Hacks used to bring 70% of traffic to my site!

Hacks used to bring 70% of traffic to my site!

Hacks used to bring  70% of traffic to my site!

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Pinterest is a powerful traffic tool that can help to drive traffic to your website. With over 400 million monthly active users, Pinterest is the third largest search engine, making it a great platform for driving traffic to your content. Pinterest is also an evergreen traffic source, which means that your content will continue to be relevant and drive traffic long after it is first published.

As a creative entrepreneur, Pinterest should be a key part of your marketing strategy, and I hope that this blog (and live video below) gives you a glimpse into how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your content. 

Pinterest is a powerful tool that can help you showcase your content and reach your ideal client. Pinterest’s superpower is that it can showcase your content for months (not 24-72 hours like Instagram), driving your ideal client directly to you. Pinterest marketing is a great way to reach your target audience and promote your business. 

By following these tips, you can start using Pinterest to reach more people and promote your business.

Alright, enough with that… Here’s those tips! 

Pinterest is a great platform for content creators looking to showcase their work and get it in front of a large audience. 

Whether you are a wedding pro, a coach, or other creative with a service-based business, Pinterest can be a powerful tool to help promote your content and grow your following.

By creating fresh pins on a regular basis, you can ensure that your Pinterest marketing is effective and that your pins stand out from the competition. The key is to be consistent – choose whatever number of pins you can realistically commit to posting on a regular basis, and stick to it. With a little effort, Pinterest can be a great way to reach new readers and viewers.

Create Idea Pins

These really resonate with people and Pinterest has been pushing them hard (and has been for a bit).  Idea pins get you more eyeballs in a short period of time.  Think reels.  Do 1 Idea pin a week (consider what your blog is about each week and create an idea pin). 

You can create them by filming as you talk straight to camera or create graphic slides and upload those.  Be sure to not use logos or website addresses on the graphic, but you can share it in the notes section of the idea pin.  

And… don’t take too much time to create.  Think of creating a reel – it used to take me about an hour to create one.  Now I create them in 15 minutes (that includes filming and adding text).  The same is true to Idea Pins.

The more you create them, the easier they get. And if you know me, you know that I LOVE repurposing so use that Idea pin as a reel.  Film on your cell and then upload to Pinterest save as a video and create a video pin with a link to that content.  Then upload to Instagram and TikTok if you want.


Repurpose or add new boards. Make sure that the boards are all in and around your business and what you sell.  One thing I’ve been doing lately that is working is to have three boards for each area you share in. 

As an example, my Pinterest Management clients sell letterpress cards (they are gorgeous BTW Pretty Peptalks).  I created three boards for her advice on writing notes or cards.  One is Letterpress stationery tips, stationery writing tips, and stationery advice. 

My research showed that those KEYWORDS were searched for and it gives me multiple boards to pin her advice on.  It also allows people to use those search terms to find the board as well as her pins. 

Bottom Line: Repurpose old boards that aren’t getting good analytics or create multiple boards for your keywords.  Do this process every 3 months or so.

There’s a lot of advice, and strategy hacks out there

My concern is that people take them and run with them and it can hurt their analytics over time and then they’ll think, “What the heck is up with analytics”.  Just a simple reminder that you want to focus on what Pinterest tells us they want (Pinterest Best Practices) and combine that with your business goals. 

If you are launching something, create fresh pins for it and pin those at the VERY beginning of your launch.  Then give Pinterest a few weeks to spread that information.  Just be sure that you use the same link on whatever you are launching and make that landing page (link) a WAIT LIST for the next round. 

Also, look at what pins are getting the clicks and outbound clicks and create more similar to them.  The analytics tell you what’s working and what isn’t but remember to give it time.  Pinterest is a long game like blogging.

Mistakes that people make are to give up too soon.  Each month look at your analytics and adjust your strategy to what’s working and what’s not.


Find an expert to help YOU create a strategy specifically for YOUR business and it’s goals so that you can hit the  ground running without wasting time with outdated or misinformation!  

And if you are looking for JUST THAT, an expert to help YOU with your Pinterest marketing strategy – then friend, let’s chat !  I have three services available from a done-for-you service, done-with-you service, and a DIY service.  I’d love to help!!

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Hacks used to bring 70% of traffic to my site!
Hacks used to bring 70% of traffic to my site by Jen Vazquez Pinterest Marketing Strategist
Hacks used to bring 70% of traffic to my site by Jen Vazquez Pinterest Marketing Expert
Hacks used to bring 70% of traffic to my site by Jen Vazquez Pinterest Marketing Expert

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