Jen of Women Who Execute

Hi I’m Jen!

I run a wedding photography business  (Jen Vazquez Photography).  I recently just started this business called Women Who Execute, helping people to plan, priority, and execute!

I was a division director at a national recruiting company for over 15 years before I left to start my wedding photography business.  In that position was responsible for 15 people to sell and produce revenue for our company.  While managing, I had to motivate, train, and inspire my group to become the top group in the country.

I really missed that work but while being very active in communities online and in person, I always enjoyed helping others to excel in their business.  What I realized was while entrepreneurs had a vision and a passion, they weren’t always good at planning, prioritizing and executing to get their business to the next level.  I often helps those businesses during our chats and soon a vendor in the wedding business asked if I would work with her and she inspired me to create Women Who Execute.

In order to jump start my new business and fine tune my messaging and training/mentoring techniques, I’m taking on 5 women in business who want to plan, prioritize and execute to move their businesses forward. I’m doing these mentoring sessions as collaborations to fine tune how I help business owners. (This means free).

So if you want to be one of those 5 people. Fill out this form.  I’ll be picking the 5 over the next week or so

Fill out my online form.
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