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Pinterest Management


hire a pinterest manager by jen vazquez of wed photography coach



Pinning for business requires a strategy, it’s not just pinning to your personal page. A Pinterest Manager specializes in working with business accounts to get them the best results and to take the work off your plate!

PINTEREST has over 459 million monthly active users and is visual search engine, not just a social media site.  It lets people find your content and leads to more clicks to your website, new leads and email subscribers, and more sales in your business.

I’ve grown my Wedding Photography business with $0 investment in marketing and Pinterest is part of my strategy!

I believe that Pinterest is a necessity for any online business today.

jen vazquez marketing strategist



As a busy entrepreneur, you’re exhausted trying to keep up with all the changes and don’t have time to do #allthethings, so you are ready to hire out your Pinterest management and marketing to someone else so you can get more leads and traffic to your website and grow your business or blog to the next level and you can work in your genius zone!

A Pinterest Manager may be a good fit for you if:   

  • You’re not familiar with Pinterest and you don’t even have a Pinterest account yet.
  • You’ve used Pinterest personally but are not familiar with Pinterest as a business
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the things you need to know or stay up-to-date with
  • You would like to increase your viewers and engagement but nothing is working
  • You would like someone to set it up and create a strategy and then teach you how to upkeep it
  • You know that you should be on Pinterest but you really don’t want to learn ONE MORE THING!


This is my jam!

Hi, there I’m Jen Vazquez! I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 10+ years and my wedding photography business grows because of my Pinterest Strategy.

In 2018, I started coaching wedding photographers and other small businesses on how to use my Pinterest Strategy.  My Pinterest Strategy Academy Membership for those that like to do it themselves (but saving time with my process).

There are many types of businesses (not just wedding photographers) who choose to have me manage their Pinterest for them, so they can stay working in their genius zone.    If that sounds good, my packages are below.  If you are looking for something different, let me know and I can create a custom package for you!

jen vazquez marketing strategist specializing in pinterest management


I have two solutions:


Pinterest Management services by jen vazquez marketing strategist

 Monthly Pinterest Management:

Perfect for the person that wants to work in their genius zone and outsource this important marketing strategy.

  • 45-minute Kick-Off Zoom to understand your business and goals
  • 200+ pins per month *
  • Profile Optimization

  • Fresh pin creation. NEW fresh pins weekly

  • Video Pins**

  • Full Tailwind Management  (subscription paid by client)
  • Keyword Research and updates

  • Update and add boards as needed

  • Manual pinning weekly

  • Monthly analytics report

  • Unlimited support via Voxer (m-f)

$567/month (4 month Minimum)

*If you want more pins per month, I can create a custom quote. **If available. These formats are not available in all countries

Pinterest services provided jen vazquez marketing strategist 5

Pinterest Strategy Intensive (VIP Day):

Perfect for the person that wants to have their Pinterest up and running right away with training on how to work moving forward to effectively have their Pinterest driving traffic and ultimately clients to their business.

How it works: 

I will be doing a ton of research, strategy planning, creating a system for you and your business, before we even meet.   Then we’ll spend a day going over the details and strategy, then train you (and/or your VA) on how to work moving forward.  You’ll get the video after to review or recap at any time or when hiring a new VA to help train them.  And then you’ll be off to the races gaining email list peeps, driving traffic to all your content, and ultimately booking clients.  It will be intense, but you will have the knowledge you need to effectively market your business. 

Apply Now:

I offer no more than 2 VIP Days per month. This is a sustainable number of VIP Days for me to offer – they take a lot of time prepping in advance and energy, as I give you all that I have – my skills, my expertise and wisdom, my corporate America background on strategy for marketing, my instincts, and my recommendations. It’s a crap ton of power, focused on your and your business in one power-packed day! 


I can’t wait to work with you!


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