I have 7 tips to drive more traffic to your website: 

  1. LINK TO WEBSITE:  Link to your website and not Linktr.ee or something else.  You want to own the space you send them to.
  2. FOLLOWS:  Don’t follow for follow.  Only follow those you love or are inspired by or that your ideal customer would follow.  
  3. BE GENUINE  If you are genuine, you’ll speak to your ideal followers and they’ll want to learn more about you. 
  4. SHARE YOURSELF:  Share yourself and you’ll find you’ll get more followers.
  5. OFFER GIVEAWAY: Don’t only use sales to drive traffic, offer something free.  More people will go to your website for free stuff.  
  6. STAY TRUE TO FORMAT:  If you post in Instagram, don’t auto post to twitter and facebook because it will show instagram link.  Post into each social media site separately.
  7. BIO DETAILS:  In your bio, include website and email address as well as hashtag you want them to follow.  (tip received from http://www.jasminestar.com). 

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