from Tailwind is my solution to the “swipe up” feature on Instagram!

Do you ever wish that you had a way for anyone on Instagram to be able to click on that link and go to a website but you don’t have the number of followers that allows that “swipe up” feature?

I have a solution for you!

I’ve been using from Tailwind for a while now. It gives me the ability to link ANY post to a URL and it’s working. Brides are being directed to my website, or my email list or a free download.

I thought I would share that with you now!

This is what it looks like on the backend when you are on Tailwind. You can see stats and you have two ways of allowing people to click through via the link on Instagram.

The first way that allows people to click through is the links that you put as buttons (those are the hot pink ones). from tailwind is a solution to the swipe up feature on instagram - view of backend via tailwind

Then each and every image you post via Tailwind to Instagram will have a link attached if you put one in. That’s what you see under the image.

Here is what you would see as a potential client on your cell phone or computer. from tailwind is a solution to the swipe up feature on instagram -what it looks like on your phone or computer

To get your free month and the, as well as their phenomenal hashtag generator, click below:

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