What my clients think about how I help them and the results they get is super important to me and why I love what I do.  Here are some testimonials that can help you to decide to work with me:

As a graphic designer, I’m a creative person who wants to do a million things all at once. Jen has been helping me get sorted and focused on things I should be focusing on in my business. She helps me break down the to-do’s for my tasks and projects, and makes sure I schedule time in between my busyness to do the things that “I” care about and makes “ME” happy. I have post-it notes to keep me on track but having Jen with me is like having a virtual human checklist in my back pocket! Well, a hybrid of a checklist and an accountability partner who gives me great ideas and more productivity. Jen will make you feel supported in your entrepreneur journey — she’s the happiest, funniest, and most bubbly coach I’ve ever had the privilege to work with! If there’s ever someone who’s more excited about your business than you are, it’s Jen! Thanks so much, Jen!” ~ Danielle Mah, The Unbranded Lifestyle. in Canada

“Seriously. Can not thank this woman enough… I met Jen through an entrepreneur’s online community and instantly fell in love with her generous spirit and eagerness to simply HELP without any rewards or recognition. We began chatting through messages and I casually asked her if she would be “an accountability” coach for me… someone to help hold me accountable to the task set for my business, to help me MOVE forward, to limit the distractions and to help me focus on what NEEDS to get done not just what I want to get done. JEN has gone above and beyond my expectations… our weekly calls are so informative, she guides me with what could help my business reach the goals I set for myself, she tells me when things are distracting me… and pushes me far out of my comfort zone that I know items which would normally have taken me months to get done… I did within a few hours of her talking to me. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone searching for an accountability coach, someone to push them… guide them… hold them to their goals… and move their business forward! So many thanks to you Jen for your love, your support and your gentle shove out of my comfort zone… I know the NO BRAINERS magazine + community is going to reaching goals that surpass my imagination because YOU helped me do so. THANK YOU!” ~Amber Gill, Brain and Gut Health Explorers & No Brainers, Washington