Fast Pinterest Growth- Boost Traffic with These Tips with Jen Vazquez Media

Today, we’re diving headfirst into turbocharging your Pinterest game. 📌

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Have you been using Pinterest just for dinner recipes, workouts, and home décor inspiration? You’re not alone; most of us started there. But guess what? Today, Pinterest is my powerhouse for reaching new potential clients daily. 

Buckle up because I’m about to spill the beans on the game-changing steps that led to a massive traffic boost for me.

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Strategically Organized My Boards

Don’t underestimate the power of well-organized boards. It’s all about sending a crystal-clear message to your dream clients. Spend some quality time crafting titles and descriptions infused with your keywords for all your boards.

If you’ve transitioned from using Pinterest for hobbies to business, secret those boards.  You can still pin to them.  Secreting those boards means Pintereset can’t see them so it won’t skew your analytics or confuse Pinterest.

I’ve Joined Tailwind

Imagine having a magic wand for content scheduling and management with a boatload of AI tools included. Tailwind is that amazing tool!!

It’s your ticket to scheduling your content at optimal times, discovering inspiring content, and diving into detailed analytics. And, bonus points for them as you can cross post to Instagram and Facebook!

Audited My Pins

Quality control is an ongoing mission. Ensure your pins are top-notch, your content is relevant, and there are no broken links or spammy surprises. When looing at analytics (every single month), see which pins are the top pins by outbound clicks (those are the magic marketing analytics to growing traffic to your website).  Those pins will tell you what keywords are resonating and what designs do the best.

Scheduled My Pins At The Most Optimal Publishing Times

Timing is the secret sauce. I use Tailwind (for my clients too) to schedule pins strategically throughout the day. Don’t let them all flood in at once; spread the love! NOTE: allow 7 days between the same URL.

Need Help With Pinterest?

Just starting on Pinterest and feeling a bit lost?

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!  Dive into my Pinterest Strategy Club, where we hang out in 3 live calls every month. From hands-on Pinning Parties to chatty Q+A sessions and eye-opening Masterclasses, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Together, we’ll get your marketing flowing smoothly with Pinterest magic. Let’s tackle Pinterest as a team and make it work wonders for you!

Tailwind Communities for the Win!

Group boards might not be cutting it, but Tailwind Communities are where the magic happens. Join communities aligned with your niche and watch the collaboration sparks fly. Share your content and access pins tailored to specific topics or industries. It’s all about teamwork.

Share Your Pinterest Pins Everywhere

It’s a simple yet super-effective strategy! Start asking people to pin your content. Invite your readers to share if they enjoyed your content. Every 3-4 blogs, encourage them to follow you on Pinterest or pin a post.

Optimized My Pin Design And Descriptions

Canva Pro and Tailwind Create are my go-to tools for crafting eye-catching pins. Ensure your pin title keywords are front and center—no tiny fonts or fancy handwriting. Always include your URL (like and a compelling call to action (download now, read now, etc.).

Need help? Grab my FREE 80 CTA’s for Pinterest pins at

Research The Best Keywords

Pinterest is your Google for educational and visual inspiration. Using keywords everywhere (and I mean everywhere!).  Use them for the text overlay on the pin, in the pin title, pin description, profile name and profile description as well as board titles and board descriptions.  NOTE: Did you know that pinterest even reads the name of the pin graphic.

 Avoid keyword overkill, though; Pinterest’s algorithms are sharp. Describe your content naturally and personally. Remember, you’re here to serve your audience. Don’t forget to do keyword research on Pinterest itself!

Be Consistent: Pin Every Day

Nothing beats consistency. Pinning daily, whether it’s one pin or ten, is your golden ticket to supercharged growth. 

Ready to fuel your Pinterest journey? These ten tips are your golden ticket to boosting your monthly views. If you found these Pinterest strategies as exciting as I do, don’t forget to pin this for future reference.

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Fast Pinterest Growth- Boost Traffic with These Tips with Jen Vazquez Media
Fast Pinterest Growth- Boost Traffic with These Tips with Jen Vazquez Media
Fast Pinterest Growth- Boost Traffic with These Tips with Jen Vazquez Media
Fast Pinterest Growth- Boost Traffic with These Tips with Jen Vazquez Media
Fast Pinterest Growth- Boost Traffic with These Tips with Jen Vazquez Media