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Marketing shouldn’t be this hard

Spinning your wheels feeling like you are bad at marketing?

Doing all the things but not getting any traction?

Feeling frustrated because you aren’t getting any clients?

You should be able to spend more time doing what you love!


     ✔️ Get more traffic to your content

     ✔️ Book your ideal client

     ✔️ Grow your business


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I get it by jen vazquez marketing strategist

You’ve been told you have to spend hours and hours marketing your business. 

My clients spend an average of one hour per week on their marketing. 

One even went on maternity leave for three months and still got the same amount of traffic to her site. Another saw her monthly website traffic increase by over 500%.



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5 Steps to Grow Your Instagram Using Pinterest

5 Steps to Grow Your Instagram Using Pinterest

Most of our potential clients are on Instagram these days, but they are also on Pinterest. I teach my students to use a marketing strategy that enables them to reuse content (why reinvent the wheel) and help grow their Instagram followers and engagement by using Pinterest.

Why does Pinterest work so well? Because it’s the most link-friendly social platform out there. The referral traffic to your website, podcast, youtube channel is awesome but the referral traffic to Instagram is amazing!

So let’s grow your engagement and following on Instagram! Read below for the 5 steps!

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