How to Automated your Lead Process

Automating your leads helps you to save time and provide immediate service to your potential clients.  A potential client can get immediate information from you and you in turn know what help they need.  

I know you may be thinking, “I have an elaborate customer experience and the chat bots I’ve seen are clumsy and cold”.   I thought the same thing, but when I worked with Henry, I found that this wonderful marketing can have your brand voice and really helps potential clients to learn all about you and how you can help them, while you are working in your genius zone or sleeping!

How it helped me

My customized chat marketing system for my wedding photography business helps my couples by providing the information immediately to them and also qualifies them for me.  My system actually enabled me to book couples that were outside of my pricing but because they wanted only an hour of coverage, I made more money and fit in their budget.

I also use it to run my giveaways.  I am giving away an elopement package and it gathers the entries and enable me to book clients that don’t win.  I also threw some money into ads and now it’s on steroids!

Try the Demo!

If you want to see how the system work, I have a demo for you to try.  Obviously, you’re would be completely customized to you and your brand voice, but it will allow you to see with your eyeballs how it work.  Click below:

Ways to use the chat marketing system

  • For the contact section on your website.  I have my email and a contact form, but 90% of clients click the get info now (my chatbot)
  • A pop up on your website saying “Get info now”
  • For every single blog post
  • For the first page of my website above the fold
  • For Instagram in the link
  • For Facebook
  • For Pinterest
  • On your Youtube channel
  • On your Podcast
  • On LinkedIn
  • For a giveaway
  • In the notes section so you can copy and paste in a text to someone you meet in person
  • On your Clubhouse bio
  • In all of your email campagnes and email signature
  • And so much more!

Hear from expert Henry Chen

This video of our Creative Chat Marketing Agency owner Henry Chen will also explain how it works.  This video is from his presentation at Showit United.

If you are interested

If you know you want to use this system and want to find out how to work with us, click below to set up a consultation where we will discuss what you are looking to do and how much it costs.  

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