First and foremost, you want to ensure that you have your Pinterest Set up with keywords!  Keywords are words that your potential client will type into a search bar on Google or Pinterest to find your content.  So ensure you have keywords in these areas:

  • Your Name (the name that is under your image on your Pinterest profile)  – Make sure that you have keyword | your name.
  • All throughout your Profile description.  Utilize all the keywords you can in a paragraph describing who you are and what you do.
  • In every Board title and description
  • In every Pin title and description
pin on a consistent basis

Just like the algorithm for other social media sites, Pinterest wants you to be consistent.  You don’t want to pin 30 pins at one time and come back in two weeks and do the same.  

It’s far better to pin 5-20 pins a day (or even 3-5) than to pin 50 now and not pin again for a few weeks.  The more consistent you are the better.  But since I don’t like to pin morning, noon, and night, I use Tailwind to help me.  It not only pins regularly, but it also knows from your audience, when is the best time to pin.

Of course, it does far more than pin consistently and regularly, but that is a key feature of using Tailwind.  If you want more information about Tailwind, check out the information HERE.

create quality content

Using Youtube, Instagram, your blog, podcast, etc, all those things are content.  You can pin any of those and more to Pinterest.  But make sure that it’s quality content.  In order to know that, think of these questions:

  • Does it teach people something
  • Does it inspire them
  • Does it motivate them
  • Is it interesting
  • Is it easy to read, listen to, watch (not confusing)
use templates to create multiple pins for the same content

I’ve always advised my clients to create multiple pins that go to the same content.  This helps to double or triple the traffic to your content. This is especially important because you work so hard to create it in the first place.  

Creating a different look and feel to your Pinterest pins helps you to capture the attention of different people.  Everyone has opinions on what is the most “click-worthy” so creating multiple pins will help get more people.  

It’s also helpful to change the title and/or description a bit so that it appeals to different people.  (i.e. Wedding at Lake Tahoe with snow vs. Elegant white and black wedding in Lake Tahoe in Winter).

Canva is great to create templates.  Creating templates will save you a ton of time.  Canva helps you to utilize your brand colors.  The best part? Canva is free

Time-Saving Tip: To save time, start on new blogs you write, and on a monthly basis, check your google analytics and create pins for old blog posts that are highly trafficked that month.

don't forget the details

The biggest mistake that people make with Pinterest is they don’t fill in all the areas that matter.  They forget to choose a category for boards, or they name your boards something ironic or funny or cute instead of describing what they will find on the board, or they leave the description blank.  

When it comes to Pinterest, keywords are the same as SEO.  In simple terms, you want to include words and are what people would type in a search bar.  Here’s a quick checklist to ensure that you do the minimum:

  • Choose a category for your board and Pinterest profile (if there isn’t an appropriate one, choose other)
  • Name your pins or images for what they will find when they click 
  • Write the title of a board or pin with what they will find clicking on it
  • Write a description for a pin/board for what they will find clicking on it
  • Add your website and any freebie or pdf you are giving away in the description to your profile
Claim your sites in your profile

Make sure that you claim your sites like Instagram, YouTube, and Etsy account on Pinterest. That way when people pin your content from those platforms to Pinterest, you’ll see the engagement in Pinterest, which means your impressions, visibility, and engagement will go up.  This tells the Pinterest Algorithm that people are engaged and it will serve up your stuff to more people.

It also helps people who like your Pinterest know where else you are at and they can follow you there.

If you need help with Pinterest, shoot me an email HERE.

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5 simple tips to get more clients with Pinterest
5 simple tips to get more clients with Pinterest
5 simple tips to get more clients with Pinterest
5 simple tips to get more clients with Pinterest
5 simple tips to get more clients with Pinterest
5 simple tips to get more clients with Pinterest
5 simple tips to get more clients with Pinterest
5 simple tips to get more clients with Pinterest
5 simple tips to get more clients with Pinterest
5 simple tips to get more clients with Pinterest

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