Unlocking the Power of Email Flows: The Key to Skyrocketing Your Sales with Amy Auble

Unlocking the Power of Email Flows: The Key to Skyrocketing Your Sales with Amy Auble marketing strategy academy podcast with jen Vazquez

Email marketing is a time-tested and effective tool for turning casual interest into loyal customers. Amy Auble, founder of Alpine Start Media, offers her invaluable experience in the industry for businesses that want to master email marketing to scale.

What are email flows?

Email flows are automated emails sent to subscribers after they join your list, providing ongoing engagement opportunities to nurture them into customers.

Top 3 email flows every business needs

  1. Welcome flow: Immediately greet new subscribers, deliver any promised freebies, and set the tone for your brand.
  2. Post-purchase flow: Follow-up with customers to provide product education and support, preventing buyer’s remorse.
  3. Abandoned cart flow: Remind those who left items in their cart to complete their purchase.

Biggest mistakes in setting up email flows

  • Easily exploited discount codes: Protect your margins by using individualized codes (available through platforms like Klaviyo).
  • Not optimizing for mobile: Design emails for the majority of users, who read on their phones. Ensure readability.
  • Not segmenting lists: Tailor emails to recipients by behavior – did they purchase multiple times? Tailor the email accordingly.

How to personalize email flows

Segment your audience: Break your list into smaller groups based on actions (opened emails recently? Clicked on links?) and send tailored content.

Tools for creating killer email flows

Klaviyo: This platform Amy recommends due to its Shopify integration, reporting, segmentation tools, and unique coupon code feature.

Design platforms: Utilize Canva for adding a custom, eye-catching design element to your emails.

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How to measure email flow success

Deliverability: Verify your domain with your email provider to ensure your emails aren’t flagged as spam. This is key!

Open rates: Aim for a 45%+ open rate. This depends on your industry, however.

Click rates: Even a 1-3% click rate is good for product-based businesses. Focus on building rapport over time to increase this.

3 things that helped Amy grow her business

  1. Networking: Connecting with fellow entrepreneurs offers support, insights, and new opportunities.
  2. Hiring help: Delegate tasks you’re not skilled at, or that you hate, to free up time to focus on your strengths.
  3. Stress management: Work-life balance is essential. Listen to your energy, make time for self-care, and prevent burnout.

The importance of sending regular emails

Stay consistent: Regularly sending emails keeps you top-of-mind and builds trust with your audience. Aim for at least one per week.

Provide value: Share educational content, promote your services, and offer insights that your subscribers find engaging.

Amy’s services

If you need help with your email marketing or social media strategy, consider visiting Amy’s agency, Alpine Start Media, which specializes in sustainable brands.  

Here’s her information and freebie: “5 Ways to Grow Your Email List”:

Let’s take action!

Don’t delay, schedule time next week to apply Amy’s advice to your email marketing – these strategies have the potential to significantly impact your business growth.

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