Why Is Email Marketing An Effective Strategy For A Wedding Pro?

You’re probably using several platforms to get the word out about your business. I’m know you’re on Instagram, you’re blogging and you’re on or attempting Pinterest because you are joining our room each week., 

So why should you add it to your marketing system? 

Email Marketing Helps You Speak To Your Wedding Customers In A More Intimate Way

They’ve given you permission to show up in their email — so it lets you speak to your potential clients in a more intimate way and to them it feels like you are speaking directly to them.

Even if your content on Instagram, Pinterest and blogging speaks to your ideal clients, they know that it was written for the public to read.

Email marketing is different. A customer’s inbox is their private space and they gave you permission to enter it.  

You Can Slowly Nurture Those Wedding Leads Into bookings or raving fans

Email marketing gives you a direct line of communication with your potential clients. Email marketing lets you slowly nurture those leads into booked couples.

When you provide value info about planning wedding or whatever your speciality is, you are twice as likely to encourage them to book you.  

Email Marketing takes people quickly through the “Know/Like/Trust” journey into booked clients

The know/like/trust is SUPER important in the life cycle of marketing.  It’s mandatory to move lead along the buyer journey to securing your services for their wedding.

This is where marketing, advertising, and brand awareness comes in.

It all starts with seeing you on social media, a blog post, Pinterest, a google search, or a friend referring you.  Then they opt in for a lead magnet (or freebie) to learn more and end up on your email list where you can nurture them.

SO – how Can you Use Email Marketing As A Wedding Pro?

Because email marketing for wedding pros is a little difference as the client lifecycle is usually a lot shorter, you just need to tweak how you use email marketing as a wedding pro.

There are two levels to email marketing.  One is you can send consistent emails (Vanessa has talked about this before how they are on a cycle of engagement and getting married).

The BEST way is to include a nurture sequence after an opt-in.  You have several emails that go out and then they are on your full wedding list.

Then when they get married (you photograph their wedding) there is a “to do” to move them onto your regular client list.  This is where it comes in handy to help them as they move through their life. 

As a photographer, family photos, maternity photos, as an invitation company, maybe birthday parties and events.  For other wedding vendors, you can do events or birthdays, etc.

So now, let’s brainstorm ideas for emails that you can send to potential wedding clients?

17 Subject Lines for Emails

  1. How to choose a wedding date
  2. 5 Mistakes I See Brides Make Everyday
  3. Tips to making your bridesmaid feel the love
  4. Why you should never do this on the morning of your wedding day
  5. 7 advantages of having a wedding planner
  6. Why hire a professional XYZ instead of having a friend do it
  7. How to NOT argue with your fiance during wedding planning
  8. Don’t forget to bring these things on your wedding day
  9. 5 things to ask your wedding venue before you book
  10. Tips to wedding dress shopping
  11. 5 things bride who already got married want you to know
  12. Pros and Cons of a first look
  13. Wedding timelines that things to consider
  14. Our recent reviews don’t disappoint
  15. FAQ’s for my industry – all your questions answered (discovery calls)
  16. Engagement session locations in XYZ
  17. 10 top wedding venues in XYZ city

Hope this all helped!


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Email marketing for Wedding Pros
Email marketing for Wedding Pros
Email marketing for Wedding Pros by Jen Vazquez Marketing and Pinterest Strategist
Email marketing for Wedding Pros by Jen Vazquez Marketing and Pinterest Strategist
Email marketing for Wedding Pros by Jen Vazquez Marketing and Pinterest Strategist

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