Today we start over a month of preparing for engagement season with Marketing Month.  This is week 1 and we’ll be discussing Getting More Wedding Clients: Planning

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I have a sale on my Workbook on Creating your Ideal Bride for Wedding Photographers.  It’s a fill in the blanks and homework to figure out who you are speaking to so you increase leads!  It’s normally $29.99, but today it’s only $2.99

You can also get my 50 Content Ideas for Wedding Photographers.  Creating content like blog posts and social media posts can be hard. This workbook helps you to be a content creating machine!

So what’s included? 8 pages of content, 50 Content Ideas For Wedding Photographers, BONUS:   5 “done for you” social media posts where you just fill in the blanks AND you can reuse them over and over including new information!  Normally $39.99 but on sale $8.99.


CRM: I use Pixifi for my CRM or Client Relationship Management.  They have the best help setting up for any other CRM compared to others I’ve tried (like Honeybook, Dubsado, ShootQ). To check them out and get a free trial go to

Gallery:  I use  Galleries Designed to Help You Succeed.  Made by photographers to simplify your online sales, proofing, and delivery to get back to work photographing.  I love the look but I especially love how quickly my clients can download their images with one client.  I’ve used the following galleries (pixiset, smugmug, shootproof) and I love the best!.

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