ChatGPT for Wedding Pros: A Game Changer For Your Biz

ChatGPT for Wedding Pros - A Game Changer For Your Biz by Jen Vazquez Media

ChatGPT for Wedding Pros: A Game Changer For Your Biz

What is ChatGPT? GPT (short for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer”) is a type of language model developed by OpenAI. It uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like text, and it has been trained on a large dataset of human-generated text to predict the next word in a sequence. This allows it to generate coherent and plausible text that can be used for a variety of natural language processing tasks, such as language translation, summarization, and question-answering.

ChatGPT is a variant of the GPT model that has been specifically designed for use in chat applications or for generating responses to user input in real-time.

I’ve been using ChatGPT for a few weeks and I’m super excited and shocked at how amazing and simple it is to use.  Plus it’s free.  You can sign up yourself here and I HIGHLY recommend you do as it’s an extreme time saver!

This was a recording of a Clubhouse Room in the Wedding Pros on Clubhouse


Jen Vazquez, Shaun Gray, Hope Douglas, Autumn Tall, Heather Cox

Jen Vazquez  00:06

for everyone. Hello, what’s going on? Good morning. I’m just, I just uploaded a few of my searches so that people can see kind of what it looks like. And now I’m going to do topics. How are you? I’m good. How

Shaun Gray  00:40

I am so obsessed with this.

Jen Vazquez  00:45

Honestly, you guys, this is the biggest. Let’s be honest, Shawn. I think this is the biggest game changer. For me for a tool that’s free. I don’t think there’s anything else that compares.

Shaun Gray 00:59

Yeah, I totally agree, you will never ever find a free tool for your business that does as much as check GPT will.


Jen Vazquez  01:09

And and as a heads up just as a heads up. We don’t know how long this will be free for. So we’re telling you now because it’s free. Right now it is an open source. We’re going to tell you all about it first, then we’re going to give you the link for you to go sign up. And then we’re going to make some suggestions on the types of things that you search for. I did notice when I logged in today that it says we’re experiencing exceptionally high demand, please hang tight as we work on scaling our systems. And that’s because it’s literally all over the news. So Shawn, if it’s okay with you, I’m gonna get started with just describing what chat GPT is. Absolutely. Okay, perfect. So this is actually taken from science focus by the BBC. So I figured it was pretty pretty good. You know, pretty good. Chat GPT everything you need to know about open AI as GPT three tool. So open AI is making headlines again, with its latest viral use of artificial intelligence. But what is chat GPT? And how does it work? For years, there’s been a worldwide fear of AI Artificial Intelligence and its impending takeover of the world, who knew that it would start with the world of art and literature. After months of dominating the internet with its AI image generator, which was titled Tao E to open AI is back and everyone’s social media feed again, thanks to chat GPT, a chat bot made using the company’s technology GP T three. It’s not exactly the name that could be easily the title, the random computer component or vague legal reference. But GPT three is actually the internet’s best known language processing, AI model. So what is GP? Three? GPT? Three? And how is it used to make chat GP T? What is it able to do? And what in the world is a language processing AI model? And so it goes into a lot of things. But I want to just say that, and tell me, tell me what you think, Shawn, but 2020 and dateline and all of those sorts of news programs. Whoops, I just lost my wallet. Can you hear me now? Still? Yes. I took off my scarf from leaving this morning. Um, anyway, it. It reminds me of Do you remember the 2020 or Dateline, I don’t remember which one it was where they had, for lack of a better word or robot. But it was an artificial intelligence. It sounded like a woman. And she was having a full conversation with the news reporter person full conversation, like scary, realistic conversation. And this is a cross I would say, between all of the AI tools out there that you pay for like and everything that takes all of the information that they have uploaded from the internet and elsewhere. There’s it’s from everywhere, and they sort of regurgitate the information in a conversational type way. But giving you the information that you need for a variety of things, and I know that was probably very confusing, but Shawn, you tell me what your what you think of it as



well, when i i Look, I remember along those same lines, because I remember that story. I’ve kinda I’ve kind of always cyanide


Jen Vazquez  05:02

artist and it was scary, right? Yeah.



I remember a bunch of social media posts like four or five, six years ago, where people would be like, I asked a robot to watch 500 hours of Seinfeld, and write me a Seinfeld script. And it like, made sense with a few kinks. Now that we’re five years later, from that point, you can see Chet GPT, and there are, can, I haven’t found any, like glaring kinks in the information that it spits back out?


Jen Vazquez  05:37

I’m scary. It’s scary to me because there aren’t. It feels like I’m talking to a person, which gives me a little bit of the heebie jeebies. But at the same time, it has saved me so many hours and hours of work in just the last week and a half. Like, Oh, well. So here’s the link that I have posted on there. I just captured two photos of the conversation. Sean and I have, over the last week have had a ton of conversations. big aha moments, like, oh, em, gee, this is so scary. Good. And it’s not just blog writing, right? Like, that’s how I thought of it at first. But Sean, but Sean asked a question about his sort of ideal client avatar. So I’m gonna let you share the story, Shawn, because I never thought about asking it that. And when you asked it, that it took me off in a billion different ways. So I want you to relate to everyone, kind of what you did and what you found.



Sure. So I had, like, Jen, when I started, I was like, Oh, my goodness, like now I don’t have to worry about writing blog posts, I can just have it right, my blog posts for me. And so I put in a couple of queries and got some good blog posts. And then I remembered, like, all of the information that I’ve learned from Gen. Mark, Rene and all the other marketers that I get, and I’m like, Yeah, okay, great. I can write blog posts. But why not take this opportunity to see if I can write a blog post geared to my ideal client? And then I thought, well, how do I actually know what my ideal client is? I’ve never really I even Jen, this. I haven’t shared this with you. But I hearken back to a conversation where you kind of asked me in a room we were doing together kind of like, well, who’s your ideal client? Yes. set off a few things. Do you remember that? Yes. I was like, Okay, well, let me get my conversation with Jen hat back on and I just asked, I asked Chuck GBT, I was like, I’m a wedding planner with 10 years of experience. This is the kind of weddings I want to go after. This is what some customers have said about me and reviews. Can you write me an avatar for a client and what it spit back to?


Jen Vazquez  08:04

I want to cry when I see.



It, like gave me the names what they’re too busy, because they’re both professional workers, what they value in a guest experience, they tend to err more on like, they they spend their money on experiences rather than things. And as a, as a wedding planner, who sells an elevated experience. I obviously want a customer who already places value on those experiences. So it wrote me paragraphs of information that was the most beautiful client avatar gave them names. The Ted GBT called them Mary and John. And so what I did with that information, is I copied it and put it in my notes app. And then every single time I have asked to write a social media caption or a blog, I say, write it as if I’m trying to convert this customer avatar.


Jen Vazquez  09:09

I have to say that I have taken it a step further. I asked, I asked it about the avatar, same situation you did. I literally copied you. And it came back with Sarah 35. Like it lists like a ton of things. And then I said, Okay, Sarah is my client. Avatar. Can you remember her? Right? And it says, No, I can’t do that. I don’t have a memory or what? I don’t remember the words that it says. But the very next question is, can you what blogs would be attractive to my target and it knew it because I just had a conversation. I think if I had, you know, waited and two days later came back maybe it would be confused, but because I had just talked about the client avatar so I did the same thing you did. And I have, I now refer to it as Jordan. It named it Sarah. But I named it Jordan because that’s my daughter’s name. And she was has always been my sort of ideal client. And so I took Jordan, my avatar, and it’s so far it’s remembered. Now, I don’t know if it’ll remember now that I haven’t been in in two days. But it’s, it’s scary. Good. So I’m uploading the link for you all. And I would love to invite you to sign up now you do have to sign up for it. And I kind of liked that. Because I think that maybe ultimately, like it did for me, it kind of remembered the conversation. Maybe it will in the future. I don’t know.



Well, I’m sorry, not late breaking news. The latest update says it’s working to recall conversations and Pat’s on the desktop model.


Jen Vazquez  10:55

So it may have been testing when I asked that question, because it did give me I said giant, Jordan, my ideal avatar, and it it ideal client avatar, and it remembered. So it maybe was it because it’s keep in mind everyone that this is a big beta test. Right? I don’t know how else to say that. But it is, it is in testing mode. So everything we’re asking, and everything it’s giving back to us is learning and learning and learning to be able to do the same for other people, right. And so when you sign up, it’s free. And it’s free to ask all these questions. Now, after a while, confess, I went crazy for in a day. And at some point, it said, Okay, give me a break, or Okay, now or something cheeky, and I was cracking up like I, I messed up anyway, what I would love for everyone to do is to click on that and sign up for it. And down at the bottom is where it’s got like a kind of a browser bar, if you will, and put in there might say my ideal client is and you can say, female, or you can say male or a couple or whatever you want to say but be very, I’ve found Shawn, that if I was very specific about their pain points, and what they’re looking to accomplish, that it was more successful that way.



I’m glad you brought up pain points, because and I also like how we kind of did the same exercise with different variations. Because when I got my avatar, the next thing I did was can you list possible pain points that this avatar would have when planning their wedding. And they gave me like four or five of them. And then I don’t want to like put the cart before the horse. But I took each one of those pain points and asked it to write a blog post of how I can address each of those pain points. And then I scheduled it out from a blog publishing standpoint, once a week so that now I’m I’m have the foundations for a four week social media strategy.


Jen Vazquez  13:15

Oh my god, I have written three blogs to two blogs that are published right now. They’re the most recent blogs. And it’s scary good. And it’s not spitting back to me kind of what the standard because Pinterest changes all the time. So my assumption is that it wouldn’t be effective with Pinterest, because it’s there’s so much information out there. That’s all sort of random and old. It’s all current Shawn. I’m, I’m, I’m shocked. Like it’s, it’s it’s not just recalling data that it’s learned. But it’s regurgitating data. That’s the most current, I believe from Pinterest. It it is like it’s heavier weighted on the current information, if you will. So I would love if you guys sign up. Because I mean, there’s no reason not to like, Shawn, also, please talk about the scripts, because I think that’s something that is insanely good, too, because a lot of us struggle myself included with scripts or things for social media.



Sure. So when you’re kind of giving it a prompt, and maybe you’re writing a blog post, for example, ask it to write a blog post and then say, and how I structure it is I start with a blog post and then I say write me an SEO, rich title and it does and then I say write me an SEO description under 400 characters and it does and then I say write me a tick tock script under 60 seconds talking about this blog. Now if I leave it at that, it will give Me a wildly like, production with scenes and what I’m supposed to be doing. But if you know me on short form video, you know that that’s typically my style. So I have to rein it in and say no, no, no, I’m just taught like, I’m a talking head on camera, deliver


Jen Vazquez  15:21

what I said, Yeah. And then and then



it rephrases The script in one scene, and it’s like, okay, so wedding planner says, and then delivers the script. And it might say, like, pause and turn to the left or something like that. But it really does keep it on a single face to camera shot. style. So you can you and I say that to say whatever your style is. You tell her that? Yes. Yep.


Jen Vazquez  15:50

I’m, it’s bizarre, because I’m not used to being able to give feedback, right? With the other AI tools that I’ve used. You kind of get what you get. And then you like, ask for another version, maybe. But with this I have taken. So I’ve asked it to do a short blog for me. And then it’s usually like five points, three points, which is my style, which is what I asked. And then I will take one of the points and I will ask it to write two paragraphs about that point. That will be attractive to my ideal client. Oh, am G? It is spot on.



And Jen, you I know you probably know this. It’ll even right. Pinterest. Pin title? Yes. Oh, right. What do they call albums, not albums, board titles. And


Jen Vazquez  16:45

yes, yes. And, and let me just say, by the way, the biggest mistake that even some Pinterest experts like people who are newer to Pinterest, and are our experts online, get this wrong. You want a board title that’s super, super simple, and very specific to your ideal client. So if you’re a wedding pro, you don’t want to just say, you know, wedding inspiration you want to say wedding inspiration for Houston, Texas, like it. And it did that. It actually



I just by first I now have a board for reviews thanks to chat GBT and being serious about scheduling out my social media content. And so one of the boards is reviews that I said write me a board title for a Houston wedding planner. testimonial page. And its title is Houston. Love colon wedding planning client reviews. i


Jen Vazquez  17:46

Yeah, it could not be more perfect from my since 2010. I’ve been on Pinterest and and working in it. And that is exactly what I would have said to you. I mean, probably not. Houston love because that’s really cheeky and cute. And I’m not that creative. But the whole fact that you also put the wedding planning in with the Houston means that you’re going to get your ideal clients that want to follow that board. It it is. It is perfection. And I’m really excited. Has anyone signed up and played with it a little bit. I would love love love to get your input your thoughts. Oh, here we go. Hope yay. Hope this is a game changer. Hi, hope tell me everything you’re on mute hope if you’re talking



Oh, it looks like autumns been playing around with it to


Jen Vazquez  18:58

come on up guys. And hope you need to press the bottom right. My There you go.


Hope Douglas  19:08

Sorry. I’ve been speaking to myself. No, that’s okay. So Hi, Jen. Hi, Sean. Yeah, so I haven’t signed up yet for this one. But I just wanted to share some stuff. So basically, before jumping on this call a couple months ago, I had aI things coming up in my feed. So and knowing that I needed to do blogs and everything and thinking oh my gosh, I haven’t got the time. I thought let me invest so stupidly or not. I went and invested in an AI product that cost me I don’t know about 300 Plus UK, UK pounds which I can’t remember how many dollars that was and then I was completely disappointed I can say right now because you know it probably missed all these things. The ads, I read through the ads, I watched the videos.


Jen Vazquez  20:04

That’s for a refund. Seriously?



Yeah. It said, Oh, it’ll do this. So I went in I thought, okay, they said blog topics, and then we put blog topic in. It was just coming up with random things, things that didn’t make sense. I was pressing, add more, you know, like, and things. It just was not working. I did email them back. thing. And it is not coming up with the things that I wanted to I’m a wedding planner, does it not understand wedding planning. And I was told, oh, sorry, that function doesn’t work. But you’re you’re probably right, I should actually get my money back. Absolutely


Jen Vazquez  20:47

get your money back. 100%. Plus, I will say, Shawn, I think you made note of it before, that this is the latest and greatest. This came out in November. And it’s heads and tails above all the others, including, ai and all of them with the exception of I’m sure it’s an open AI open source platform. So I’m sure they will now incorporate it into their systems. That’s my assumption, of course. But I had invested myself in, which was great at the time, it is night and day with this, and this is free right now. So you definitely sign up hope you will. Now, I will say to be very blunt, that what Shawn and I found is you will get out what you put in, like you do have to write Shawn, like you do have to be specific, you do have to give them as much information as you have or you know about your ideal client, then it will be next level. I’ve never seen anything like it. But it did take us putting in the work. Okay. Yeah.



A couple of things that cause like, like hope. And like Jen, I went into try and copy AI and I tried Jasper a couple of months ago. And one of the limitations that I found was the amount of words you can use, like within a month. Yes. And with and when you have a word restriction or word limit restriction, it hinders your ability to experiment to play around to ask be creative. Yes, yep, yes. And chat GPT. Without, currently without a word limit restriction. You can drill down re edit, asked to put, I want it with a humorous spin, I want to be I want it with an expert voice, etc. And it’ll it’ll do all of that. For you. I real quick example. If I asked it to give me five tips for choosing wedding invitations, it’s going to spit very generic, very high level, you can get it anywhere. But I was in a room with Jen when she did her Pinterest predictions last week. And she was talking about a lot of people were searching for gender neutral wedding invitations. And so I asked her to write me a blog with five tips on selecting gender neutral wedding invitations. And the only kind of thing that I didn’t like was that it gendered color. But I understand that that comes from like, historical, like, pink aisle for girls glue, I Oh, yeah, boys. But the rest of the information was, in my opinion valid and something that I thought worth sharing for the audience. And those are niche specific terms that that your ideal client could be searching for that there is no content to help them along in that process. So I would say when you’re playing around with chat, GPT try to really get into what your client is searching for and how the chat GPT can work to spit the information out to you and then what I would say tweak it in your language kind of how you speak and the opportunities are endless for for con this, this it there will be no greater content creation tool for you none. Like none when they put a paywall up I’m like, Well,


Screenshots from chat.openai.

chatGPT by Jen Vazquez Media
chatGPT by Jen Vazquez Media

Jen Vazquez  24:31

I’m gonna pay right like okay, and and I do want to point out before we get to autumn, thank you for coming up here. And if you guys have tried it out, come on up as well. We would love to get a conversation going. But so I always say garbage in garbage out, right? Like we have to put our personal spin on things when we ask it questions to make sure that we’re getting our personal voice back and it There has been a concern with Google that Google is so smart that it can see when you’re using January last year, it’s insane. So I apologize anyway. It, it has it, it can see a eye. And so what I have always done like when I’ve used Jasper, det AI and other AI type things, is I make sure to include my brand voice and how.



January coming back. Home, we’re gonna have to wait until Jen can come out. There she is.


Jen Vazquez  26:01

Hi, I’m so so sorry. Anyway, I always put in my brand voice. So I’ll take whatever paragraph I get. And I make sure to change a few words into how I speak. Like I don’t say, I want to, I always say I want to, like that’s just part of my brand voice and the way that I speak. And it is the way that we will sort of not potentially get deemed by Google and doing these things. But even still, I’m gonna go out on the ledge here and be very controversial. I have zero time running two businesses. And I feel like getting content out is almost more important than have it be perfect and get the biggest reach possible. I’ll take whatever reach I can get with getting this help with valuable advice. I do always change the summary and things like that. And the words like I said, because I think it’s important that things are me. But and and has I’ve been putting this content information into the chat. I have been getting back more things with my type of words. Have you noticed that Shawn?



I’m sorry. Yes, that’s I’ve seen the same thing happened to me. It’s it’s, it’s like it, even though it doesn’t hold that it’s almost like the more you engage with it, the more it kind of understand what your style is in speaking.


Jen Vazquez  27:36

It’s so It’s so crazy. All right, thank you so much help what you can stay here, stay up here and still have conversation. But I do want to get back to autumn just in fairness to autumn, come, come on up autumn come off of mute.


Autumn Tall  27:51

Um, I literally, I literally signed up, like when this room started. And I am astonished at


Jen Vazquez  28:01

I cried I literally



the amount of money that I have spent on blog posts, because I just frankly, don’t have the flippin time. blog posts and even like social media I that I’ve spent so much money on just even like social media, like someone to write my, you know, captions and all of that just because I literally don’t have the time like between client work and meetings and all that. So to have this and like, I don’t understand that it’s free. I’m like, I just I’m like blown away.


Jen Vazquez  28:42

Yeah, I am. I know, because it is an open source. So I believe that it’ll be free for a little bit. I don’t know how long nobody really has guesses. But it is built on open AI, which says to me that somebody will probably want to come out and put something that’s, that’s free, and it is free right now. And we should use it while we can. The other thing is I’ve had a lot of Pinterest experts and social media managers who are, frankly, very concerned about their business going downhill. But what I will say as a Pinterest manager is that I don’t I don’t have that problem. Because even if we can get all of this great rich writing, somebody still has to take the time to go on and post it and interact with the post. So I feel like it’s it’s not going to replace a manager per se. So for anyone who’s listening to this now or later, I don’t think it’s going to like replace jobs per se and let’s be honest, Shawn, you and I’ve spent a quite large amount of time I’m getting in and feeding it the information that we that we want to get out of it. And I don’t know, frankly, if everyone would be much time. But you know, it is it is insanely good. It has saved me to date about 25 hours. What do you think, Shawn, that it saved you over the last week or so



to? Jim, I am not I have been a strict and disciplined with it up until this point. So I can’t look at it from that. Like from a time saving standpoint, what I will say is I’ve been able to create and schedule out my social media weeks in advance in a way that I never have been able to before. And what you said is so true. Because once you get that copy, okay, well, you still have to go create, you still have to schedule out this Yeah, Pinterest this for Instagram this for tick tock. So there’s still a time spent that you could offload to a Pinterest manager or social media consultant or whatever. So it’s not like the be all end all of like taking away jobs. It’s just it’s, it’s a leveling of the playing field, in my opinion, to get people to take their content strategy and their marketing more serious, especially newer or smaller companies that might not have the resources to invest in a team. And I think that’s important. I think people who go after clients from the manager standpoint, now can really level up their own offering, yes, and get their ideal clients in the mix. So I’m, I’m less scared of like, Oh, they’re coming after jobs with a tool like this.


Jen Vazquez  31:51

Yeah. And because AI is, can bring up fear, from a lot of people from a lot of different things, right, taking over losing jobs, there’s always a bunch of fear. And I just wanted to put it out there that it is part science and part like real life and that they’re pulling from data that’s been written and stuff. But but it’s truly what it’s, for me, what is provided is taking in the information from me, and me being very specific on my marketing and who I’m targeting, to put that information in so that I get this very rich blog or any kind of content, that it just takes away some of that brain power.



For sure, and let me really quick give like a personal story of how I use chat TPT and when I say it’s not coming for jobs, you might listen to this story and think differently, but I want to get really serious about when I think about my personal branding, I want to get serious about my personal style and how I portray myself in like a like a wardrobe and how I present etc. So I had reached out to a personal stylist that I’ve known for a couple of years and asked like if she had time to do a consultation with me or like what the process was. I waited a couple hours she didn’t respond so I thought well hell, let me see what all AI thinks about this. So I typed into the AI I was like, Can you write me a personal style brief for a 38 year old white gay male whose colors are gray, blue and are gray, navy and white and is really inspired by mirror balls. It wrote me a style brief three paragraphs and then a shopping list of the core capsule pieces I should purchase to portray that it gave me like two coats two pairs of pants and shirt and a statement piece of jewelry. I then took that list went to Amazon put it all on my prime try before you buy trial. And I’m getting it shipped to me next week so we’ll be able to test it like


Jen Vazquez  34:19

it oh my gosh, Shawn, that is in saying



I’m so excited.


Jen Vazquez  34:26

That is insane. And it gave you the shopping list which is not really what you even asked for.



But it was like and if you want to if you want to see how this all comes together. Here’s the suggested shopping list of capsule pieces that you’ll want to purchase. Oh my a classic fit. wool coat in gray. Slim Fit black leather jacket, a navy pair of chinos a grey pair of chinos. That Halleck sneakers like that’s how specific it got when I said and inspired by mirror balls and it was like, metallic sneakers will show your funky, fun style and your maj to a mirror ball. It was my


Jen Vazquez  35:17

love mirrorball. So I had just had to say that. It is crazy. And you know, now that you say that, and I’m looking at chat GPT it says things like, it’ll explain quantum computing in simple terms. Got any creative ideas for a 10 year old birthday party like you could, you can literally ask it. Anything. Now we did have a question I wanted to talk about. Amber said that chat. GPT is at capacity right now not available. Anyone know if there’s restrictions in what countries it’s allowed in? I have no idea if there’s a specific country that it’s allowed in. I’m curious if anyone else signed up and was able to get in? I know that they’re limiting the people that can I know that they are being thoughtful to make sure that that that the computing time the scaling of the systems, so because I got that message that says we’re experiencing exceptionally high demand, then maybe that’s why I don’t know, Shawn, any thoughts?



I haven’t heard like country specific, but I will say sometimes it’ll say that and you just have keep refreshing. Yeah,


Jen Vazquez  36:44

that was just gonna say it tells me it tells me it’s busy right now take a break. And then I just keep asking, and then it gives me what I want. Heather, welcome to the stage. Hi, Jen. Lovely to see you. And hi to everybody. I am


Heather Cox  36:59

obsessed with chat. And she Beachy. And yeah, keep refreshing it. I get that all the time. And I just refreshed my browser, and I’m able to use it like in a second after it refreshes. So.


Jen Vazquez  37:12

So how have you? Did you just sign up? Or have you been using it?



I’ve been using it for two to three weeks now.


Jen Vazquez  37:21

And what have things have you used it for? And what has shocked you?



It’s insane.


Jen Vazquez  37:29

It’s not just me and Shawn. I was like, Are we like under a rock type of people? Like,



wait, I’m sorry, Heather. I was like, I was like, oh, Heather’s coming up. Oh, I hope she loves it as much as we do.



I’m upset. And yes, it can come for your job. So within my industry, I’m a web and social media designer, manager, content creator for multiple clients, restaurants, real estate, even in the wedding space. But it’s because Okay, so I had a assistant, intern, and she was writing copy for me captions, because, you know, just with one client, I have eight caption sets that I have to create each month. So that’s 30 Captions per document. So that’s 240 Captions per month, then that’s a lot just for one client. And, um, she was doing it all amazing job. But then, you know, I saw this and I was like, let me let me see what I could prompt it to do here. And it literally wrote me captions. If I just plug in specific keywords, my favorite prompt, you can even have it right you prompts to prompt it. It’s just how many you can get with it. But I think I’ve created over 500 I’ve lost count at this point 500 captions or more with chat GPT it does suck on the emoji side of things. If you ask it for emoji placement, like put it after punctuation or in between sentences. It just puts it at the beginning of the end. But it does write hashtags if you tell it to write like a write five unique social media posts about beat getting your engagement photo shoots for your photography company, including hashtag ABC photography, and include for topical hashtags, and it’ll do it. That is insane. It’s insane. So like, but you do need to proofread it because it does add some things, you know that you need to have it add a human element to it. It’s not perfect every time. And then another thing you can what I’ve used it for, it is captioned writing but it’s captioned template writing. So if I have let’s say tech two or now let’s say newsletter Wednesday, and you want to highlight one newsletter or that you have in your arsenal, every Wednesday, you can write in chat GPT create me a, or create five social media caption templates that will highlight one newsletter per week, including the title of the newsletter and excerpt and the link to the newsletter, and it’ll create templates for you. So, yes, it can create a press release template for you. These guys are insane. I’ve tried all of them and they work mad amazingly. So don’t sleep on it, because if you don’t use it, you’re just going to be replaced by it right? Well, and


Jen Vazquez  40:40

and so and I will save two we were talking about, you know, job replacement and things like that, because I’m a management person for Pinterest. And, and a lot of people are kind of fearful about that. But the fact is, is that you still have to have time to physically put it in. Even if it’s a third party platform you like, you might be able to do more with less people. But you, if you take on more clients, you still need help with all of that stuff. And a busy entrepreneur may not may still outsource, because they just don’t have time to be that human element, as you talked about. And what we talked about in terms of the human element is with regards to blogs, and Google and things like that, you have to put your brand voice in it. And part of that is training it on your ideal avatar, because then it can write you things that are very on topic, which is what Shawn and I have found. But again, you’re right, like you have to read it over and make sure it sounds like your voice. And that’s how you can avoid Google from not spreading your blog post as an example far and wide. Because it feels very AI. And this to me, a comparing it to like and other AI that I’ve tried, feels way more real. And way more like me as I’ve been using it than any other platform that I’ve tried. And it’s free right now. So jump on board. Any tips, Heather, any things that you think that people should know? I mean, one thing that Shawn and I said is garbage in garbage out, like you do have to tell it like the your ideal client avatar to get the most on brand type content. Any other tips that you can think of?



Yeah, so I mean, well, while writing the copy, you can actually tell it to write in a specific tone of voice. And if you train it to sound like you to take a copy that you have written prior and fed it that information, you can actually train it to have your tone of voice which is


Jen Vazquez  42:58

insane to me. And it is it’s like, like, part of it is like Shawn and I are talking to each other and going Holy shit. This is kind of scary how, like, I want to say thank you like because it’s so feels like a person. And then on the other hand, it’s saving me so much time that I’m not too scared. I mean,



so I mean, I love it. I love it so much that I I actually am stalking chat GPT on social media and I want them to, for me to be their social media manager.


Jen Vazquez  43:38

I’m not kidding. I’m doing the same thing. I don’t want to be at social media person, but I want to be in the know if something changes.



I mean, yeah, like I’m literally being like, I’ve messaged them, but like, I want to be your social media manager, please. Is there a contact information like play? Like, I’d love their social media and like they could do so much more with it. So I’m like to chat GPT like, I love you guys. Like I should literally write a proposal with Chad GPT because you can do that too. So that is


Jen Vazquez  44:07

so I didn’t even think about that. That is so smart. Do you do so you use it for social media posts and things like that anything else that you use it for?



I used it for my birthday at my daughter’s birthday party ideas for 101 Dalmatian street theme party I did that I use it a lot in my personal life. My husband likes to play with it. So he asked it to write a poem in the style of style of Edgar Allan Poe about cryptocurrency so like you did it. I wrote it a rap for my mom for her business called the fairy Potter. Like there’s so many things that you could do just just think of something I wrote an entire eight chapter ebook with this thing. It’s it’s literally just tell it to write me the time I write me a table of contents surrounding the top wedding trends for 2023. And I’ll do it. So just think about like how, like what you could use. It’s dude, like, every day, I’m thinking of something new. I use it for the mundane tasks I needed to like, right from January 1 to January 31, like Sunday, January 1 to Monday, January 2, like, I don’t want to do that. So I literally asked him to type it for me, and it types it for me. And then I can use that in my social media like planning. It can write you a content calendar for the whole entire month. Like there’s we


Jen Vazquez  45:37

what Shawn and I, what Shawn and I did before you popped on just to let you know how deep we dove with it. And Shawn did this first is he was telling it all the things about his client avatar, all the things that make his ideal client, and then it will write about, it’ll write to the pain points of that person. It is insanely cool.



And also about what Heather said, with the mundane tasks, I shared this in another room, I was walking bear. And I was like, oh shit, I needed to get my thank you emails out for that event that I did last week to my vendors that I hadn’t worked with before. So I was like, write me a thank you email about how great it was to work with the band last week at the Christmas party. And make sure to say that Cassandra went above and beyond and made it a great guest experience for everybody who attended. And it wrote me the email, and then I just copied it based. And so it’s like, I’m still putting the personal touches that it’s coming from me. I’m just not sitting there typing it all out from start to finish in the perfect email form. Chat. GPT does that. Another thing is that I’m writing like pitches to shows and like my earned media strategy for 2023. And it’s writing all of that information out for me to an email form, and then I just tweak it and send it. It’s literally freeing up so many minutes, it’s allowing you to multitask, and you’re not even realizing that you’re you’re literally splitting yourself in plain sight.


Jen Vazquez  47:21

Yeah, I mean, I’ve been playing with it entirely too much. And yet I’ve gotten more work done. Like I said, over the last week and a half to two weeks, I’ve saved about 20 hours of work. And that’s just from what I normally do, but it’s doubling like my work. It’s because I am not especially when I write emails, I am not a warm and fuzzy person. I’m the person who’s like, bottom line. And that’s not very friendly. And so yes, having it helped me write emails has done extraordinarily things for me as well. Any final thoughts? Heather, and hope any final thoughts before we can



write you an email drip campaign like an email sequence? It will like create a nurture campaign?


Jen Vazquez  48:09

Yes. I literally have that on my to do list for one of my newest, funny Holy crap,



like in Italy, right the template and like, where to put their name and like all that. Yeah, it’s insane.


Jen Vazquez  48:22

Question for you. Because someone had this question. And we didn’t know the answer. They asked, is it avail? Is there any restrictions in terms of countries and things but it’s allowed? I haven’t



seen that yet. I’m not sure though. My husband thinks that he has seen because he works in like the IT and security field as well. He thinks he’s seen some, like restrictions in different countries, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. So you may Yeah. may want to


Jen Vazquez  48:54

and cat jpg. And if we’re thoughtful about it, I can imagine there’s some countries that don’t want this type of amazing capability because they want to control everything. So that kind of makes sense to let’s see. Karina had a question about adding in SEO keywords. Yeah, Karina, both Shawn and I, when we’re talking about blogging, they not only give you like, they’ll not only give you keywords for our ideal clients and their pain points, but it’ll give us hashtags as what just Heather just show shared with us. Obviously, like Heather said, you do have to put in kind of the parameters, but it will absolutely do that. So for my blog, Karina, it gave me keywords. It gave me a summary it gave me like it gave me everything I wanted, and needed and it’s all slanted toward my ideal client because I shared that information. That’s insane.



So real quick, just that my final thought will be my workflow. So that People understand like how you can use this for like multi layered what Heather’s been talking about what Jen’s been talking about. So you start with your right knee. So you get your customer avatar and then you say, write me a blog on how this avatar would be less stressed if they hired a wedding planner, and then it spits out a blog post. And then I asked it write me an SEO rich title for the blog, spits that out, write me a SEO description for the blog, spits that out, write me a three tweet thread, pushing the blog, and it writes that out with hashtags in it, then I say write me an Instagram caption that shows a graphic from one of the points in the blog, I’ll say like, focus on point two, and it’ll write me an Instagram caption for that blog, then it’ll write me a Pinterest title and description. I mean, so you can literally in a note sheet on your phone, have a complete like, introduction, social media posting schedule for this blog in literally three and a half minutes.


Jen Vazquez  51:14

That is insane, Shawn, I think that we should do another room on this. On our on different workflows, and so that everyone can get in, learn more, kind of figure it out and go from there. But I think this should definitely be a repeat room. What do you think, Shawn? And Heather, for sure. I see your hands. Absolutely.



Absolutely. I think we keep hosting rooms like this until all of the wedding pros who are on clubhouse and in our Facebook group are comfortable and using this regularly. Because just like Heather said, and I’m so glad she did. Yeah, either we get on board with this technology that saving time, or we’re going to be like the movie Ice Age.


Jen Vazquez  52:04

I totally agree. Hope any last thoughts?



Hi, I just think this has been absolutely amazing. I literally cannot wait to get home. So I have to travel. This sort of sign up and everything and play with it. I just can’t I just I’m so excited. So I take it. Can I just double check with you all though that it is I put in so I’m typing in or am I talking to it? Which one do I do and to get


Jen Vazquez  52:33

your typing in? I’m okay down the road. They’ll have a microphone capability. But for right now, if you’re typing it in,



okay, that’s fine. That’s fine. That’s absolutely fine. Yeah, I can’t I literally can’t wait. I’m so excited. I’m like Christmas is covered.



Hope I’ll send you it’s a minute and 42nd video that just shows the conversation I had with it to build my avatar. I’ll send it to you just like you’re


Jen Vazquez  53:00

sure, sure. Yes, I’m going to be creating a video like that as a real on Instagram as well and probably tick tock too, because I feel like wedding pros in general. But like literally everyone who is an entrepreneur should be jumping on this right now. Well, it’s free. I don’t know how long it’s going to be feel free for it could be free for a while since it’s open AI but you know, people are going to try to make money on it. And right now, like get in now while you can. And Heather. Sean and I were saying that we would pay for it if it got paid. Have you heard anything about what I’m



paying for it? It’s cheaper than me paying poorly for somebody I know. And I’m sorry, but that’s the way the world


Jen Vazquez  53:50

I know. I have my VA using it to also helped me with social media and stuff. So it’s like, you know, it’s it’s insane. Heather, do you want to come back for another room with? Yeah. All right. Well, we will go ahead and let you know when we schedule that next room. ppreciate it so much. Any any other final thoughts, Shawn before we move on?



Sounds good. Thank you so much.


Jen Vazquez  54:20

All right. I’ll see you guys later. Thanks for hopping aboard. And we’ll see you soon.

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ChatGPT for Wedding Pros -  A Game Changer For Your Biz by Jen Vazquez Media
ChatGPT for Wedding Pros -  A Game Changer For Your Biz by Jen Vazquez Media
ChatGPT for Wedding Pros -  A Game Changer For Your Biz by Jen Vazquez Media
ChatGPT for Wedding Pros -  A Game Changer For Your Biz by Jen Vazquez Media